Announcing Usú Kawí

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Announcing Usú Kawí - 10/23/19 02:46 AM

Usú Kawí is a Raramuri Psychological Thriller about the End and their Beliefs with puzzles + a bit of Sci-Fi to make it more appealing.

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Usú Kawí

The Tarahumara were one of the few ancient culture to know that the woman was most capable of ruling all in harmony and the only way to give birth. Usú (mother of our mother) was a true pilar of the society and their respect for Kawí (Earth, Planet) makes them one of the most resistant races on this land.

The Mother Earth rule us all, some of the beliefs, traditions, and facts about the Raramuri "the running people" are to be discovered in this game.

The Game
It's a thriller 1st Person Game, suspense is the main ingredient, while you read and get to know some of the Tarahumara's facts you'll be interacting with the Chihuahua's Deep mountain range and solving it's puzzles with a bit of Sci-Fi.

All the Audible letters would be in the Ralámuri language (of the Raramuri). All of them would contain Historical facts as well as of their beliefs and vision on various aspects, and of course most of them are key to the game.

The Story
You play as a Rebel Young Girl student of Psychiatry kidnapped and taken to the deeps of Chihuahua, Mexico but as she awakes she is discovering that nothing it's what it seems and that she needs to put her brains to work in order to get out of there, also she is weakened, so being physical is not an option.

Science Fiction
Some fiction elements are added to the game in order to be more appealing to the player but the goal is to make it as realistic as possible, and of course, according to the Raramuri side of the story and vision.

To be Released on Microsoft Store for PC and XBOX ONE.

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