Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/18/18 04:11 AM

Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" gives first insights into its story.

Check out the Trailer here.

For previous news Check here.

August 17th, Düren, Germany - The past few weeks a lot has happened in our little Trüberbrook: Most of the villagers have been given their voices, all the houses, squares and secret science labs have been built and the team is about to go on a great journey...

To give you an impression what the game looks and feels like, we have assembled our new "Interrogation Trailer". For this, we have only used hand-picked and unaltered ingame material. Have fun watching! We hope you like it!

The tape recorders are breaking into a sweat! We are happy to report that almost every character in Trüberbrook now has a voice. Altogether, we have recorded about 3200 lines per language. It's amazing to see (or rather hear) how the good people of Trüberbrook are now becoming real personalities

The tape recorders came in handy for a second time, when we went outdoors to record our first atmospheres and soundscapes in the wild. To create a world which is as authentic as possible, we'll have to wait until September for the very last recordings, in order to allow even the native autumn birds to find their way into the game.

Happy Gaming!

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Re: Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/18/18 04:33 AM

Thanks Ana.
Posted By: venus

Re: Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/18/18 06:27 AM

Thanks, Ana. This looks interesting. thumbsup
Posted By: Mad

Re: Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/18/18 06:44 AM

I agree !!

Thank you, BrownEyedTigre smile
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Re: Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/18/18 03:17 PM

I love the look of this game!
Looking forward to it.
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Re: Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/18/18 03:29 PM

Thank you for the news, Ana. wave
Posted By: Iurii

Re: Trüberbrook's "Interrogation Trailer" Released - 08/19/18 06:12 AM

Thanks for the news, Ana! This one looks very promising.
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