Announcing The Big Hollow

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Announcing The Big Hollow - 02/19/21 02:32 AM

The Big Hollow is a rural noir murder investigation for PC and Mac by the developers of Anna's Quest.

View the trailer here.

Check out the official website here.

The Big Hollow is a mystery game set in the sleepy mining town of Culditch Creek where it's up to you to solve the murder of the young and seemingly innocent Josie-May. Play as Logan, a woman with a mysterious connection to the ill-fated girl, arriving on the one year anniversary of the murder and determined to finish the investigation which has been suspiciously abandoned.

Follow your leads: travel to numerous shady locations throughout Culditch Creek and meet many different residents to uncover new evidence.
Create new leads: piece together new evidence, including audio recordings, photographs, security tapes and more! New leads means more places to explore and more people to question...

Explore an engrossing, mature storyline that delves deep into the nature of its characters and the quiet mining community they live in. Including themes of depression, patriarchy, grief and redundancy, particularly the great challenges of industry change in rural communities, The Big Hollow will look into the dark recesses of human behaviour in order to find the truths of Culditch Creek.

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Thanks, Ana! wave
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Thanks Ana!
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Thank you, BrownEyedTigre grin
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Thanks Ana.
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Thanks, Ana!
The sleepy mining town reminded me of 'Scarlet Hollow', which has a similar title...
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