Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

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Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth - 01/30/20 04:25 PM

During one of my desperate web searches for a decent adventure game to play, I stubbled upon an 18month old post about this supposedly due to be released in 2020. Thinking it had probably sunk without trace like BoUT 3, imagine my excitement when I found their Facebook page is active! The game seems to have been in development for 17 years(!) but it seems they are still working on it happydance

I wondered if any of you fantastic GB gurus could find out any more?
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Re: Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth - 01/31/20 12:56 AM

The name of the game is Fountain of Youth, they had to drop all Indiana Jones references. The only news is it is very much alive and they are plugging away at it. They have not set a release date.

Here is a statement regarding the renaming:

Hello, friends, fans, and supporters!

We have some big changes coming up... Because we want to be transparent with our community, we'd like to elaborate on the reasoning behind those changes, and explain what they'll mean for the development of the game.

Let's start with the hard part: in the wake of several ambitious fan projects being cancelled by Lucasfilm for infringement on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones IP’s, we've decided to suspend the unlicensed use of the Indiana Jones IP for Fountain of Youth. This means that we’ll be taking pre-emptive steps to remove all traces of Lucasfilm's intellectual property (characters, images, logos, etc.) from the game.

Please know that our team has discussed many possible options at length, and this is not a decision we’ve made lightly. Even though we’d love to continue developing an officious successor to Fate of Atlantis, we also realize that a cease and desist notice from Lucasfilm is ultimately inevitable, and would most likely result in complete cancellation of the game. While saying goodbye to Dr. Jones is a difficult sacrifice, we feel it’s the only way to ensure the Fountain of Youth will eventually find its way to your gaming devices.

In practice, this has the following effects:

- We'll remove any content relating to the Indiana Jones IP, including the titular protagonist and a few support characters.
- We're not making any changes to the gameplay or the look and feel of the game.
- The game is going to be titled 'The Fountain of Youth'. Our Facebook page and Twitter handle will be renamed accordingly.
- As the story is original work, most of it can remain intact. However, changes to the main character's motivations and backstory are to be expected.

Even though this announcement may come as a surprise to some of you and a shock to others, rest assured - we're doing out best to make Fountain of Youth the sequel Fate of Atlantis never got!

We want to thank you all for your support, and we’ll soon post more details about the cool things we're working on. In the meantime, please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

Until next time,
The Fountain of Youth team

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Re: Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth - 02/01/20 05:35 PM

oooOOOooo !!!! Sounds very nice dance
Posted By: lynthorpe

Re: Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth - 02/02/20 07:14 AM

Thanks BrownEyedTigre. Loook forward to hearing more!
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