The Rewinder Now Available

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The Rewinder Now Available - 09/10/21 01:44 PM

Taoist point'n'click adventure, The Rewinder, is now available. Celebrate the launch week with us and enjoy special discounts until September 17.

Check out the trailer here.

Check out the official twitter page here.

Gamera Game and Misty Mountain Studios are happy to announce that their point’n’click adventure The Rewinder is now available on Steam! This chilling folkloric game will introduce you to a magic world of supernatural mysteries based on Chinese mythology and fantasy stories. You’ll play as Yun, a young inhabitant of the Underworld who became the last Rewinder on Earth. Tasked by the Black and White Spirit Wardens, he helps vengeful souls to find their way to a peaceful reincarnation. In this story, Yun is ordered to visit a cursed village in the realm of the living and solve the mystery behind so much misfortune.

Starting today, players will get The Rewinder with a 10% off for the first seven days, and an additional discount if they purchase the special pack that includes the original soundtrack of the game. Furthermore, they will get a 10% loyalty discount if they already own Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, Tales of the Neon Sea, or Cyber Manhunt. This promotion ends on September 17. After it, the game will cost $14.99/€12.49/£ 11.39

The Rewinder is a 2D puzzle adventure inspired by traditional Chinese folklore. In the game, you will take on the role of the last Rewinder, Yun, who can travel back in time to explore the memories of vengeful spirits and alter the course of history so these souls are able to find peace and reincarnate.

Despite the War of the Great Gods ending, peace did not return to the world. It left death, grief, and wandering resentful spirits whose souls are no longer able to be reborn in new flesh bodies. The four deities, merciful as they were, stepped in and built a shrine to rewind time. When the shrine rises, the Spirit Wardens would call on the Rewinder to return to the past and rewrite the future. As perils from the evil spirits subside, a new world of danger slowly emerges…

• Discover a unique gameplay with original puzzle mechanics and classic point-and-click elements. By using "senses" collected from the game’s “memory world”, players can change NPC’s “intentions” and thus change history – altering the present in the process.
• Experience a detective story like never before by using Yun's powers to travel back in time, investigate the facts, put the clues together and unravel the final mystery to save the village.
• Delight yourself in the rich world of Chinese folklore and get to meet mythical figures such as the Spirit Wardens, the Ox-head and Horse-face Guardians of the Beyond, and the Tudi Gong (Keeper of the Land).
• Enjoy a stunning pixel art style that honors the aesthetics of Chinese ink paintings and its color schemes, while depicting a fantasy world of spirits and monsters.

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