Sally Face - A First Look by flotsam

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Sally Face - A First Look by flotsam - 10/22/17 11:49 PM

Sally Face
a first look by flotsam

I can't remember how I found this game but a "dark adventure about a boy with a prosthetic face and a mysterious past" sounded intriguing. And so it seems.

After what is a prologue of sorts, in which Sally's face is swaddled in bloody bandages, we "wake" in the company of what is clearly a therapist. It appears we were talking about a dream. He now asks us to talk about the body. "Whch one" says Sally, as if it is the most natural thing in the world.

We then switch to an apartment building, at which Sally and his Dad are new arrivals. There is no Mum, and she is clearly missed. Sally sets out to explore the building, and very quickly discovers a crime scene. Some more exploration and a few strange happenings later, we have discovered Charley who collects Glitter Ponies, met the woman who looks after the building, and have found out there was a murder. We are about to head to the basement in the hope of making a friend.

It plays exclusively with the keyboard, with Sally moving only left or right.

I will tell you more in due course, but it has certainly piqued my interest.
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Re: Sally Face - A First Look by flotsam - 10/23/17 12:16 AM

Thank you for the First Look, flotsam and Jenny!

Sounds unique! Look forward to how it continues.

Ana wave
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Re: Sally Face - A First Look by flotsam - 10/23/17 08:52 AM

Looks "strangely" different, flotsam !! Thank you grin

And thank you, too, Jenny100 smile
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