Announcing Westwood Shadows

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Announcing Westwood Shadows - 10/23/21 01:47 AM

Westwood Shadows is a first-person, puzzle-solving horror game.

You can play the prologue here for free.

Check out the trailer here.

Here is the Kickstarter PreLaunch page.

Check out the official website here.

Westwood Shadows a RedSoup Studio game
Westwood Shadows is a first-person, puzzle-solving survival horror game. Peter Bennet, a police detective, is dragged into a surreal, terrifying, and emotional journey through his abandoned hometown. The Prologue of Westwood Shadows was released on Steam and is currently rated with 83% as Very Positive, by the players.

Release: Q1 2022
Platform: PC
Price: €15 (Kickstarter) €27 (Full Release)

RedSoup Studio is happy to announce the Kickstarter campaign for their debut game on November 9st, 2021. Westwood Shadows is at its core a first-person, puzzle-solving game, with survival and psychological horror. Solve increasingly difficult puzzles, survive deadly shadow-beings and follow Peter as he confronts his past.

The story of Westwood Shadows is told through a combination of clues, animated cutscenes, and details in the surrounding environment, including immersive 3D sound and RGB lighting setup - based on game events and mechanics - for the owners of Chroma RGB products by Razer. RedSoup wants to deliver a stream-of-consciousness experience of madness, conspiracy, and grief with original music and performances.
Epic Games has recognized RedSoup Studio and the development of Westwood Shadows by awarding it a MegaGrant; already proud, the small team released the fully playable demo Westwood Shadows: Prologue on Steam to very positive reviews. The full game will launch on Steam, the Epic Store, and more. Those interested can wishlist Westwood Shadows on Steam.

The core Westwood Shadows team started with two developers, expanded to five, and hopes to grow further with help from the Kickstarter campaign. RedSoup Studio was founded when a passion project from previously amateur developers grew into a proof-of-concept alpha in 2019. After positive reception, the team grew. Now based in Cyprus, the codebase has been built from the ground up in 2020 and the story expanded for a feature-length game. By September 2021, the team felt ready and released Westwood Shadows: Prologue with the first part of the story of Westwood Shadows.

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Thanks Ana!
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Downloading prologue as we "speak". Thanks, Ana!
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Thank you, BrownEyedTigre grin
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Thanks, Ana!
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Thanks Ana.
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It looks very much like Barrow Hill. Which is a good thing of course!
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