Futurust is Alive!!

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Futurust is Alive!! - 05/25/21 12:59 PM

Despite a post mortem posted by the developer in 2019 when they lost their IP rights, the game is once again alive and in their possession!

The official website is still down, but you can see screens etc. on Steam here.

In a world where no man has survived, we find robots as the only living intelligent form.

They have developed a thriving civilization, and while they are trying to imitate their long gone masters, they have a different taste for style.
In a town full of metal and strange appliances they lived in a perfect harmony.
Until... until something bad happened....

One of the robots got reprogrammed to "evil mode" and began to turn off other robots to took their power batteries

The story begins when one morning out main hero Rust - tiny and peaceful robot with his
wife assemble their long awaited son. They are attacked by the big and evil robot .

Evil robot takes his wife's power supply, captures their only child and smashes Rust into pieces

Luckily, he was not deprived of his power source...
We must help patch our robot up and help him set out on a journey full of adventures and puzzles.
All to save the woman of our heart, unravel the mystery of the assault on other robots and stop the mad machine from degrading the world

Players will be able to visit both the inner city and the green jungle, canals and the plant creatures village

Hand-painted locations and figures using watercolors
32 Interesting and diverse locations
Engaging logical mini games
The atmospheric music and sound setting enhance the mood

Happy Gaming!
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Re: Futurust is Alive!! - 05/25/21 04:47 PM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Futurust is Alive!! - 05/26/21 01:52 PM

Thanks, Ana.
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Re: Futurust is Alive!! - 05/26/21 06:48 PM

Thanks Ana! I saw this yesterday and thought I posted then but I guess not!
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Re: Futurust is Alive!! - 05/26/21 08:51 PM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre smile
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