Heaven's Vault Release Date Announced

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Heaven's Vault Release Date Announced - 03/29/19 02:56 AM

Unearth an ancient mystery in Heaven's Vault, coming April 16 to PlayStation 4 and Steam

View the trailer here.

Check out the Official website here.

From the award-winning developers of 80 Days and Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, Heaven's Vault will release for PlayStation 4 and Windows on April 16.

Heaven's Vault is a huge, incredibly flexible narrative game with an entire hieroglyphic language to decipher, that shapes its story around your every decision.

You are archeologist Aliya Elasra, on a mission with your robot assistant Six to track down a missing academic who has left a trail of ancient relics in his wake. Sail to the far reaches of the Nebula to solve a historical mystery that can only be understood by deciphering the long-lost language of Aliya's ancestors -- a massive linguistic puzzle that will reveal the region's earliest secrets to those who manage to crack it.

But your translations could be wrong, and you'll never know. Heaven's Vault adapts with a story that seamlessly, fluidly reflects your choices -- a story that will be different for every person who plays it.

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Re: Heaven's Vault Release Date Announced - 03/29/19 03:29 AM

Thank you Ana.
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Re: Heaven's Vault Release Date Announced - 03/29/19 11:01 AM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Heaven's Vault Release Date Announced - 03/30/19 08:57 AM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre .... Although I am asking myself if I am up to deciphering an entire hieroglyphic language lol
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