Announcing Enypnion

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Announcing Enypnion - 12/02/20 03:09 AM

Enypnion is a short point & click adventure that takes place in a surreal and strange world that only the mind of a small boy could create.

Check out the game here.

Enypnion is a game that follows the story of Jonathan, a boy who will embark on a journey to a strange and surreal world. A world of his own creation, since it only exists in his dream. A special guide will accompany and guide him through this journey, providing him with the details needed to understand the world around him.

In this short point & click adventure, you will help Jonathan pass through obstacles, escape dangers, and finally learn something about himself.

The game includes numerous puzzles and objects to be found in more than 20 different locations.

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Thanks Ana!
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Thanks Ana.
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Thanks, BrownEyedTigre smile
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Thanks, Ana!
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