Solitaire Kingdom Quest

Posted By: Mome

Solitaire Kingdom Quest - 05/27/14 12:34 AM

I have been playing this forever & love it. However, I don't understand how to get more stars & keys (I'm sure it explains it somewhere in the game but I am OLD & either can't find it or don't understand it!!) Anyway I am at Final Dragon, have 48 keys & 175 stars - 67,518,634 points. I have asked a couple of times for help from BGF, who usually helps but this time they are not so I am cocming to you. any info would be appreciated
Posted By: Marian

Re: Solitaire Kingdom Quest - 05/27/14 12:54 AM

Hi, I can't find answers for you for this game. Having said that, I did find some tips for Solitaire Kingdom Supreme, which is made by the same developer. It may not work exactly the same way in your Quest game, but it might give you some idea at least about the mechanics of stars and keys.

Solitaire Kingdom Supreme strategy and tips

I'll post here if I find any more info for you. wave
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Solitaire Kingdom Quest - 05/27/14 12:56 AM

THanks Marian! I can't find any specifics either for the level you are on Mome.

Ana wave
Posted By: Mome

Re: Solitaire Kingdom Quest - 05/27/14 08:39 PM

Thanks for trying I will keep working on it!!
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