Announcing Lost Lake Lights - A Narrative Adventure

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Announcing Lost Lake Lights - A Narrative Adventure - 08/01/17 04:29 PM

View the official website here.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

Lost Lake Lights Kickstarter Announcement - ​A Sci Fi narrative point and click PC game about alien abduction.

Portland, Oregon - Lost Lake Lights is brought to you by Squirrel Dagger Games and the Lead 3D Modeler for NBC’s TV show Grimm. The Kickstarter for Lost Lake Lights will launch on ​Tuesday August 1st 2017​. A cinematic narrative, campy sci-fi/dark comedy, point and click adventure game about alien abduction.

Lost Lake Lights revolves around a young alternative couple that go camping at Lost Lake. Strange events unfold, the main character's girlfriend gets abducted. You follow an immersive storyline that takes you on a mystery you didn't see coming. Trust no one as you head to the other side of the lake where the ufo landed to save your girlfriend. The Gameplay is similar to ​life is strange​ and firewatch. ​Featuring game dialogue that only an indie game company would dare to use. Discover clues by clicking on environment objects. Use items to create interesting situations and solve puzzles. An interactive dialogue system lets you choose what to say, allowing different responses from NPC’s. Survive the most terrifying night of your life! They are among us.


● Windows PC (with possibility of Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in the future)

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