Miss Clue

Posted By: Tracy

Miss Clue - 09/11/18 03:49 AM

Hi everyone. I saw this mentioned in another post, and I was curious about it since I'd never heard of it before. I peeked in at their site for a few minutes, and am thinking of trying out their games, but I thought I'd post here and ask I'd anyone has played these before, and what you thought of them?

Missing my ND games and curious,
Posted By: Marian

Re: Miss Clue - 09/11/18 03:56 AM

I haven't played any of them, but the general consensus seems to be that they are not as in-depth and are much shorter than the Nancy Drew games but that they are reasonably entertaining. There are playthroughs of them on YouTube if you want to get an even better idea of what they are like.
Posted By: Tracy

Re: Miss Clue - 09/11/18 04:16 AM

Oh thanks Marian. I'll go check out the videos and get an idea of how they look and stuff. 😊

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