Announcing Genesis Noir

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Announcing Genesis Noir - 06/11/19 02:24 AM

Genesis Noir Gets Big Reveal on the PC Gaming Show! The Big Bang was a Love Triangle Gone Wrong! Genesis Noir reveals details on the cosmic adventure set in black holes and jazz cafes

Check out the trailer here.

Check out the Official Website here.

Melbourne, Australia, June 10, 2019 — Fellow Traveller and Feral Cat Den are proud to reveal an all-new trailer for their upcoming game, a cosmic tale of romance, black holes and jazz music, Genesis Noir! Coming to PC in 2020, Fellow Traveller was proud to reveal this new trailer in the E3 2019 edition of the PC Gaming Show.

Genesis Noir is a surreal noir adventure set before, during and after the Big Bang. A love triangle goes askew as cosmic beings quarrel in the dark nether of pre-creation. Confrontation; a shot fired; a Big Bang! Thus, begins the birth of the universe. Inspired by psychedelic poetry, jazz, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, Genesis Noir seamlessly blends interactive storytelling and generative art into a narrative tale of time, space and music.

As “No Man,” a watch peddler stuck in a deterministic hell, players will be able to explore black holes, primordial Earth, and jazz cafes. Witness the birth and history of mankind. Find comfort in a glass of gin. Become acquainted with the massive, the microscopic, and everything in between as you search for a way to destroy creation.

Explore the Cosmos. Players will discover a world unlike any other in Genesis Noir. Explore nebula, asteroid fields, black holes, primordial earth, and jazz cafes.
Experience a synthesis of animation and interactivity. The gameplay of Genesis Noir blends visual storytelling and interaction into one seamless experience. The space between cutscene and gameplay is dissolved.
Enjoy a mixture of 2D and 3D visuals. Genesis Noir combines beautiful hand drawn animation and simple 3D worlds to create a unique visual aesthetic.
Play with generative art inspired interactions. Play with generative systems and see what they create. Play and express yourself through simple interactions.

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