K’NOSSOS now on Kickstarter

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K’NOSSOS now on Kickstarter - 10/23/17 01:59 PM

Classic Point and Click Sci Fi Adventure Game K’NOSSOS by Svarun Entertainment collecting funds through crowdfunding platform.

View the Kickstarter trailer here.

For more info check out the Official Website

Check out the Kickstarter here.

Novi Sad, Serbia – Oct 23, 2017: Savrun Entertainment has just released a Kickstarter campaign for their science fiction point-and-click-adventure K’NOSSOS.

The crowdfunding campaign will run until 23rd November with an initial funding goal of 8.000 £.

K’NOSSOS features:
• • classic point-and-click interface,
• • abstract 2D expressionist style reminiscent of the art of Wassily Kandinsky,
• • intricate dark sci fi storyline,
• • non-linear gameplay, and
• • cross-genre experimental soundtrack.

K'NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game about a man traveling the unknown reaches of the cosmos and the things he uncovers on his journey. Gameplay of K'NOSSOS is reminiscent of the point-and-click adventure game classics such as The Dig, Beneath a Steal Sky or Chronomaster, as well as the more recent titles such as Primordia. The game puts equal emphasis on characterization, atmosphere and storytelling on the one hand, and problem solving and challenging puzzles on the other. K'NOSSOS is developed with PC version being the main objective of the team at this point.

The K’NOSSOS Prologue is available for free download on Svarun Entertainment website.

Examples for the K'NOSSOS soundtrack can be found on the Svarun Soundcloud page.

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Thank you for the news, Ana. wave
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Thanks for that info, BrownEyed Tigre thumbsup
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K'NOSSOS has been funded! joy2
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