space games

Posted By: maggsie

space games - 08/19/20 07:53 AM

Hi I hope you may be able to give me some ideas,
I am searching for games like "The Descendant " "Descent into Morning star" "Prominence" I just love these type of games that you have to work stuff out. . Running around a space station I love. Just finished Julia among the Stars and it was great .Some I have looked at but they are just shooters, killing aliens and combat stuff which I am useless at.
I have bean searching on the forum but haven't come up with anything as yet. Some looked great but at £30 odd and £50 the price is too much.
I would like your insight on stuff like this.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: space games - 08/19/20 07:12 PM

ASA: A Space Adventure

Katyph: The Kinci Experiment

Maybe other "Black Cube series" games made by Simon Says: Play!
Posted By: Marian

Re: space games - 08/19/20 07:36 PM

SciFi horror game that takes place on a spacecraft: Stasis

Flotsam has a review here.
Posted By: Uncle Reg

Re: space games - 08/20/20 03:19 AM

Mission Critical

An excellent game. GOG has it here. Read the GOG reviews. It's exactly what you're looking for, and it's only $5.99.

Highly recommended. thumbsup thumbsup
Posted By: Marian

Re: space games - 08/20/20 01:02 PM

That is a great suggestion, Uncle Reg! wave
Posted By: maggsie

Re: space games - 08/20/20 02:54 PM

Brilliant I am writing them all down going to check them out.
WOW Thanks
Posted By: maggsie

Re: space games - 08/20/20 03:14 PM

Hi Checked them all out and I will be ordering them Phew!! Chuffed to bits. One question ASA. A Space Adventure requirements states Windows 7 and I am playing on Windows 10. Do you think it will be ok ?
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: space games - 08/20/20 11:40 PM

I played ASA on Windows 8 or 8.1 -- not sure which.
I haven't found any "system requirements" listing for ASA higher than
Windows 8, but I have seen references to people playing ASA on Windows 10.
Posted By: maggsie

Re: space games - 08/21/20 07:21 AM

Thanks Jenny Good to know .
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