The children and Na-Tiexu

Posted By: gatorlaw

The children and Na-Tiexu - 06/23/04 10:41 PM

I was surprised and also mentally charmed that you included a place or world area of "children" in the game.

Why is this? I know my speculations but was there any reason in the development process why you added this to the story line?
Posted By: Sergey Nartovitch (Streko-Graphics)

Re: The children and Na-Tiexu - 06/24/04 07:19 AM

Like you said, the children’s zone is a part of Na-Tiexu. All I will say is to see how it integrates into the game you will just have to play it and see for yourself.
Posted By: Becky

Re: The children and Na-Tiexu - 06/24/04 02:33 PM

Not even a hint about this? Pretty please?
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