Inspiration for story

Posted By: gatorlaw

Inspiration for story - 10/19/04 05:14 AM

I know that there is some homage to Platos account and related "Atlantean mythos"

But since this is not really based on these accounts, what did provide a source of inspiration for this plot line?
Posted By: honeycomb

Re: Inspiration for story - 10/19/04 06:23 AM

I was thinking it might be the Illiad. Also interesting that the name of the boat Perluma is from Plato I think.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Inspiration for story - 10/19/04 05:32 PM

wave honeycomb and welcome to Boomers.

Good observations and great memories!

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Eric Safar

Re: Inspiration for story - 10/19/04 08:39 PM

A.E. is mildly inspired by Plato’s stories. The connection being that Atlantis has always been known as an underwater city. Aside from that, the rest of the game is all dreamed up by our team.
Posted By: Becky

Re: Inspiration for story - 10/20/04 06:54 PM

I've been wondering about other possible sources of inspiration.

After seeing the name "Miranda", I couldn't help wondering if The Tempest was an inspiration for the game. Will we get to see a character like Caliban?
Posted By: Eric Safar

Re: Inspiration for story - 10/21/04 07:04 PM

Non, il n’y a pas d’inspiration de la Tempête de Shakepeare.

No, there is no inspiration from the Storm of Shakepeare.
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