The Good Ship Lemuria

Posted By: Becky

The Good Ship Lemuria - 10/19/04 11:50 PM

Just curious -- where did you get your inspiration for the design of the Lemuria? Was there a particular fascination for the tall ships of the early 20th Century?
Posted By: Eric Safar

Re: The Good Ship Lemuria - 10/20/04 03:21 PM

Des recherches historiques ont été effectuées sur les bateaux du début du siècle et notamment ceux qui fonctionnaient encore en bi-propulsion (voile et chaudière). Les designs du Lémuria sont directement issus de modèles ayant navigués.

We have done historical researches on boats dated from the beginning of the century and especially the ones which were working on sails and boiler. The Lemuria designs result directly from models having sailed.
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