The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update

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The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update - 03/19/21 09:07 PM

Check out the revamped website here.

You can still preorder the game if you missed the kickstarter Here.

Dear Friends and supporters,
Thank you for your patience. Actually, we wanted to release this update much earlier, but there were detailed, very private things in between, which were very painful, and which required a lot of concentration and time.

Do you know why so many Oak Island treasure hunters have had to stop their efforts over the centuries? The reason in most cases was the depleted financial resources. Many treasure hunters have simply underestimated the technical and personal effort required coupled with the major challenges along the way.

At some point, the workers and the necessary equipment required could no longer be paid for, and so the treasure hunters, who had once moved to the island with high hopes and aspirations, left the island with emptyhanded feeling humiliated. The endless money pit had broken the spirit of these people, destroying their hopes and dreams of making their fortunes.

Often, they left the island leaving behind barracks and equipment, which with the passage of time and harsh weather gradually reduced them to a blot on the landscape. These are the abandoned places of Oak Island.

We, too, set out on our journey with high hopes and expectations. Not to raise the treasure itself, of course! – but to develop a game on the subject. Basically, the situation is comparable to the treasure hunters of Oak Island. We too have stared into the abyss of the dark money pit.

In the last update, we went into detail about our economic situation, which was mainly caused by the Covid crisis, the lockdown, and the lack of orders. Unfortunately, this situation has not really improved in recent months and weeks. Yet it now seems that the Covid crisis is slowly coming to an end. More and more people are being vaccinated, social life is slowly returning to some normality and the economy is finally beginning to breathe again. We all see a light on the horizon.

We want to put this difficult period behind us and instead of looking back, look forward to the future with a collective optimism. The focus now is clearly on the completion of the game – and with the completion of the game, important things come to the fore – such as the topics of production and marketing.

New website completed
We took the trouble to develop a completely new website, which is equipped with up-to-date material. For the header area, we have created an animation that makes the whole layout visually interesting and exciting.

The new website not only comes with completely new material from the game, but there are also several new features. In the news section you will find all the latest news from the game development. The short areas link to the news on Kickstarter.

Furthermore, we have provided a "historical area" that informs visitors to the website about important stations of the historical treasure hunt.

The website has also been translated and is now available in English, German and French. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Jones from Ireland, who helped us with the English translation. Also, to Herve Guillaume goes a heartfelt thank you, who has translated the website into French.

Of course, the area with the screenshots has also been reworked. We only show the current, revised material. All old screenshots have been removed.

In addition, there are, of course, excerpts from the musical work of Luigi-Maria Rapisarda ( and much more.

We hope that the work on the new, modern website has paid off and that we will receive further pre-orders that give us further financial leeway.

Happy Gaming!
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Re: The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update - 03/19/21 09:36 PM

Thanks, Ana. I am watching this one. I’ve been watching the Tv program for years.
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Re: The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update - 03/19/21 09:47 PM

Winfrey, I didn't know it was a show too. The new website looks really polished!

Ana wave
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Re: The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update - 03/19/21 09:49 PM

Thanks Ana! I saw this update but wish there was more actual news about the game smile
Posted By: connie

Re: The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update - 03/19/21 10:45 PM

Thanks Ana.
Posted By: Mad

Re: The Mystery of Oak Island New Website Update - 03/20/21 01:43 AM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre 🙂

(Got the "Backer" update and was very pleased to get it !!)
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