Announcing Insanto

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Announcing Insanto - 05/17/20 04:43 PM

Insanto is a homage to the classic point and click adventure games.

Check out the Official Website here.

The night has just fallen over the farmhouse, only disturbed by headlights stealthily casting rays between the tree trunks. A black van with the logo "INSANTO" slowly makes its way along the dirt road, closely followed by two small sedans. Suddenly a moose jumps out when the van turns a corner. The van loses control and after a few spins it slams straight into a well in front of a farmhouse. CRASH!

The farmer is awoken by the noise and runs to the window. A van? Through the van’s back doors, blue ooze gushes out onto the ground. Men in suits circle the van. The farmer is dazzled by a flashlight when four agents burst through the doors. They force the farmer into one of the sedans, while the fifth is shouting something in a phone and looking frantically at the gushing fluids.

The agent grabs the remaining container of chemicals and chucks it into the back of the sedan before gunning it out of the yard and vanishing in the forest, leaving a trail of ooze. The cow, curious of the racket, looks out of the barn window. The farmer stares back in panic from the back of the van.

As the night grows darker rain starts to fall. The mysterious ooze spreads and quickly covers the whole farm. When morning dawns, life looks completely different.


Intellicrops is a new product being developed by the corporation Insanto which follows the current trend of smart technology. It is a fertilizer of sorts that is designed to generate a bio-artificial intelligence within crops. Though the company promises vast advantages, including the plant being able to adapt to environmental changes while fending weeds and pests, possible harmful side-effects remain entirely unknown up to today.

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