Announcing Occulto

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Announcing Occulto - 03/13/22 09:58 PM

Occulto is an indie point and click artistic adventure game set in a fantasy world.

Play the Demo here.

Check out the official website here.

Occulto is a point and click artistic adventure game set in a fantasy world.

It is being developed by two fans of the genre. This is our very first game and we want to create an artistic adventure game, with challenging riddles, hand drawn scenes, animations and original soundtracks.

The whole game is under development, and its release will be approximately on the end of 2022 or the first months of 2023. Please be patient, this is a truly indie game! smile

You will guide Eliot, a young mage apprentice, through riddles, mysteries, traps and help him find his Magister, who mysteriously disappeared.
An evil presence is looking for a powerful book which is under the custody of the Magister.

Happy Gaming!
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/13/22 10:25 PM

Thanks Ana!
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/13/22 10:29 PM

This one looks really good!
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/13/22 11:25 PM

Thanks, Ana. wave
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/14/22 04:39 PM

Thank you, BrownEyedTigre smile
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/23/22 09:57 AM

Looks interesting.
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/23/22 11:14 PM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Announcing Occulto - 03/24/22 01:18 AM

Looks good. Thanks, Ana.
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