Announcing We Were Here Forever

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Announcing We Were Here Forever - 03/10/21 11:02 PM

New game announced for the We Were Here Series! We Were Here Forever brings a new co-op puzzle solving adventure, on a next-gen level

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ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – March 10, 2021 – Exciting news from the Antarctic!
A completely new co-op adventure awaits explorers to embark on. We Were Here Forever will arrive in Q4 2021 on Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, featuring a lively world, all new challenges and puzzles with a thrilling story and intriguing areas to explore...

We Were Here Forever
The latest entry in the We Were Here Series will be released towards the end of this year on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox! We Were Here Forever will offer players a next level experience, from interface to gameplay, with an even more intriguing, thrilling story, lively world. There will also be brand new cooperative puzzles and challenges to solve with a friend, in order to find an answer to the question which the explorers have been asking for so long ... does one ever ... truly ... escape Castle Rock?

Keep your walkie-talkie close at hand and make sure to describe everything you see! We Were Here Forever is all about cooperative puzzle solving through communication and observation. New and engaging puzzles will take you and your friend to previously unexplored areas of Castle Rock - Forever is the largest We Were Here game yet! Can you find a way out of the King’s Keep? Do you dare to dig up a mystery in the graveyard by night … or will you crack knowing something is watching you from the dark?

Managing Director Lucia de Visser says: “Our goal for We Were Here Forever is to further refine the cooperative gameplay people love so much from the series, designed for a new generation of hardware with a more immersive, darker, livelier Castle Rock. We Were Here Forever is a big step up for the We Were Here series. Furthermore, this game will bring some new insights on the mystery of Castle Rock. One cannot help but wonder what happened to those explorers who got left behind…”

What is We Were Here all about?

The games of the We Were Here Series are two player co-op puzzle adventures. Players take the role of Antarctic explorers who find themselves caught up in a mystery revolving around the realm of Castle Rock. Being separated most of the time, players will each have to explore different areas, while every puzzle requires teamwork to be solved. Asymmetric puzzles give each partner different information, and challenges players to talk to each other and figure out exactly what information they have and how it might lead to a solution. You and your partner have nothing but your wits, a walkie-talkie, and whatever you can find on your way. Do you have what it takes to escape this mysterious realm or will you be trapped … forever?

The series currently includes We Were Here, We Were Here Too, We Were Here Together, and soon We Were Here Forever! The first three games made their debut on PlayStation® this February 23rd, following their earlier releases on Steam and Xbox.

The features of the We Were Here Series include:
Two player cooperative online adventure - featuring in-game walkie-talkies
Overcome challenging asymmetric puzzles as you attempt to escape
Atmospheric thriller setting that will keep you on the edge of your seat
Explore intriguing frozen environments - search for clues in the sinister Castle Rock, a ghostly graveyard, and other outdoor areas.

The We Were Here Series
The games of the We Were Here Series of co-op puzzler adventures are playable in any order, although there is a common narrative thread running through them. The series has been enjoyed by more than 5,000,000 players since the release of We Were Here in 2017.

We Were Here, We Were Here Too, and We Were Here Together are all available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation. We Were Here Forever will be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

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