question for Mr Safer

Posted By: maggie57

question for Mr Safer - 10/19/04 09:52 PM

I would like to know if the game is a point and click interface. I am really looking forward to the game. I try not to ruin it by seeing demos and trailers, I want to start fresh.

Thank you

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Posted By: Eric Safar

Re: question for Mr Safer - 10/20/04 09:53 PM

Absolutley. In each scene, you have to « caress » the screen with your mouse pointer to see if something interactive. Point and Click on characters, animals or direction.

I understand your wish to start fresh without any picture in your head from demo or something else..Like enter in a theater to see the movie you wait since 1 year !!!
Posted By: Becky

Re: question for Mr Safer - 10/21/04 07:15 PM

I've never thought of my mouse pointer as caressing the screen before. I wonder if that's the same thing as pixel-hunting? Sure sounds like more fun than pixel-hunting.
Posted By: maggie57

Re: question for Mr Safer - 10/22/04 11:11 PM

Dear Mr. Safer-

Thanks for the reply and am really looking forward to this game. I am glad you had the time for all of us. Becky, I never thought of it either, be a new experience.

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