Announcing Mazovian Adventure

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Announcing Mazovian Adventure - 02/15/20 08:18 PM

Mazovian Adventure is currently available on Steam here.

Check out the official website here.

View the trailer here.

Mazovian Adventure is a fantasy game but.. with hm.. smaller epicness. That mean that Your task is not to throw the ring into the Mount of Destiny, or to defeat the Death Star, but to.. purchase potatoes on the market in small Masovian (Poland) city of Garwolin . Sounds nice ? This is for starters, because then there are trolls and ... the rubber-manga-rabbit.

All this in the company of two nice brothers. Guide their fate in a fun point and click adventure.
The game offers 4 different endings . Although some of them are not very pleasant ;-) So watch the player for what you do.

Main game features:
full 3d environment
full polish dubbing and English translation
4 different possibilities to end the game
funny dialogs and quests
5 steam achievements to conquer

Happy Gaming!
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Re: Announcing Mazovian Adventure - 02/15/20 09:07 PM

Thanks Ana!
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Re: Announcing Mazovian Adventure - 02/16/20 05:27 AM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre smile
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Re: Announcing Mazovian Adventure - 02/16/20 06:23 AM

Thanks, Ana!
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Re: Announcing Mazovian Adventure - 02/16/20 05:49 PM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Announcing Mazovian Adventure - 02/22/20 03:02 PM

The trailer looks pretty good. Thanks Ana.
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