Dragon Audit Now Available

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Dragon Audit Now Available - 12/09/20 03:27 AM

Dragon Audit is a 3D adventure inspired by classic point & clicks -- mixing comedy, light puzzle solving, and a heartfelt story.

View the release trailer here.

Check out the official website here.

Dragon Audit is a hilarious adventure game following a brave battle accountant who storms the castle to rescue a princess, but unexpectedly rescues a lonely dragoness instead. Its story rich gameplay is inspired by point & click comedy classics, told with an anime inspired 3D visual style and modern controller-friendly input.

A 'walking simulator' adventure game with a cute, heartfelt story and light puzzle solving.

Meet interesting characters and help them with their quirky subquests.

Explore a 3D world. Find items, characters, minigames, and hidden jokes.

Roughly the length of a comedy movie (~90 minutes); includes one ending to choose from.

Sometimes emotionally impactful dialogue & cinematics, sometimes jokes about pants.

In a world teeming with magic and danger, a city of accountants exists which has sequestered itself behind high walls and generally unacceptable accounting principles. A battle accountant there, George, is assigned the unenviable task of leaving the safety of the city in order to storm a nearby castle, slay the dragon, rescue the princess, and (most importantly) rescue the unpaid tax revenue. Meanwhile, Ayraw (the dragon), is tired of knights showing up to slay her, and is a bit jealous no one ever wants to rescue her. So she concocts a plan to trick George into rescuing her instead of rescuing the princess. Hijinks ensue as the two team up, the unlikely duo slowly growing closer through their shared adventure.

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Thanks Ana!
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Thanks Ana.
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