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Posted By: Tracy

BF Games Question - 01/04/18 01:52 AM

Hi everyone. I've noticed lately that many new games for iPad on Big Fish are "premium" and you need to update to the newest version of IOS. Unfortunately when I tried to I found that you have to have a newer iPad mini in order to play these games. I'm still using my mini from 2014 and can't really afford to get a newer one right now, so I wanted to ask you guys if these games also get released on PC? ( I have a laptop with Windows 10, so I'm hoping they will be.)

Thanks so much,
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: BF Games Question - 01/04/18 02:14 AM

It is more likely that a PC game be transferred to mobile devices than it is for a game made for mobile to be turned into a PC Game.

And it is very important to have the proper device to play on as the newer devices have more capabilities and graphics to play them.

If you have a certain game you are looking for, I would just google it to see if its available as a PC download.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: BF Games Question - 01/04/18 02:19 AM

Most Big Fish games come out on PC first, though there are a few that are exclusive to tablets or don't come out on PC until later.
Have you done a search for the titles?

Unless you can afford to buy a new iPad every year, Apple should not be your tablet of choice.
They are getting worse too. I wouldn't recommend buying another iPad and trying to keep up unless you have plenty of money and don't mind the cost.
Posted By: Tracy

Re: BF Games Question - 01/05/18 03:09 AM

Thanks for the info and help you guys. I really appreciate it!

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