Announcing Children of Lumera

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Announcing Children of Lumera - 07/23/19 02:45 AM

Children of Lumera is a 2D fantasy adventure game set out in a beautiful hand-drawn world full of creatures, magic and wonders. It tells a fantastic story about the importance of dreaming, creativity, friendship, hope and the magic within every one of us…
It is tentatively projected to release in 2021.

Check out the teaser trailer here.

Check out the official website here.

Children of Lumera“ was initially meant to be a children‘s book but has since grown into a full size adventure game for children young to old.

Our world has so much grown in the past few months so that we wanna tell our stories of Lumera in a bunch of Episodes of games and as well printed books.

Aeons ago, the folk of Alven children walked the face of the earth, dreaming and thereby creating a world full of wonderful creatures and magical beauty to surround them. The story goes, that one of them, a boy named Grimgol, upset the balance of constructive and destructive forces of the world and the Alvenkind was seen nevermore.

Times passed and the knowledge of dreaming faded away. Only ruins remain of the ancient magic and grandeur. But, that’s not quite true… Tucked away, known only by a few, are the secrets spots where dream magic endured – waiting to be found…

Our story begins in Slumber Deep, a well-hidden place beyond the Great Cauldron Mountains. Right here, in the Woods of Ardon, where everything has been tranquil and quiet since time immemorial, is where we find our protagonist: a young, headstrong girl named Elo.

One day, when Elo is about to undergo an ancient ritual with Jagveiga, the quirky village elder, a mysterious fog starts creeping into the houses of Slumber Deep’s inhabitants and seems to steal their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

That night Elo has not only to leave her village but she also embarks on an epic adventure like she has never dared to dream of.

Children of Lumera tells a fantastic story about the importance of dreaming and creativity, friendship, hope, and the magic within every one of us…

When one day her grandfather went missing young Elo had to follow his footsteps and undergo the ancient Ritual of Renewal on his behalf. Elo likes spending time gathering Mushka mushrooms or herbs for Jagvaiga, the village elder, and getting lost in branched deeps of the Ardon woods to think about the secrets and mysteries awaiting her behind the steep Cauldron Mountains.

And when the day draws to a close she watches the yellow disc in the sky as it goes to sleep behind under the blanket of the ground as she hums along ancient songs of heroic deeds.

Slumber Deep is a village set in a mountainous cauldron. It is home not just to the infamous twig snail and old tree guards but also to our hero, Elo. Its inhabitants live in harmony with nature and the animals that move through the boughs of the surrounding woods..

Some places still hold the memories of an ancient civilisation, the Alven children. Legend has it, that they were able to shape reality with their dream magic..

In the centre of the settlement stands gracefully the statue of Thune, goddess of the slumber crown. It is the holy heart of the forest..

This place has a lot in common with its former residents: it is myth-enshrouded and full of secrets.

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This is worth taking a good look at. Thank-you.
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Like the art, graphics and colors. Looks promising.
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