Announcing Stone Mirth on Earth

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Announcing Stone Mirth on Earth - 02/20/22 11:25 PM

From the developer of The Secrets of Jesus, Stone Mirth on Earth is due to be released in 2022.

Check out the video here.

Actually, Stone Mirth, a volcanic stone, would like to live up to his name and he would have a reason to be happy because as a Martian stone he has many abilities that earthly stones do not have. However, he finds himself subjected to constant oppression and teasing from his peers in his homeland until one day fate offers him the chance of a lifetime and sends him to Earth to act as a hero and save the planet from the conquest of an otherworldly, diabolical tyrant.

The earthly stones feel more and more helpless as the darkness increases and evil gains more power. Their only hope is Stone Mirth who, with his extraterrestrial abilites, seems to be able to stop the increasing darkness. But as soon as he arrives on Earth, he is overcome by homesickness since the temperature is far too hot for him and this strange nature also seems quite detestable to him. Help Stone Mirth destroy the evil stone and save the earth! Guide him along his path so that he can return to his planet and there prove to the stones of Mars that he is not the failure they think he is, but a hero who takes responsibility for all his actions.

Experience a wonderful adventure with an intriguing protagonist and other stone characters. Find out how stones from different planets get along and how a lonely Martian stone wins over the earth.

Classic point and click gameplay without annoying mini-games.

Hand-drawn high resolution 1280x720 graphics.

Developed by just one person, but with all the more love.

Backed by beautiful and imaginative original music by Peter Engel.

Original puzzles that are always logical, understandable and sometimes even funny.

A magical world full of fantasy and with a touch of science fiction.

A spaced-out story with a lot of humor.

One or the other fan could certainly discover some allusions to games or films.

Pleasant playing time. Not over right away, but not overly long either.

Happy Gaming!
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