Announcing Whispers in the West

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Announcing Whispers in the West - 05/29/22 09:38 PM

Whispers in the West is a Multiplayer Murder Mystery Game

Check out the trailer here.

Check out the official website here.

Multiplayer Murder Mystery Game
Whispers in the West is a game set in the far reaches of the Wild West frontier, a perilous dust bowl of cowboys, gunslingers and lawless criminals up to no good. This creates the perfect environment for a whodunit mystery! A crime has occurred in the sleepy town of Brimstone and it’s down to you and three of your friends to deduce who is the perpetrator from among the residents. Interrogate the suspects and navigate this sun soaked town to uncover the truth.
Role-Play Four Unique Playable Characters
The four playable characters each offering a unique skill, which leads to different interactions with the town's residents. Each player's discoveries will be crucial to uncovering the truth. Over the course of a number of in-game days, you and your friends need to collaborate, look for clues and finally piece the puzzle together.
Online Co-op
You and your friends will take on the roles of the Sheriff, the Deputy, the Cowboy and the Outlaw. You must work collaboratively and debate amongst yourselves to deduce the true perpetrator from among the townsfolk. Ask the residents questions or search locations for clues, the choice is yours. But remember, the only way to solve the mystery is to work as a team, only when you piece the information, clues and motives together will you be able to solve the mystery.

Perhaps you’ll be strategic and send your party’s Cowboy to main street to interrogate a notorious cattle rustler, whilst a team member playing as the Outlaw follows a lead on a locked door the Priest seems intent on keeping under wraps…However you allocate tasks, you’ll need to share your findings with your gang of investigators to come to the right conclusion!

Communication is key - Whispers in the West is best played with the company of an online-chatting software, like Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, or WhatsApp.
The Playable Characters
With four unique characters to choose from, you will be equipped with a skill to aid in your investigation. Will you choose the Outlaw with her trusty lockpick to venture into uncharted territory, or will it be the Sheriff who’s badge could potentially gain the respect of a hesitant resident and land your team some valuable information. Teamwork will allow you to successfully uncover hidden dialogue secrets the residents may be unwilling to share, and explore the secret alcoves of Brimstone’s locations to the fullest.
The Investigation
The Streets of Brimstone
Discover the various locations of Brimstone and explore its depths for clues! From the bustling, grimy saloon, the center of the town’s nightlife where unruly cowboys brawl over card games, to the dust-bowl, tumbleweed ridden main street where shady outlaws lie in wait under high noon. Expect a head scratching journey in this town teeming with ye olde Western locale. There are heaps of secrets to unearth, which will leave you and your friends perplexed as you piece the mystery together.

The Residents of Brimstone
Brimstone’s eclectic cast of characters feature the best and the worst of the Wild West. You will meet the good-for-nothing Mayor hidden away in his studious office, a withered Saloon Owner gossiping away as he shares rumors with his customers, and the high-strung Blacksmith hammering away at his anvil to name but a few. Don’t be fooled however, a culprit lurks among them! Will you be able to tell the good from the bad and the ugly?
Explore a stylized game world

Being a side-scrolling RPG, the game features classic point & click gameplay. While this is a well-tested formula, our non-linear story engine and the multiplayer feature make it stand apart from similar games.

Fast travel to locations

Meet the various characters around the town and question them to gain further insight into the town's history, characters and lore.

Interrogate the residents

Who knows what shady past or hidden romance may have occurred behind the scenes! The further you investigate a character, the closer you’ll come to bring to light secrets they may withhold about other residents.

Inspect the clues

A bloody murder weapon is a sure bet to lead you to the truth, or could it be a red herring to throw you off the scent? No doubt a discarded wanted poster holds a hot lead on a potential suspect. However you investigate, a keen eye and quick wit is essential to follow the rabbit hole.

Utilize your unique skill

Using all the tools at your team's disposal is essential to thoroughly investigate Brimstone. The Sheriff's badge is not just for decoration, this trusty tool can be used to gain favor with characters and gather coveted information. The Deputy’s forensic kit will also prove extremely useful in identifying a chaotic crime scene. The Outlaw’s lockpick will be fundamental in unlocking hidden areas. Lastly, the Cowboy’s gun is a sure fire way to intimidate a character, perhaps they’ll share in their best kept secrets, or rumors overheard in the saloon.

Be aware of the time limit

Keep an eye on the clock as you’ll only have a short time to investigate, allocate tasks amongst your party wisely.

Review the investigation

Scrutinize the findings in your case file and determine the truth amongst the lies with your team. In the end you can only settle on one culprit... Be warned, things may get heated!

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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 05/29/22 09:54 PM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 05/30/22 02:06 AM

Multiplayer adventure games are almost non-existent, and I've always wondered why! This looks promising. Thank you Ana!
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 05/30/22 12:21 PM

Mikael, We've had a few co-op games mentioned or released lately. It seems to be gaining in popularity. I know we get requests here occasionally if anyone knows of any so they can play with someone. Maybe the covid lockdowns opened it up to a more popular item worth investing in for some developers. I wish I had more gaming time so I could try one out. I'm afraid no one wants to drag a game out for months. lol
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 05/30/22 05:45 PM

Thanks, BrownEyedTigre smile
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 05/31/22 09:49 PM

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 06/01/22 11:30 AM

Thank you so much for sharing, BrownEyedTigre.

We are the dev team behind Whispers in the West. We love mysteries and love games that can be shared with friends.
We have been working on this title for a year now.

And we are delighted to announce that the demo of the game will be released during Steam Next Fest in two weeks,
You can wishlist our game here:

Btw, here is a special version of the trailer, yet to be released - you can hear what people say about the game:

Thank you all!
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 06/01/22 12:49 PM

Looks like it could be fun. Unfortunately my internet won’t let me. That’s the downside of living in the country. Perhaps one day. I have another game. Kingdom Two Crowns that I would love to play with someone. Fortunately I can play by my self til internet catches up with the country. Thanks, Ana.
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 06/01/22 03:26 PM

Great to see you here TeamDissonant! Thank you for stopping in and sharing the video! welcome to GameBoomers!

Ana wave
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 06/01/22 05:23 PM

Thanks you TeamDissonant.
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 06/02/22 10:13 PM

Thank you Ana. Looks interesting.
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 07/30/22 01:20 AM

In case anyone is interested in the KIckstarter:

Online Co-op Mystery Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Team Dissonant has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their online co-op point-and-click murder mystery game, Whispers in the West.

On the back of their successful demo release at Steam Next Fest in June 2022, the Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds for three new mystery scripts. Each of these stories will be an hour-long mystery for up to four players to solve together. There will also be some exclusive, hand-picked merchandise as a reward for early supporters.

Team Dissonant is a rowdy bunch of cowboys that saddled up in the midst of the pandemic, and have been working remotely to create this game ever since. Made up of largely young, recent graduates from across the UK, they banded together through the Kickstart scheme and began crafting their dream game project. Read their story here (link: ).

The team’s director, Yoyu, believes strongly in supporting young people to enter the industry. Benefitting from her extensive software development experience, the team have made considerable progress since their formation. The Whispers in the West project was only conceptualised in July 2021, in less than a year they have released the demo of this multiplayer, murder mystery game on Steam.

Since the demo release in June, about 1500 players have downloaded and played the game, over 80% of players said they enjoyed and would recommend the game, and dozens of creators have streamed the game on Twitch. The game won recognition at London Games Festival 2022 as one of the Official Selection titles, and it’s going to be part of the upcoming Tiny Teams Steam festival, which celebrates “micro studios and massive ideas”.

You can support their game on Kickstarter here:

Or you can try the demo before backing it:
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Re: Announcing Whispers in the West - 07/30/22 02:19 AM

Thanks Ana!
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