Secrets of Atlantis

Posted By: SCOTTY

Secrets of Atlantis - 01/17/17 05:50 AM

I' bought QUERN last week but still haven't got my new video card so I installed SECRETS OF ATLANTIS. I've had this game on my shelf for many many years & for some reason never played it. WHAT A MISTAKE!! This is a really good game. Nice graphics, I love the Empire State Building, the puzzles are fun & the storyline (though nothing new) is good. I don't mind slider puzzles but a timed slider...whoda thought?!! I'm in some huge hall & I hope the game continues as good throughout!! Still cant wait to fire up QUERN but this is a great game to bide my time!!
Posted By: MaG

Re: Secrets of Atlantis - 01/17/17 02:55 PM

It is a good game. Glad to see you didn't have problem with the dreaded slider. Enjoy.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Secrets of Atlantis - 01/17/17 10:20 PM

It's really nice to discover a buried treasure in your unplayed pile - glad you found one. smile
Posted By: blackbird

Re: Secrets of Atlantis - 01/21/17 01:00 AM

hi Scotty, I too have this game on my shelf and I'd love to play it again. My copy is for xp so I'm wondering if you are playing it on win10.
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