Posted By: nickie

Animals - 02/17/05 08:16 AM

I heard chirping birds, and saw a few in the game, but there weren't any other animals as far as I could see. Geesh, or was there a guard dog... Was this saying something about the future, or were they just left out because they weren't part of the story line? OK, it's late here, I didn't say my questions would be of literary merit. laugh But I really am curious. OK, I like fuzzy puppies!
Posted By: MartinGantefohr

Re: Animals - 02/17/05 10:25 AM

Great question!

1. There are sharks in the bay (inmate Brett mentions them), but you can't see them. smile

2. We also have rats in the sewers (I think).

3. And then there are lots of flies at the streetlight in the park.

4. There must be fish in the lake in Alaska (the guy is fishing, after all)

5. TechPet Coporation specialises in artificial pets, and their best-selling pet is TechDog, your highly configurable best pal, no expensive food and no walks neccessary.!

So there. Millions of animals. Ha. smile
Posted By: nickie

Re: Animals - 02/17/05 10:33 AM

lol FLIES?! You're too funny!
Posted By: nolalou

Re: Animals - 02/17/05 07:25 PM

But, Martin... I hope no animals were harmed in makeing the game! laugh

Posted By: ray-ray

Re: Animals - 02/17/05 07:51 PM

The only animals that were harmed were us Mammals!

Due to lack of sleep.. because House of Tales worked endlessly on this project!
Posted By: nickie

Re: Animals - 02/17/05 10:22 PM

lol At least the flies were ok! rotfl
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