Gate to Site 8 Now Available

Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/12/21 02:48 AM

Gate to Site 8 is now available on Steam or DRM-Free on

Check out the trailer here.

Check out the official website here.

"When all that we have has faded to grey..."

The Story

After receiving a troubling letter from your brother, you venture back to the place you lost touch so many years ago.

Experience the events of childhood trauma and the different forms it takes to reconcile them.

The Features

A slower paced, emotive experience that's recommended to be finished in one sitting and played with headphones.

Find hidden items to reveal more about your relationship with your brother.

Unique storytelling prompts environmental changes to immerse you in the story.

Gameplay length 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Music by Jurrivh

The Game

This is not a horror game in the traditional sense, but there are horror elements. Make your way through the memories of a young man who's been running away from his past.

Take your time and enjoy the journey.

Remember past events.

Remember everything...

Note from the developer:

For most of my adult life I have struggled to deal with the difficult experiences from my childhood, and it made it very hard to accept and love myself. I've only recently figured out what I need to let go of. Through a journey of self discovery and being able to make this game I can say that I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been.

Gate to Site 8 was made with the intent that others who have had similar experiences, and struggled to find their purpose afterwards, can reflect on their past and think about what effect those traumas still have today.

For me, it was realizing that the thing I wanted most was unachievable. Although I got what I thought I wanted from many people, the reason I wasn’t happy is because I only ever wanted it from one person. That physical person is still alive, but the person they used to be no longer exists. Being able to understand where my feelings came from has made it easier to accept, forgive, and move on.

Though Gate to Site 8 is somewhat dark and metaphorical, I hope it helps you in some way. I hope you can find a reason for why you feel the way you do and that it gets easier to live a happier, healthier life.

I love you, and I forgive you...

Happy Gaming!
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/12/21 03:43 AM

Thanks Ana!
Posted By: Iurii

Re: Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/12/21 04:41 AM

Thanks, Ana!
Posted By: Mad

Re: Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/12/21 07:27 AM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre smile
Posted By: connie

Re: Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/12/21 09:54 PM

Thanks Ana.
Posted By: VRMpls2

Re: Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/13/21 02:21 AM

Is this a point and click or use the keyboard? Thanks
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Gate to Site 8 Now Available - 09/13/21 02:35 AM

VRMpls2, judging by the movement in the video, I'd say keyboard.
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