Announcing Don't Forget Me

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Announcing Don't Forget Me - 03/27/21 11:51 PM

Investigate minds in Don’t Forget Me, a jazz-punk detective adventure game with a Twitch twist, launching 20 April on PC & Mac. Observe. Deduce. Decide. Everyone’s memories are at stake.

Check out the trailer here.

Check out the official website here.

Bordeaux, France, 25 March 2021 -- Delving into the minds of your patients may sound like fun, but are you ready to face the darkness you’re soon to uncover? From The Moon Pirates comes Don’t Forget Me, a jazz-punk mind manipulation adventure featuring innovative Twitch integration and unique text-based puzzles. Launching 20 April on Steam & GOG (PC, Mac, Linux).

Fran is an amnesiac, forced to begin her life anew after a mind-consuming reverie leaves her on the doorstep of one of the world’s foremost memory manipulation experts. She knows not where, or who, she is. Taken in by the kindly Bernard, Fran starts diving into the minds of patients to uncover and copy their memories. But it’s not long before the secrets she left behind catch up with her, and the fate of the world comes knocking at her door.

Inspired by Her Story and The Red Strings Club, Don’t Forget Me combines classic adventure gameplay with an intricate puzzle system designed to test your observation and deduction skills. Enter the minds of patients, assign keywords to explore their memories, and decipher your knowledge of their history to reveal their secrets.

Use the game’s innovative voting system to consult with your Twitch community on navigating these mental labyrinths (don’t worry about patient confidentiality). With enchanting characters, an unsettling past, and an unpredictable future, this lovingly-crafted universe provides the perfect backdrop for Fran and Bernard’s mission to find hope for mankind.


A unique pixel art vision of the future set to an original, spellbinding jazz and synthwave score.
Unique text-based puzzle system, where observation and empathy are as important as logic and reason.
Decision-based gameplay that will test the limits of your morality.
Twitch integration so your viewers can play along with you.

The debut game from The Moon Pirates, and developed with funding from diversity games fund, WINGS Interactive, Don’t Forget Me is a jazz-infused adventure not to be forgotten when it launches on 20 April.

Are you ready to face the dark world of mind manipulation?

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