Announcing Frequency: Chernobyl

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Announcing Frequency: Chernobyl - 11/01/20 05:36 PM

A mystical puzzle adventure in which you are a radio enthusiast, who has dedicated his life to unraveling the mysteries of radio transmissions.

View the trailer here.

No official website, but you can check out the Steam Page Here.

Frequency: Chernobyl is an addicting puzzle adventure that follows the adventures of Val, an amateur radio enthusiast, on a quest to investigate the “number stations” phenomenon - enigmatic transmitters that only speak in riddles. The search leads him deep into the Chernobyl nuclear plant Exclusion Zone, to the ruins of the Duga station that still echoes the voices of the people from the distant year of 1986 to the present day. Realizing that the anomalous signals might be more than an ordinary broadcast, you will have to unravel the secrets and decipher the whispers that are being transmitted over the radio in order to escape the Exclusion Zone with your life.

Unraveling the puzzle behind the space-time irregularity will not be easy, but as long as you can still hear someone on the other side you will not have to go at it alone. And perhaps, by becoming a participant in the events that bridge the two eras separated by the Chernobyl disaster, you may end up learning something new about yourself as well.
Key features:
Complex Puzzles

You will find yourself in the role of a real amateur radio enthusiast and have to unravel secret ciphers in order to get out of the restricted Exclusion Zone. The game offers a variety of riddles and non-standard problems that are bound to have most players scratching their heads!

Addicting Gameplay

Communicating with the voices from the distant 1986 will require you to learn to operate old-school radio machinery. Unconventional gameplay will catch the interest of both real-life radio enthusiasts as well as more casual players looking for an original challenge.

Authentic Environment

The terrain of Pripyat, the crumbling equipment, outdated radio codes and principles of operation, as well as elements of the stalker lifestyle have been carefully recreated using real-life examples and materials with the expertise of radio experts and Chernobyl explorers.

At the junction of fiction and realism...

The story, filled with motives of mystery and loneliness, will appeal to both meticulous connoisseurs of the Soviet post-apocalyptic genre as well as all players who are eager to try something new.

Can you solve the mystery of the white noise at the Chernobyl Duga?

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