Final Cut: Femme Fatale

Posted By: gatsbygirl

Final Cut: Femme Fatale - 02/02/20 11:31 PM

I have loved all of the Final Cut games and started Final Cut: Femme Fatale Collector's Edition this week and am wondering if there is a glitch in the game. I am in Chapter 5-Emerald Street and did the HOG game but couldn't figure out how to break open a stuffed monkey to find a lollipop, the last item I have to find. I have clicked everywhere to find something to use to break it open but nothing "activates" to use and the "hint" button didn't help. There was an option to play a Match 3 game so I tried that to get my last item. a lollipop. However, I have played the Match 3 game for hours and nothing happens. It says that for every Elpin square you clear from the board, one item will be removed from what you need to find list. I only need the lollipop but every time I knock all of the Elpins icons off the screen, three more appear. Very frustrating frown

Now when I go back to the HOG screen and click on help, I get the message that it is time to move along. I can't complete the HOG and the Match 3 has me in an endless loop so I can't advance in the game. Any suggestions for what I should do? Has anyone else had this happen in this game?

Posted By: Marian

Re: Final Cut: Femme Fatale - 02/03/20 12:10 AM

Hi gatsbygirl, I am sorry this has happened to you. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the game? This will not delete your saved game and doing this sometimes clears up what might be a glitch.

This is when the Big Fish forums would come in handy - one could look and see if anyone else had experienced something similar. Unfortunately that is not an option anymore.

It's been quite a while since you have posted. Nice to see you here. smile
Posted By: gatsbygirl

Re: Final Cut: Femme Fatale - 02/03/20 12:19 AM

Thanks Marian. I looked for the forums and didn't see them so figured they are no longer an option. Why did BFG take away the forums? If I uninstall the game and re-install it I won't lose my place in the game? I figured that I would have to start over and would lose everything that I have done. Not sure if it is a glitch or if I am doing something wrong but I have played several of the Final Cut games, loved them and have never had anything like this happen.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Final Cut: Femme Fatale - 02/03/20 12:24 AM

I know that the forums were getting constantly spammed and the moderators were spending a lot of time having to deal with that, and I guess Big Fish decided that it wasn't worth dealing with anymore - this is one reason, anyway.

You should not lose your save game if you uninstall and reinstall - the save game profile is normally located in a different place on your hard drive and not in the game folder. I don't recall anyone here mentioning this particular problem before, but that is not to say that it hasn't happened to someone else.
Posted By: Reenie

Re: Final Cut: Femme Fatale - 02/03/20 12:39 AM

I am sorry to hear this, gatsbygirl, and hope you can resolve it. I have enjoyed the series, too, especially Encore, Homage and True Escapade (the latter two I already have replayed). I was going to buy Femme Fatale, but now I will wait until I hear that you've made it past your trouble spot.
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