Life of Delta Update

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Life of Delta Update - 05/20/18 03:18 AM

Life of Delta has just launched a Kickstarter here.

Check out the video here.

Beautiful Art Style: 25 carefully hand-painted environments of post-apocalyptic Japan

Diverse Characters: You will meet different characters throughout your journey that you will need to interact with. Some of them will be friendly and some of them hostile.

Fun Mini-Games: Our game will include over 30 hand-painted and detailed mini-games that will require logic and wits to solve them.

For Players of All Ages: This game is suitable for adults and for younger players just as well.

Happy Gaming!

Ana wave
Posted By: Mad

Re: Life of Delta Update - 05/20/18 06:10 PM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre grin
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