Beautiful Desolation Now Available

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Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/27/20 02:17 PM

Cape Town, South Africa – The Brotherhood, creators of STASIS and CAYNE, today announced that their new game BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION has been released and is now available on both GOG and Steam.

View the launch trailer here.

Check out screens here.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION continues The Brotherhood’s 2D isometric adventure game aesthetic, but with a new story and African inspired landscapes and settings.

“Beautiful Desolation takes place at an undetermined age after the fall of humanity. The unique location and colorful personalities in our game aim to create an epic science fiction adventure to players, and we hope to bring a different take on the genre,” says co-creator, Christopher Bischoff.

Priced at $19,99 and $29,99 for the Deluxe version of the game, which includes the soundtrack featuring award-winning composer and sound designer, Mick Gordon. Mick is known for his work on DOOM and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION features English, German, French and Russian localization. It is currently supported on PC, and offers up to 21:9 ultra wide screen size.


The Penrose appeared without warning… The technology hurtled mankind forward, but a catastrophic event meant that desolation would ensue. The world’s chaos quietened but there was tragedy at home for Mark and Don Leslie, when an incident tore apart their brotherly bond in this dramatic story that spans the 1980s and beyond.

Explore the Sub-Saharan wild with Mark, Don and reconnaissance drone, POOCH, to uncover answers and maneuver through sticking situations. As the Leslie family’s mystery unfolds, delve into a unique adventure with BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, to explore this futuristic wasteland to discover villages, destroyed cities, colorful personalities, and uncover the secrets of strange and abandoned technology.

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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/27/20 02:43 PM

Thank you for the news, Ana. wave
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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/27/20 07:00 PM

Thanks Ana!
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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/27/20 10:05 PM

thanks BET grin
Posted By: connie

Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/27/20 10:09 PM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/28/20 05:31 PM

Is this an adventure game? Kind of looks like an rpg with combat?
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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/28/20 05:56 PM

It is considered an adventure game just like Stasis and Cayne, it's predecessors were. It may not play like every ones cup of tea because it does contain some darkside elements, but it has a large adventure game following. so, despite the fact It could indeed be a darkside game as well, I am sticking with where the other games were announced.
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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/28/20 06:03 PM

From GOG's bullet points for the game:

- Point-and-click puzzles and classic adventure gameplay.
- An 80's retro technology look and feel.
- A story-driven adventure set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future.
- A unique tribal punk aesthetic and 2D isometric rendered environments.
- African landscapes captured with photogrammetry and scale model elements.
- Bizarre creatures, animals and vibrant characters await.

Apparently there is a self-contained combat mini-game area called The Arena, about which the developer said this on Steam:

Hey TBoneX. The Arena is essentially a contained puzzle (mini game) in an area of the game. Don't worry, we are not making an RPG smile

And The Arena is optional.

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Re: Beautiful Desolation Now Available - 02/28/20 08:03 PM

I don't find the look of this game appealing at all.
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