Hint feature?

Posted By: Jenny100

Hint feature? - 10/19/04 05:26 PM

Is there a hint feature? Or does the game have some way of cluing you in on what to look for if you get stuck (for example, your character talking to himself about what he should be looking for, or what type of inventory object he might need)
Posted By: Eric Safar

Re: Hint feature? - 10/20/04 02:57 PM

C’est souvent à travers les dialogues que le joueur aura un indice. C’est un ressort fondamental du jeu d’aventure.

Players will have clues through is a fundamental feature of adventure games
Posted By: Mike N

Re: Hint feature? - 10/22/04 12:46 AM

Is there an walkthrough for the demo yet, I know it is too soon but I don't know how to get across the under ground cave pool without being eaten by that giant Moray eel, I picked up some some small stones and throwing them at the other end of the pond but the big fishy still comes after me! "I'm not to bright when it comes to adventure games", but that all makes up for it in Flight Simulators! I can land a 777 in total fog and raining conditions with 40 kt cross wind and stop on a dime and by the time I'm down to 5 kts. my nose is at the end of the runway.

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Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Hint feature? - 10/22/04 01:39 AM

Rusty posted a link over in Discussions, Mike.
Posted By: Mike N

Re: Hint feature? - 10/22/04 04:09 AM

Thanks Jenny, Did you notice that I wasn't an shy Boomer anymore! bravo rotfl laugh
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Hint feature? - 10/22/04 04:17 AM

Aha! So you're "settled" now. thumbsup
Posted By: Becky

Re: Hint feature? - 10/22/04 05:48 AM

Hello, Settled Boomer. So, a giant moray eel? I was wondering what that creature in the trailer was.
Posted By: connie

Re: Hint feature? - 10/22/04 02:01 PM

Congrats on becomeing settled Mike N
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