Fallout 2 question (Spoilers)

Posted By: hagatha

Fallout 2 question (Spoilers) - 12/11/08 06:38 AM

I decided I would play this before loading up Fallout 3.

Now I remember all the frustration I had with this game. I have a couple of questions right off the bat. Hopefully someone (Drizzt?) can answer them for me.

1. In the very first part of the game, in the Temple of Trials, you have to get past that first door. I'm trying to lockpick it but nothing happens. Normally in this game when you do anything, you get a message telling you what's happened (the ant missed, you hit the ant for 3 points, you gained 50 points for honing your Doctor skill -- stuff like that) WHen I use the lockpick skill on the door, no message appears, and nothing happens. My lockpick skill is 33%, so I should be able to unpick the door. If I can't get past the door, I ain't getting very far in this game. So what am I missing here? I've tried using lockpick about 100 times to no avail, and the door is not unlocking.

2. I distinctly remember being able to move away from an enemy while in combat. But once combat has been initiated, I can only get the targeting icon, and can't move away from an enemy until it's dead. How do I use up my leftover turn points to walk away? I'm not a very adept turn-based player, so this will be a non-starter for me if I can't get the combat moves right.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/11/08 07:39 AM

Hagatha, the lockpick skill is not automatically used. You have to select it in your Skilldex first. I had the same problem at this first door till I figured out what I was doing wrong.

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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/11/08 02:22 PM

I just loaded up F1 a few days ago smile . It's been awhile since I played it, just need to find the time to dive in...

If I recall correctly a right-click allows you to cycle through the cursers (I think); attack, movement, whatever. Also, If you are clicking too far away from your charater you might not have enough action points to move that far. I can't recall the exact number, but there is an AP charge for every movement you make.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/11/08 03:44 PM

The Action Points in Fallout 1+2 are depended on your Agility, I think? Each move you make, be it shoot or walk, cost a certain amount of Action Points. The games, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 are hex-based? games, I think it is called. This means you have hex squares on which you move - if you say have 8 agility points, you can either move 8 spaces (or 8 hex squares), choose to shoot someone with a pistol for 4 or 5 AP, move 1 square and maybe if you're close enough, punch someone in the stomach for 1-2 AP.

This game plays out like the board game chess. AP and turnbased gameplay means that you need to think ahead, plan both tactically and strategically; basically you need to think *If I do this, what my opponent do*. If you have 5 action points left, you can use them to get away from the enemy - but the enemy will follow you as soon as it is its or their turn.

In the options menu, in Fallout 2, you should be able to set the combat speed to the highest possible speed. There should be an option in the game menu to also choose the 'end turn' button.

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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/11/08 10:05 PM

I want to say that you have to talk to the fellow that is standing at the edge of the trees facing the entrence, he should be holding a spear. Once you talk to him I think then you just appear in the temple. OR I COULD be completely wrong...its been a while since I played. I have the game on my computer and I can go look tonight.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 04:02 AM

Hmmm...part of the problem is that I'm playing with my laptop mousepad instead of a regular mouse. Makes things difficult. I've managed to fumble my way past the door, give the scorpions what for, and talk Cameron into being a good boy.

I made a character with a decent Agility stat using Small Frame, so the combat wasn't too awful. And I remembered that Intelligence is the most important stat, so I loaded up on Intelligence points.

Last time I played (many years ago) I flubbed the character creation by putting too much into Strength and Endurance, and spreading out the combat skills too widely, and ended up having to rely too much on my companions in combat. This time, my character Barashibi will be a small guns specialist, I think -- if I remember rightly I can pick a Sharpshooter skill later on in the game.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 05:17 AM

That's a couple of the reasons I really liked these games, you had to put a fair amount of thought into character development, how you level and the strategy of your attacks. Now that I've jumped into it again, Karsten's comment about this being similar to a chess board is right on the money. Strategy and advance planning play into the combat.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 06:23 AM

Right. Now I'm at level 3, and selected the perk that gies you 5% more experience. For the next perk, whenever that is, I was looking at taking the one that gives you 50% more from reading books.

If I get that far, that is I have some questions:

1. How on earth are you supposed to keep track of the quest information? There's no journal to keep track of what people tell you.

2. Last time I played this, I remember abandoning the game a fair way in because I had been "timed out" on the Arroyo quests. The Arroyo had been desrtroyed. That was because I could not really follow the quests, given the lack of a journal. Is it a better strategy to take one quest a a time than to load up on quests in each new area?

3. I know I haven't got the ability to take on either the slavers or the Toxic caves. This game discourages exploration early in the game -- does anyone know of a good strategy guide so that I can get through the early quests without messing up the game too much? I can't take on the Traders yet, nor can I do the Toxic caves. I have the Pipe Rifle, but not enough skill to use it effectively, so anything involving heavy combat is out. Thus, I need a few easy quests to help me level up faster.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 07:16 AM

There isn't a time problem in Fallout 2. You can't save the Arroyo village. It is a scripted event.

Have you met up with Sulik yet? He is a great help, especially in the toxic caves with his sledgehammer. If you are talking about elevator, you should leave that till a bit later when you are stronger. You can take a side trip to San Francisco and pick up a great suit of armor to make life a lot easier.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 08:33 AM

I've got Sulik and Vic with me now.

For some reason the people in Klamath are all antagonistic. I rescued Torr, helped him with the cows, didn't give him away to the two baddies standing there, and don't think I've done anything wrong. Is there a way to get them back on side? Like bribery? evil Seriously, I can't imagine why this happened. The people in Den think I'm just fine.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 02:15 PM

Hi Hagatha smile

This is supposed to be the ultimate Fallout 2 guide.

It is written by Per Jorner, from the fallout fansite They know everything and then some about Fallout; people at the also know a lot about the Fallout games.

At NMA (no mutans allowed) you can also download Killap's Unofficial patch for Fallout 2. As well as reading instructions on how to install or use it.

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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/12/08 10:54 PM

I used Killap's Unofficial patch and was very happy with it. I didn't use the patch that changes the gameplay to closer to how the developers wanted the game to go before they ran out of time. Thought I might try that with a play over.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 02:57 AM

Can the patch be used after the game has been started? Often with older games you have to start a new game.

I am having fun with this, though it's hard to get used to how sloooooowly the combat goes. I've speeded it up a bit but might crank it up to the fastest level. I'm not sure how long I'll have the patience for slo-mo conbat, especially at these low levels where everybody's swinging at each other but none of the punches are landing.

Edit: So the reputation thing in Klamath is a real problem if I want to do the rats quest, since nobody will talk to me and I can't get past the blocked area. I didn't attack anybody, so I don't understand what's going on with this. I've spread my game saves out to an extent that it would be a long way back to reload an earlier save, and I haven't got any cash right now. Phooey.
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Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 03:17 AM

You should be able to do the rats quest even though no one will talk to you. There are several ways to get the key. It is important since it will affect your ownership of the car. The other quests don't really matter as I recall.

I believe you will have to start over if you use the patch now.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 03:47 AM

Okay, I'll concentrate on getting the key. My PC has no stealing ability, though.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 04:48 AM

Just kill him if you have to, but I think you can buy it. Also, if you keep trying to steal, save first, it may work even with a very low steal skill. Save before you talk to him in case the method doesn't work.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 04:58 AM

I talked him out of the key. For some reason he's not antagonistic any longer.

But -- how does the key work? I've gone right up to the door in the room behind Slim, but nothing happens when I try to open it. I've tried "using" the key in Inventory, but that doesn't work either.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 05:25 AM

I think you use your action icon and then scroll through the inventory to pick the item to use.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 06:31 AM

Aha. This interface seems a little inconsistent. Maybe it's just that I have to get used to it.

One last question. Since you apparently can't rest in dungeons and I used all my First Aid and Doctor abilities on Vic -- what's with the Perception loss when you use Healing Powders? Is it a permanent loss? I dare not just use them and see what heppens, in case it is permanent and I forget.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 06:43 AM

Nope, not permanent. smile
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/13/08 06:57 AM

Whew. I thought maybe you have to have some kind of resistance boost before you could use them safely. I'm going to have to print out the manual. I've forgotten almost everything about this game.

Yay! I finally found a pistol. It sure came in handy with the giant mole rat in the third level of the rat dungeon -- because Sulik kept running off in the wrong direction, trying to get at the enemy from another angle, I guess, but not very helpful.

I'm saving my book on gun use until I get my next perk, though. I want that 50% more from reading books.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 05:32 AM

Unless there's a way to fix this problem I'm about to lose an hour and a half of game playing, including very hard-won points on Golden Geckos and about $1,000 in trading. I remember this problem from before, and it's annoying enough to cause me to stop playing, because kepps happening.

I keep getting trapped by my companions. Just now I'd finished battling, done all my trading, and gone to Vic's place to rest. Having rested up, I saved, ready to go on, and I'm now completely trapped, can't move. Telling my party members to move closer or farher away doesn't help because I don't have enough room to get them to budge.

Is there a fix for this? I really don't feel like trying to work out everything I had under that one game save -- it could be a lot of gaming, even more than I think. This has happened several times and it's a bad enough problem that I'm not inclined to keep on playing if there isn't a fix.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 05:49 AM

Have you tried using the action curser? With Fallout 2 you have the ability to push someone out of the way. Keep repeating if you need to. The icon is a pushing hand.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 09:03 AM

Thanks. That'll save me some grief.

Next question is -- in Gecko, the Nuclear Plants, how do I use the red passkey on the door I have to go through. I've tried using the passkey on the door, and using it on the guards, but that doesn't open the door. I'm all out of ideas. I can lockpick the door, but then I get attacked, which is not the route I want to go here.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 05:30 PM

You put the passkey in one of the two slots at the bottom of the inventory. Then when the inventory is closed, click on the slot which has the passkey and use it on the door. You click the red button to make the slot that you want to use active.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 05:40 PM

thanks Pokey wave
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 08:21 PM

Oh dear. That's exactly what I've been doing, and it isn't working.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/14/08 08:55 PM

Maybe it is the yellow passkey that you need. I don't remember. You can also use the action curser to bring up a menu and use the key. Click on the center of the door
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/15/08 04:46 AM

It was the yellow one that I needed. I thought it was the read one because when I lockpicked the door, the Ghoul guard standing there said "That doesn't look like a red passkey."

Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/15/08 04:59 AM

So -- after I fix the reactor, I talked to Festus and got a holographic something or other. I'm supposed to take it back to my contact in Vault City, who then gives me access to the Vault, where I am to put the holographic data in the computer.

I did that, but after that the quest won;t move forward. I copied out the walkthrough for this section and went over it very carefully. After I go through the optimization sequence in the Vault, everything comes to halt. I can't get new dialogue out of the Vault City guy, and Festus gets mad at me because I "didn't do the optimization."

I am playing with the patched game. Very frustrating.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/15/08 07:55 AM

Did you try using the optimized disk on the computer in the reactor?
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/16/08 02:27 AM

I started the whole sequence from scratch and must have done something differently because it all worked out in the end -- with the added bonus that I got into that loked room with all the goodies down on the third level of the vault.

My character build is working out well. As my second perk I chose the one that gives you 50% more on books, and since I've found a lot of books on Science, First Aid and Guns, my puny character packs quite a wallop with the Magnum at close range. For my next perk I'll choose something more related to attributes, since I'd like to have either higher Intelligence, or higher Agility to get the extra move in combat.

I ended up getting married (oops), and since the silly wench won't go away she might have to die in combat somewhere.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/16/08 03:37 AM

Originally Posted By: hagatha
I ended up getting married (oops), and since the silly wench won't go away she might have to die in combat somewhere.

Hagatha! *snicker*

Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/16/08 04:30 AM

Heh heh. We're now "separated." grin

I sold her into slavery in Vault City. I reckon that's repayment for a shotgun wedding. evil

So I'm still not entirely sure how to handle combat with fifteen Raiders. I mean, my party members all shoot each other instead of the enemies, and I can only deal with one at a time -- if I can avoid getting blasted from behind by my "friends." Does their combat skill go up with mine? Or will they forever be klutzes? I can order them not to hit me, but then they stand around looking stupid,, since they're all behind me. My Gun skill is at 79%, so I can deal out pretty good damage, but even so -- only one at a time.

Also -- how do I know which guns are better? I know the Magnum with the extended clip is better than the little 10mm gun, but as to the rest of them -- how can I tell? You can't look at them properly when they're in the storekeeper's inventory, and I'm sure not a gun expert.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/16/08 04:42 AM

Grab a .233 pistol as soon as you can. I was using one at the end of the game. Here is a list of Fallout 2 weapons:

Party members can be more trouble than they are worth. Never give them automatic weapons. At times they are handy but I often leave them outside a building or town. With large groups of raiders, etc, I usually try to draw them off a couple at a time. Running is always good too. I believe their skills go up with yours.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/16/08 05:13 AM

Originally Posted By: Pokey
Grab a .233 pistol as soon as you can. I was using one at the end of the game. Here is a list of Fallout 2 weapons:

That is a great site Pokey. I wish I would have come across that when I first played the game. I love what they have to say about the Red Rider Limited Edition! lol
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/16/08 05:59 AM

A handy site, that one.

I have four party members right now, and could have five, but alas, my dear wife and I are separated. I've left the Ghoul back in his town because I'm not sure what sort of reaction the outside world might have towards him, but I might go pick him up for a lark. A .23 pistol, hih? I think I've come across one of those recently, though I'm not sure where. I'll have to backtrack.

Lockpick skill now at80%, Small Guns at 90%. I've got my Doctor skillup to 60% and my speech sklil at 80%. I haven't really invested much into any other skill except for Repair, which I[ve bumped a few points.. First Aid has been ramped up considerably by books, as has Science.

What perks are recommended? I just gave myself Toughness as my third perk, but I want to make sure I don't give myself any real duffs.

Oh, and how do I get my stat scores higher? I read in the walkthrough that you can, but the perks for stat increases are all situational (50% increase in carrying capacity, as opposed to an overall Strength increase, for example).

Ah. I found the very gun you were talking about, in an Unknown Place. Good thing, too, considering who hangs out here. I may have to back out of here, though.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 03:48 AM

There are some perks that increase a stat by +1. I liked the perks that gave more action points, Action Boy, Bonus Move. Bonus Rate of Fire is a good one, if it is available to your character. You can also pick an additional Tag skill.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 04:15 AM

Ah. Anyway, now that I'm more or less familiar with the controls I'm really enjoying the game. I'm about to confront a Raider Hideout and don't think it will go well; I have the .233 pistol, but no ammo, and I think I have to go back to Vault city to get some. I'm going to try the shoot and run technique that has served me so well all my gaming life.

Money is sure hard to come by, though.

And what's with Cassidy, whining about stims all the time? I'm not letting him hold my stash, that's for sure.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 03:22 PM

Hagatha, your thread is making me want to play the earlier Fallouts. I just don't have the games. :frown12:
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 05:33 PM

I downloaded Fallout 2 from Good Old Games for $10.00 They have both of the old games. Runs well, no problems so far. I'm playing on my laptop on XP.

I'll be going back to dowload Fallout 1, that's for sure.

I'm coming into some of the quests that require takin sides. Not sure where I'll go with them -- or whether I'll deliver that myserious briefcase I got in Vault City. And Reddick is full of plotting and intrigue.

Maybe I'll just go out and have some random encounters in the wilds. But ammo is so expensive, and I can never remember which kind of ammo each of my party members is using. Sulik, at least, is simple. No matter which weapon I give him he seems to think his sledgehammer is the best weapon, so I just let him pound away.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 06:00 PM

They are available on Gametap too. I kept Sulik for the whole game. He was pretty effective with his sledgehammer. He does have the super sledgehammer, doesn't he? I used a sledgehammer for a while to save ammo. It is effective against small animals.

I got a lot of cash early in San Francisco by pickpocketing gun dealers there. It was very easy even with low skill. They have a lot of ammo and guns for sale. You can steal from the gun dealer in Vault City too.

I had Vic for a while to repair things and then dropped him. Then I got Cassidy and later Marcus. Do you have the car yet? It make travel easy.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 08:15 PM

No, I haven't been able to find the part I need for the car. I'm just kind of wandering around, not really knowing what I'm supposed to do.

Is there a way to review all of the conversations for the quests? I can never remember where I'm supposed to go to find things. I know, for instance, that I'm supposed to get a piece of equipment for a mine in one of the towns, but I can't remember where that part is supposed to come from. I know I'm supposed to find a part for the car (I found one, but I need something else) but I hae no idea where to look.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 09:08 PM

I think you get the car part in Gecko. You can review the quests in your Pip Boy and if you click on them, get more information. I can't remember any archive of dialogue. Fallout 3 handled this better. Have you gone back to the questgiver and asked about the quest again? I can't remember if this worked in Fallout 2. The mine part is in New Reno at Renesco's place.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 09:47 PM

Gecko? I though I'd scoured the place. There is a tunnel with a blocked off spot, though. Maybe a little dynamite?

I guess it's time for another peek at the walkthrough. I'm in Reddick right now, in some tunnels, but I can take a quick run to New Reno and see about that part.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 10:26 PM

Someone in one of the buildings in Gecko has the part. He wants something in trade. uhs-hints is a good place for a slight nudge.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 11:04 PM

Yes. Skeeter.

But to get the part for Skeeter, I have to give Valerie a Tool and the Wrench.

I have a tool. But where's the Wrench?

Well, someone named Curtis apparently gives it to you, for solving the Joshua quest -- if you talk to Curtis before Joshua and his family leave Valut City. Which they did ages and ages ago. And I've never run into Curtis.

So -- is there anywhere else to get a Wrench?
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 11:21 PM
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/17/08 11:59 PM

Thanks. I just cleaned out the Mining Headquarters, and no Wrench to be found. I remember getting antsy around this time the last time I played. Too many quests can go badly awry by missing one little thing. Sigh. I'll keep looking.

Also, Vic is proving to be a terrible problem, as in bugged. After some battles, he is no longer effectively in the party, and I can't talk to him; I can trade out his items, as though he were dead, even though he hasn't been injured much during the battle. He just stands there.

Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/18/08 12:05 AM

I bet the chop shop has one. Also the vault. I never found Vic to be very effective, so dropped him for Cassidy.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/18/08 01:06 AM

I've never downloaded an entire game before. So this question shows my inexperience:

Do I have to download it to the harddrive or can I download it to a CD, or does it need a DVD?
Posted By: Marian

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/18/08 01:26 AM

Rowan, you can download the game to your hard drive; after that, if you want to back up the game on a CD or DVD, you can do that, as well. Good Old Games has more information about downloading on their website. wave
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/18/08 02:47 AM

Hagatha, there is a wrench at the Morningstar Mines, It is in the room with all the beds at the top of the room in a locker. Sure you went to the right mine headquarters? I'll check the chop shop if I can remember where it is. I thought in New Reno.

Edit--the chop shop is out. Need a car to get there.

Found one in the New Reno Arms too. Take stairs down in NW room (hard to see, look behind the shelves) It is on the first table in the basement. There is also a Dean's Electronics in one room.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/18/08 07:31 AM

Thanks. I did find it , after a long slog. Now I have a car with a trunk full of loot! I've just raided Vault 15, got somuch stuff my party can barely walk, and am just unloading in NCR to lose some weight. I traded a lot of extra guns for the power cells for the car. I figure those will come in very handy. I'd hate to get stranded in the desert.

Vic really isn't very useful, is he, but I need all the firepower I can get!

I even have Lenny with me. I was going to drop him from my party, but it seems to me that his weight-bearing capabilites are much higher than everyone else's, so I use him as a pack mule. He almost never gets wounded, which is helpful. In the last two battles he's actually taken out a pistol and used it, so he isn't a total flop.

Actually, Cassidy isn't all that great, either. At least 65% of the time he misses his shots in combat. Not sure why. The only reliable shot is the PC, who is now at 100% in Guns.

I'll see who else I can pick up as an NPC. I can take at least five, and maybe six, though I've never tried picking up a sixth. Any suggestions?
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/18/08 09:16 AM

I liked Marcus. He can take a lot of damage and also do a lot of damage with his big gun. I don't think I could handle more than three, especially when I have to tell them all to wait. There is also a deathclaw you can pick up. I think you are limited to 5 companions.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/20/08 04:29 AM

I plan on picking up Marcus as soon as I'm able to. I guess I need to get Cassidy a better gun, though I don't know wich would be best for him. He currently has a hunting rifle, which the PC uses to deadly effect in combo with the .223 pistol. Sulik is fine with his hammer and the Sharpened Spear. I've got Vic using the submachine gun -- as long as I give him strict instruction not to shoot the PC, he's been reasonably good.

I'm just topside selling the loot from Vault 15 right now, though I'll have to stash most of it in the car for the time being. Then I'll go down and finish off the Vault and start cleaning up some of the town quests I missed all over the place. The only problem with the car is missing out on the encounters, so I may take some time to do a wildernes crawl now that I can handle multiple enemies. I'm only at level 10, I think, so there must be a whole lot of game left.

Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/20/08 08:43 PM

Aha. I've managed to find a most unusual companion. Not sure I trust him, entirely. But he's more interesting than little Lenny the Ghoul and will probably be more useful in combat...if he doesn't turn on's sort of creepy, the way he throws off that robe just before attacking.

Yay! Combat Armour. I've got enough for a second set for Cassidy, but I think I'll wait for a while. He seems to fare pretty well in combat with the metal armour and combat shotgun. Sulik has the special Leather armour, and Vic has Leather Armour 2 and a scoped hunting rifle. Overall things are going well, at level 14.

I'm getting to the point in the game where I have to start making serious decisions. I'm leaning towards NCR, since they seem to be the most sincere overall -- but they're also an obvious choice, which disturbs me. New Reno is a town full of thugs and murderers, and the Vault is a slaver town. I still have time to wander around and gain experience, so I may take an extended road trip.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/20/08 11:36 PM

Now I have a question. I completed the Vault 15 area and got the spy holodisk for Tandi, went back to talk to her and Gunthar in NCR, and then went on to Vault 13. On returning to look for a voice recogntion part, one of the merchants will no longer talk to me, and neither will Tandi. Is this normal? The walkthrough says nothing about it.

Also, I can;t get to the Ranch in NCR. I had a quest for it -- a cattle drive -- but as I can;t get to th ranch past the forcefield, I can't do any of the related quests. How do I get through there?
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/21/08 12:45 AM

Do you need Tandi for anything? Did you get the computer parts for her? I had a problem with the ranch too. I got in the first time but couldn't get back in once I left. Did you talk to the sheriff?

The trader outside the town won't deal with you at night.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/21/08 09:21 AM

Tansi won't talk to me now that Ive done her quest, and the sheriif never would talk to mte.

I spent hours cleaning out the Wanabago mine, wandered around for hours, then got all my quest points, and went to New Reno to pick up the things I needed for other quests, and the car disappeared. It was parked within the city limits, and I went back and forth to it a couple of times, but once I left the immediate are to buy stuff and later went back for it it was gone. Just lost three hours pf playing time. Not impressed. There should be no reason for that to happen -- it's never happened in any of the other towns. I am seriously (Blip) off. The Wannabago mines are a maze, and I'll never recreate everything I did in there. I don;t like it when games are ornery just for the sake of it.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/21/08 11:41 AM


It's no mater how much time you spend in new reno just walk through a load screen and your car is gone.
But you can get it back
Click to reveal..
look for a kid whit writing on his shirt.

more what to do
Click to reveal..
follow him and you end up in chopshop if you get your car not violent way you get more exp
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/21/08 05:13 PM

Hagatha, I believe you are the victim of a scripted event and your car has been stolen. Check to see if there is evidence, a trail of some sort. Also, there is someone you can talk to that will help you out.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/21/08 08:00 PM

Yep, you don't have to go very far for clues...

However, should the car disappear in any other location, you need to reload the game, sadly. It doesn't happen often, but it can happen that the car simply disappears. Very annoying.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/22/08 06:52 AM

This is good news. Uh, sort of.

I have lost the car -- really lost it -- before, and as a result have always saved just before travelling, just in case. But once it's safely parked, it's always been there when I've come back. I have thousans of credits in stuff in there just waiting to be sold.

The combination of Combat armour, .223 pistol and Sniper Rifle is deadly. Not much can get past Barashipi now. I'm just about to go complete a couple of quests, and then go looking for a little trouble in the desert. Money is no longer a problem; with a Stealing skill of 60% I can usually pickocket successfully.

I think I'll ditch Vic now and get Marcus. Then I'll have Cassidy, Sulik, Marcus and whatsisname, the Deathclaw.

Ooh, ooh, and before I leav eNew Reno -- I have some sort of Power Fist that should come in handy in that boxing ring.

One question, though. I can't figure out how to go up and down stairs in New Reno. After clicking madly I managed to go down one staircase but could not get back up so I had to reload that sequence.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/22/08 07:28 AM

You mean in the Desperado Saloon? Move your character to the bottom of the stairs and right click to bring up the hand icon and left click. He will appear at the top of the stairs. On the second floor, the stairs are behind a partiton, so move your character so you can see the top of the stairs and use the right mouse button again.

I had all kinds of problems with the car too. It can be glitchy.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/23/08 12:01 AM

Thanks. I know there's someone up there I need to see.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/23/08 09:04 AM

Now you've made me want to start F2 again...and yesterday I restarted Ps:T. What is it with all these classics?
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/23/08 02:28 PM

Originally Posted By: Drizzt
Now you've made me want to start F2 again...and yesterday I restarted Ps:T. What is it with all these classics?

Just goes to show how good the story is behind these games. Planescape; now there's one I'd like to see brought into an updated graphics format. There are a number of good PnP stories out there for the game that they could use. Just a reminder to any development houses who might be reading our posts... whistle

We now return you to our regularly scheduled topic.... lol
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/24/08 12:35 AM

I've started Fallout 2 and have made it to Arroyo village. Where do I find my inventory stuff from the temple? I've been back to all places in the temple but can't find anything there.

Also how do I rest and get my health back? I don't want to just use up my hard-to-get healing powder (which is somewhere in my missing inventory anyway).
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/24/08 01:36 AM

Rowan, did you try I for inventory? You can get your health back by opening your Pip Boy and finding some timer settings. One is rest until healed. You can rest anytime there are no enemies around.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/24/08 02:28 AM

In case anyone is interested here is a link to the full Fallout 2 game manual. Pages 160-161 is an appendix of commands for the game. You might also want to check out page 159, which has a recipe for "Carrion Kabobs" sick lol

Fallout 2 at Duck and Cover
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/24/08 07:46 PM

hagatha, best way to get money is to raise gamble skill to about 80 and play on all gambling tables or machienes IMO (in my opinion).

Rowan, to get your inventory back go to the room where you fight another tribe man find a chest (trunk, footlocker) open it and there is all your stuff. Also dont count to many on healing powder it reduces your perception and that makes you loose your accuracy.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/26/08 05:14 PM

I've started Fallout 2 and have made it to Arroyo village. Where do I find my inventory stuff from the temple? I've been back to all places in the temple but can't find anything there.

Also how do I rest and get my health back? I don't want to just use up my hard-to-get healing powder (which is somewhere in my missing inventory anyway).

Your inventory is in the chest in the room where you fought the tribe member.

TM, did you know there is a "Widescreen mod" for Ps:T? I'm playing the game in 1280*1024 (don't want to play in higher resolution because there's still a bug in the mod that makes dialogue and menus small) now. Quite refreshing. laugh

Ok, back to topic. Sorry. whistle
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/26/08 09:36 PM

Rowan, I used Doctor as one of my tag skills. That was probably a beginner's mistake, but it's served me well because at level 90%, my character can heal herself pretty well, and it's much faster than resting - which for a badly wounded character can take days. As a consequence of having both high level Doctor and First Aid skills, I've only used healing powders and stims during the very worst battles, when my character is almost dead.

I haven't tried gambling, but since I'm restarting the New Reno sequence again I think I'll invest some points in that skill next time I level up. Barashipi and Co. are able to take on large numbers of foes at this point, so I can start to increase other skill stats.

When I'm finished this game I think it might be time to load up PsT again. I played it twice last year, once as a fighter type and once as a mage. The thing I love best about the game is that it's not very combat-intensive; the story is everything. PsT has arguably the best character interactions of any game out there -- and certainly the most poweful ending, in my opinion.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/27/08 12:28 AM

Thanks, all. I found my inventory. I finally figured out how to use the pip-boy and can now rest.

Hagatha, I've chosen Doctor, Small Guns, and Lockpicking for my major skills. I just hate coming across a container or door in my travels that I can't open. If that happens, especially early on, I I have been known to forget about them. I hate missing out. For my first perk I've chosen the one that awards extra experience points.

Do all books give bonuses or are there some that are a waste of money? I found one book already and benefitted in a skill, although I don't remember how I read it. I hope I know what to do next time. I read it accidentally. One of the merchants has a book about cats for sale. Is it a skill book to buy, or is it a money waster?
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/27/08 07:51 AM

If this is a cats paw magazine it's pointles too buy you dont get any skill point.
skill book only work when your skill is lower then 91%
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/27/08 01:56 PM

Thanks, Ameno. I'l leave that book alone.

I made it to Klamath, did some exploring there, talked to some people, pickpocketted some, too. However, now I have to replay this section because I got myself trapped in a corner. oops Sulik and the shop owner are blocking the doorway and there is not enough room to manoever to get Sulik to move. Never thought that the game could end on a stalemate.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/27/08 02:52 PM

press second mouse button and press on sulik or shop owner whit the second mouse button and choose function to move (hand whit an arrow)
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/27/08 05:16 PM

Thanks for the life ring, Ameno. With your tip I was able to get myself out.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/27/08 09:12 PM

Originally Posted By: Rowan
Hagatha, I've chosen Doctor, Small Guns, and Lockpicking for my major skills.

Scary. Once again our playing styles are exactly alike. My choices also. Who wants to bypass a locked chest or door?

Not all book are valuable for skills. The Cats book is not. There's a perk available that gives you 50% more skill points from reading books. I took that perk, and have not regretted it.

I'm starting New Reno AGAIN, this time because I got into Bishop's top floor evil by talking to his wife, but I really need the briefcase, which is in the car, which is not parked where I left it. I think I can get it by going to the garage and just taking the brifcase from the trunk. I hope so. Just in case I can't, I'm going to make a permanent save point for my last save just before going to N.R. for the first time, and then another for my first arrival.

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/28/08 02:43 AM

Hagatha, I also picked the Gifted and Skilled optional bonuses.

I am now in Madoc and have a problem. I have to prove to Jo that Karl is still alive. I have been back to the Den countless times to speak to Karl but he always falls over drunk no matter which conversation choice I follow. Now Jo tells me the Madoc people will attack the Slags tomorrow. I really would prefer a happy ending here.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/28/08 06:38 AM

Oops. Somehow I either missed that quest or failed it without knowing. blush Karl always falls down drunk every time I've talked to him, too, although I haven't been to the Den in a long time.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/28/08 07:54 AM


you need to talk to Karl or ask the farms leader where he is then return to mayor maodc and tell him taht karl is in the den then he will ask you to tell him everything is ok.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/28/08 09:15 AM

Oh good, I can do that quest, too.

I have a quest from John Bishop in New Reno to kill the Rancher in NCR. I suspect it's someting to do with his medicine, because I've talked to the doctor and seen the medicine on the shelf. I imagine that there's a way to sabotage the medicine. But I've never been able to get into his ranch. How do I do that?
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/28/08 09:37 AM

I didnt do this quest i killed all the bishops
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/28/08 06:34 PM

I failed some of the Modoc quests. I never did get the correct conversation topics with Karl. Consequently the Slags in Modoc were killed, also the little boy Johnny who I was supposed to free. Unfortunately the Slags vs the Modoc citizens is a timed quest. Even though you are given a lot of time, you don't realize how much time you lose by travelling time zones to traders, etc, and by advancing the clock to heal when needed.

Off to Vault City next.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/29/08 01:50 AM

Okay, the car is giving me fits. How do I recharge it? I've done it a few times already, but it seems to be so hit and miss that I can't rely on being able to do it.

I have lots of energy cells in my inventory, and I'm pretty sure that all I did last time I recharged it was touch it near the front end. Now all I get when I touch it is "Car," as if I didn't know that, or "You can;t get there;" utterly confounding, since I'm standing right beside it.

What on earth do I have to do to put the energy cells into the car to get it going again? Before I just leave the danged thing in the desert.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/29/08 02:30 AM

You're ahead of me, hagatha, so can't help yet. I don't have the car yet either.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/29/08 04:42 AM

Aack. This game would be great if it had a decent journal. I have quests I can't finish because I have no idea where to go or who to talk to. I was just given a quest in New Reno, and all I'm supposed to do is walk north up Virgin Street to see some people, and they aren't there, and I can;t refer back to anything to see the details of exactly where I'm supposed to go...and that's a quest I just got.

Also -- do the storekeepers ever restock? I've got to the point where the only stuff they have is pretty much what I've sold them. They have almost no money (maybe 60-250 cash), and nobody seems to sell the energy cells for the car. I have a ton of loot, and nothing to trade for. I don't see any new types of weapon, there's no new armour for me to buy, and I don't need any more ammo right now. The car is now permanently parked in New Reno because I can't take it anywhere.

Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/29/08 09:54 AM

Hagatha, (also Rowan read too)

To recharge the car click the the right mouse button to get an arrow cursor then click on the car whit the second mouse button and select backpack on opened menu select Micro Fusion Cells or Small Energy Cells then select whit how many you want to recharge the car.


Can you be more specific about the quest who gave it and how is it called???
The stores only sell what you left them they dont restock.

Click to reveal..
If you realy wont to know everything about fallout check out this site
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 02:16 AM

Aha. I finally worked out why the merchant in the Bazaar in NCR wouldn't sell to me. He didn't like my choice of companions.

Thanks for that link. That walkthrough is thorough, but not precise enough for what I need -- which is more along the lines of a map showing where various people are in each town. I'll manage, I suppose -- only there are people I've never found. For instance, I cleared out someone's Garden for them and now I can't find them to get my reward and cross the quest off the list, and I've talked to everyone in the town (where the Ghoulies live). I often know what I have to do, but not where, or who to talk to.

I've just made my way down to S.F.. I've spent some time cruising around in the desert -- the Raiders out there carry some very cool stuff. Since I've nothing better to do quest-wise (can't even get into Westin's ranch in NCR, even to do the associated Cattle Call quest I have) I'm just goint to hang around on the outskirts and rack up some xperience points.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 02:43 AM

Here's another question. How do I push something? Not a person, but a thing.

I'm at the Military Base. I know what I have to do, but not how to do it. The WT unfortunately doesn't cover how to's. I need to push a mining cart on a track. The "push" icon does not appear when I examine the cart (and it doesn't appear even after I place the two other items -- pole, dynamite -- on the cart, either). So -- no push icon, no pushing. No pushing, no getting into the Military Base. Yet I know I have to push the cart.

Next question. I seem to have inadvertently messed up a quest needed to advance the main quest. I don't even remember going to Navarre earlier in the game, but now I can't get into the base at Navarre without sounding the alarm. The WT assumes that you have never been to Navarre before and can get the password you need from the guard, but if you've been there before the guard sounds the alarm instead. Is there another way into the base without having to take on all of the guards with their power armour and weapons? My whole party will die very quickly if I try that.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 02:28 PM

Hope someone can help you soon,hagatha. I'm still far behind you.

I have a question about companions: Currently I have Sulik and Vic. Vic keeps complaining that Sulik is looking at him funny. I jst ignore his complaints. I do wish to pick up Cassidy but he claims I have enough in my group. I read earlier that I could have up to 5 companions, so what is the problem? I could drop Vic as he is such a slowpoke always lagging behind but I would prefer to keep him in order to "compare" him to any new group member.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 02:35 PM

Well, you cannot get into the base unless you have the password without triggering the alarm. The password you can only get with a high speech skill from the "caretaker" of the gasstation on the way there.

As for Mariposa military base...I seem to recall that I had a few problems with that also, but all in all it should just be to "use" it as any other object I think.

Rowan, the amount of party members you can have is depending on your Charisma skill. I don't quite remember exactly how it works, but the higher charisma you have, the more members you can have. There's also a perk to increase your party size, I believe.

And don't mind Vic's comments, they're just there as bantering without meaning.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 05:16 PM

@ Hagatha

I just remembered that gamebanshee have somme good walkthroughs that tells you where people are and some other stuff

The walktrought are very neatly organized, you just click on an area in the right hand pane. And you get the walkthrough for say Klamath, The den or Navarro.

According to this walkthrough what you need to do at the Military Base is this:


Pick up the metal pole from the south sidewalk, attach it to the cart, find the dynamite in a nearby shed and use it on the cart (not arming it first). This will blow a hole in the rocks and give you a nice bit of xp.

Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 05:18 PM

Hagatha, there is a back way into the Navarro base. Look for a trapdoor behind the gas station.

It took me a while to get the mine cart moving.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/30/08 09:18 PM


about that garden you need to speek whit a guy in MODOC his name is Farrel and his not a ghoul. Hi's near the outhouse that you should have to blown up.
also be carefull when entering the base bring a lot of ammunation and stimpacks

Interesting note
Click to reveal..
did you know you can get power armor just right after Aroyo???
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/31/08 06:41 AM

Thanks for all the tips. I'll have to leave the Navarro until I have a much higher skill level and better equipment. You only get one chance to talk to the guy at the gas station, and I didn't know that, so that chance is gone.

I'm doing the New Reno quest that's taken me to another miltary base, the one you get into with a Howitzer. None of the walakthroughs I've read cover this -- for some reason they seem to assume that the force fields turn off and, more importantly, that you'd know how to do this.

I can get into the base no problem, but on levels 2, 3 and 4 I can't seem to turn off the force fields. I got a piece of paper with "Passwords" on it, but it actually only had one password, and that was the first level computer.

Level 2 has computers, but neither of them turn off the force fields (although one computer says it does, it actually only turns off security plates, and I'm not even sure it does that). My character has 91% in Science so it isn't that.

I can can get to each of the 4 levels, but I can't get to any of the "good stuff" in the base without turning off the fields. Lockpicking and Trap skills don't seem to do anything to the fields. I know there's an NPC in here, too, and I'd like to get to it, but...those force fields are in the way, and after a couple of hours of clicking away down there and messing around with computers, I can't figure out what to do.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 12/31/08 07:29 AM

I believe I had Vic turn off the force fields near the elevators. I never could get into the area on the second level where the ammo was located.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/01/09 06:48 PM

In the end I loaded up on Stims, which I don;t normally use, left my party members behind, and walked through them, taking a lot of damage each time.

I got into the ammo room using lockpick.

I have my new NPC now, but I have to conclude that there must be a better brain than the one I gave him. I chose the Human one, which was supposed to be of average intelligence, but the 'bot is definitely sub-normal. It shoots well enough, though, and does better in combat than Vic did. I wouldn't mind picking up the Mutant, but I'm very comfortable with Sulik and Cassidy, who both seem to survive combat very well. And Goris, for all that he can't wear armour, is now pretty hard to kill. I might ditch the 'bot and pick up the Mutant.

I'm now running out of quests. That means I have to tackle Navarro again. scared Hopefully it will be full of goodies. I have a trunk full of energy weapons, but nothing heavier than regular combat armour.

Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/01/09 07:38 PM

good luck at Navarro
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/01/09 09:23 PM

Yeah. I think I'll need it. I have a few quests left, so I'll do those first and get my Energy Weapons skills up a little higher. Then I can start using my Plasma Rile and pistol. evil

I came across something horrible in the desert in a Random Encounter; a group of Nightwalkers, I think they were called. Somehow I think they foresahdow what is ye tto come in the game. Needless to say, they blasted the flesh off my party in about two seconds flat.

I also found two Easter Eggs; the Pythonesque Bridge Keeper, and...a Cookie. lol

I'm not sure I've picked the best Perks. There are so many interesting ones to choose from. I just took the one that uses 1 less Action point for each use of a ranged weapon, which gives me two rifle shots -- helpful, that is. But I keep thinking I should go for the Stat Increases.

I'm going to pick up the Mutant, and ditch the robot for a while, just to see which is better. The robot really isn't all that inspiring in its current form. I checked a walkthrough and there is a better brain. Next time, maybe.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/02/09 03:27 AM

Well, I must have made some critical errors in building my character, though until now combat has been a breeze. I can't get through Navarre, even now that I have the Power Armour. Even with 112% in small guns I can't do much damage to enemies now, and neither can my party members. Marcus, for some reason, isn't nearly as useful as I though he would be. Even with instruction to use ranged combat, he keeps going melee -- and so he dies, much more often than Sulik or Goris. He started out with a minigun and was very effective but for some reason he seems to not want to use it now. Cassidy, fortunately, seems almost unkillable, but that's because he stays ranged, as instructed, and just blasts away with whatever shotgun he has. At this rate I may have to go back and get the robot.

I'll have to start experimenting with other weapons, since my Sniper Rifle is no longer a WMD as it has been up to now. The plasma and Laser weapons look great, but with only 70% skill I can't do a lot of damage. Time to go back into the desert for some mayhem.

...Okay, does anyone have any suggestions about weapons? Both for the PC and the party members? My PC has 91% in energy weapons, and 112% in smallguns, but generally the party just can't handle Navarre. I've been in there for three months, game time, and possibly have killed only half the guards and turrets. scared I don't mind a challenge, but this is ridiculous! So any suggestions on weapons? My PC has: Laser Rifle, plasma rifle, plama pistol, Sniper rifle, .223 pistol -- actually, I have just about every weapon I've found with me right now, but nothing punches through the enemy armour. Cassidy has one of the big semi-automatic shotguns, can't remember which kind, but it's pretty effective. Sulik just wants to use the Ninja sword, Goris of course just uses his claws, and Marcus, in spite of his big guns ability, doesn't do a whole lot of damage with the minigun. I've tried him on a few other things, but he seems to prefer the flamethrower over everything, but it doesn't do much good in this situation.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/02/09 06:31 AM

Sounds like you are going in the front gate. I couldn't get in that way after the first visit without them shooting, so I went through the trap door. Is there something you need at ground level? I got everything above ground on the first visit, so didn't need to go back that way. Going through the trap door was fairly easy. If you need to go above ground, you could then take the elevator up and take them on one at a time and retreat down the elevator and heal if needed. Sulik should use his super sledgehammer and Marcus the minigun. Take everything else away. There are other ways to get into the underground area. Some of the more powerful weapons are the bozar, pulse pistol and pulse rifle. I used the .233 most of the time.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/02/09 07:05 AM

I'm supposed to get something from Navarre, aren't I? Whirlybird plans, or something? Whateverit is, I certainly don't have it yet, and didn't find it in the underground area I was able to get into with the blue pass key. Is it down there? Because I'm just about to give up on this game. This kind of endless frustration gets old very fast, and I've been trying to do this all day today. Not much fun, really.

Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/02/09 08:18 AM

It is the tanker FOB and the vertibird plans that you need. The vertibird plans are above ground in a building to the NE. There should be a locker near Quincy that contains them. The building is near the elevator. A bit to the left, directly in front of the turret. Go in the back door and the plans are in a locker. Stay near the elevator until you have killed all the guards and the turret. Much better than going in the front gate. I just walked in and got them on the first visit when I used the password. The tanker FOB is underground in the office. You don't have to get the vertibird plans to reach the Enclave. They will let you gain entrance to the Brotherhood compound.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/02/09 04:37 PM

I just finished the Raider hideout. It was quite difficult for me. I had ditched Vic and now have Sulik and Marcus. Like hagatha said, Marcus occasionally changed weapons. Sulik was a bit of a hindrance here because he kept getting killed. So I told him to stay put in the tunnel and Marcus and I picked off the raiders one at a time. Even so, Sulik was occasionally disobedient and took part in the fight anyway. Marcus' advantage is that he can carry a ton of stuff. He has a huge inventory capacity.

I'm off to Reddding. I wish the traders had more money. What's the point of having all his loot if you can't sell it? I would even trade for ammo but haven't got a clue what ammo goes with what gun.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/02/09 10:14 PM

Hi Hagatha smile

It's called a Vertibird plane. And they look like this:

I hope you do not give up an Fallout 2 as the ending is great - according to players that have played the game. (I haven't yet - sadly enough...)

Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/03/09 01:07 PM

That's an early concept art picture from the first game. This is what they look like, at least in F2. smile
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/03/09 05:38 PM

Stuck in the Redding mine: How do yu kill a winamingo(sp?) hardwallI'm level 13.

Another question: Where do I get ammo for Marcus' minigun? I've been all over to places that I've been to and no merchant has any (5mm- but don't understand the different letter)?
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/03/09 07:34 PM

I don't recall having much problem with them. Are you taking them on one at a time? What weapon are you using? do you have a .233 pistol?

The ammo should be available at Vault City, New Reno, NCR, or San Francisco at a couple locations in each town.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/03/09 08:39 PM

hagatha, make sure you give markus the right ammo
Minigun and Avenger Minigun uses 5mm ammo
Vindicator Minigun uses 4.7mm Caseless
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 05:52 AM

I seem to have finally hit a level at which my energy gun skill is seful -- and very useful it is, indeed.

Unfortunately, I now have to replay several hours -- and regain two hard-won levels -- because my car disappeared in San Fransisco, while I was battling aliens in the ship's hold. Unless I miss my guess, this second disappearance was not a scripted event.

Trouble is, I did most of the levelling while roaming in the desert, and I'm not sure I can recreate the three or four very lucky encounters I had that netted me such large experience gains and some very good new weapons. And oh, the endless inventory micromanaging, and switching stuff around, and tons of selling I've done, that I now have to do again. I can't remember half of what I did since the last save point where I still have the car.


Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 07:34 AM

Is your game patched? Did you check all parts of San Francisco? Were you in Navarro last? It could be back there. It sounds like you are close to the end of the game and may not need the car unless you stored some necessary item in it.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 04:48 PM

I still can't find any 5mm ammo. I had obtained some earlier in the game but now no merchant carries it. I have been able to kill only one wanabingo and that was Marcus with the minigun. If I can't get any more ammo for it I can't do this part of the game. I'm now in New Reno but haven't found any 5mm ammo yet. I haven't been to SF or NCR. Not sure if hey are on my map yet. Have to go back to check.

Hagatha after reading your troubles with the car, I have decided not to travel with it. I've parked it outside of Vault City and am using it as a locker for stuff I'm not sure about and I might need later.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 05:28 PM

try cheking Vaulty City, NCR, San Francisco.
also stock on 5mmAP. AP stands for armor piercing it does much more dmg.
Marcus also can use laser rifle or a power fist also rocker launcher that could be fun, but prepair for trouble whit explosions.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 05:29 PM

There are several types. Have you looked for the 5mm JHP? Have you tried San Francisco? Lots of ammo there. Don't you have other weapons? You should have a .233 by this time. It is more effective than a 5mm gun.

If your game is patched, the car should not disappear. Mine lasted to the end of the game. Never lost it, but it did act strange right at the end. I never put anything really important in it, usually ammo and extra guns etc, but it is handy to travel fast and avoid conflict.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 07:18 PM

That's strange. 5mm ammo should be pretty easy to come by. Try the merchants in...what was that town with all the Chinese in it?
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/04/09 10:18 PM

I've been finding tons of .5 ammo in the cities that have technology. The ammo I'mm looking for -- the caseless ammo and the stuff for the Gauss Rifle -- is pretty scarce, though. Hopefully it will be more available later on, though I'm not sure how much game I have left to play.

As I'm almost ready to cast off, I think I'll spend a few days trading for whatever ammo and other stuff I think I'll need. I also have a very small number of unfinished quests, and I'm going back to all the towns to mop up what I can. While I'm at it, I'm taking out the rest of the Navarre base as punishment for giving me such a hard time, and maybe I'll pound some Envoy heads into the dirt if I can find any out in the desert. Slavers are also on my list, though how to deal with them in Vault City is a thorny question...

Barashipi is now at 125% in Energy weapons and is finally dealing out some major damage. Cassidy seems to love his Pankor Jackhammer over all guns but the Gauss Rifle, and he's become wicked bad with it, so I'll leave him to it until I find more ammo for the other gun. Sulik really likes his SMG and Sledgehammer, though I just got the Louisville Slugger; he might like that, too. And time I might leave him behind. He's great with his big guns and I just bought him the super-duper non-laser version of the minigun, but without armour he can be a liability. Next time I'll keep Vic, I think. With Power Armour he might do just fine. As for Goris, keeping him alive is always difficult. He's aggressive and dangerous, but he takes huge damage. Thankfully I've learned how to cut and run in this game.

But *sniff* I had to leave my doggie behind. When he joined up I was allowed to have five party members, but the first time I had to tell everyone to stay put, there was no room for him any longer. I liked my little doggie, een if he couldn;t do much damage. Ooh, that reminds me -- I should check his inventory before I leave him behind for good.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/05/09 10:02 AM

yeah that ammo is rare i found only one merchant that sells that ammo i think he was in san francisco or NCR dont quite remember i did find him.
On wiki it's sayed that there is two merchants that sell it.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/05/09 02:23 PM

I have not come across any .233 weapon although I have seen seen this ammo. I am carrying a shotgun and I can get plenty of ammo for it. I just want to fill Marcus' minigun. I have not been to SF or NCR. Vault City and New Reno does not have 5mm ammo.

Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/05/09 06:31 PM

I believe you can buy a .233 pistol in New Reno (special stock in New Reno Arms). Also available in SF and NCR.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/06/09 02:37 AM

I was lucky and found my .233 pistol somewhere (and like an idiot I didn't write it down for next time). Otherwise, the merchant in the Bazaar in NCR sells them. It's a great weapon. Between that and the Sniper Rifle my PC did very well until she started to encounter enemies with energy weapons and heavy armour.

The .5 ammo looks like a little square gun belt with bullets running off it in a strip. There are two kinds, and they are readily available in New California. There are also two merchants in SF that sell this ammo.

But it seems to me that as I advanced in levels, the better ammo and weapons started to appear in larger quantity. That's just an impression, but when I got to SF at level 27 there were guns available that weren't available previously.

Don't forget that in SF and NCR, you have to check all the tables in the merchants' stores, because they have a separate inventory for each table of goods. Just use the hand icon on the stuff on the table and the new inventory will come up. The merchant in the bazaar has three inventories, and he sells good stuff.

Um, and a word of warning. It isn't a good idea to give Marcus the Rocket Gun in an enclosed place. He loves it! And he will use it! Even if it's a really, really bad idea!
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/06/09 07:39 AM

In every single RPG game the higher your lvl the beter weapons ammo you recieve
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/07/09 04:36 AM

Originally Posted By: Ameno
In every single RPG game the higher your lvl the beter weapons ammo you recieve

Yeah. I sure could've used that Gauss Rifle a little earlier in the game. grin

Edit: Having nearly reached the end, I would have to say that I would play a bit differently next time. My preference would be to have a smaller party -- I'd go with Vic, Sulik and Cassidy and skip Goris and Marcus, who required a fair amount of babysitting even with the strictest combat instructions -- if it weren't for the fact that I like having party members around to lug all the stuff.

I could create a stronger character and go with the few party members, but then I'd have to sacrifice some of the other stats, and I like having a highly intelligent, charismatic character.

On the other hand, having played through the game, I now know just how much stuff I actually have to lug around. A lot of the items I picked up because they looked, you know, important, actually turned out to be just stuff, things I never, ever needed. Or I only needed them once or twice. I also have a pretty good idea of how much ammo I really needed, and which weapons are worth keeping and which can be sold right out of the box, so to speak. I carted around enough stuff to supply an army!

Anyway, if I could just get past these darned elecrical plates...

Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/07/09 07:11 AM

Right, then. Reached the end, with a nudge or two from the walkthrough at the very end.

I'm afraid my party members may not have survived oops ...but that's the price you pay for following the Chosen One. evil
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/07/09 07:42 AM

yea i got stuck on thoes plates to and didnt finished the game frown
hagatha dont forget to show us your ending
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/07/09 08:18 AM

I lost two of my companions on the first try. I left them in the lobby of the enclave, where I thought they would be safe and went on by myself. Turned out they were standing in the line of fire at the very end. I redid the very last bit and was able to return to San Francisco with them.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/07/09 02:08 PM

Originally Posted By: Ameno
hagatha dont forget to show us your ending

In a well marked spoiler box please grin
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/07/09 03:02 PM

Hi everyone. Haven't played for a couple of days. I don't think I have levelled as much as hagatha levelled so I think that's part of my problem.

I'll check out NCR to see what's there although I like to finish as many current quests as possible before venturing forth.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/08/09 05:17 AM

How do I show my ending? duh

Click to reveal..
I left my party in the Detention Area. And then I couldn't go back for them after I blew up the reactor. This is one of those RPG moments where you have to just imagine that they got out on their own -- like leaving Imoen in Spellhold because you don't want her in your party, and just assuming she'll get out on her own, or leaving Yeslick down in the mines. You hope they get out, but sometimes you don't actually know if they do or not. Next time I'll leave them behind in SF. I didn't really need them.

Rowan, did you find the ammo you need for the Minigun?

I got tired of Marcus and his "friendly fire" in the end. I was toying with the idea of creating a Big Gun user for the PC, but decided against it. There is a walkthrough for playing a big, dumb brute (Intelligence of 4 or less), and I considered the option for a minute or two, but...nah, that would close off too many of the more interesting quest options.

I just wish that the NPC's were a little more varied, but since you can't really control them a thief NPC wouldn't be much use. A party Doctor would have been good, though. Lenny the ghoul claimed he was "a healer, not a fighter," and I had high hopes, but he didn't actually have that ability. I suppose in a game like this the only really useful NPC skill is firepower.

Ah, well. Now I know where the frustration points are and will be able to play more or less frustration-free next time. And I'd avoid wasting points on skills that can be upped with books. Too bad there aren't any books for Doctor, Lockpicking or Steal.
Posted By: Nipomo

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/08/09 05:58 PM

Are you going to play Fallout 2 again right away or are you going to start Fallout3? I still need to finish Fallout 2 but its going to have to wait until I'm done with Fallout3. I tend to play out games to the max in one long play so I guess it will be awhile. Though I will sometime replay 3 as purely evil. Right now I'm mainly good with some dips into nuetral when I steal too much loot. (Loot just sings an alluring song to me and I can't resist)
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/08/09 05:59 PM

I think you should try Fallout 1, Hagatha (and others). In this, you can go through the game without without firing a single shot. At least, you can finish it without doing this. You need a charachter that has high perception, high intelligence and maybe high perception as well, I think.

How did you like the game, Fallout 2, Hagatha?

Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/08/09 08:45 PM

hagatha, to make a clip of your ending the most easy way i know is to get there is video capture function and they this will uplaud on the net too.

Karsten, you have mention perception two times i think you need charisma high too
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/09/09 02:59 AM

Yes, hagatha, I did find some ammo ... after I dropped Marcus from my party.

Are there supposed to be 2 locations called Vault 13 on the map? Not that far yet but just noticed it.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/09/09 03:56 AM

Nope. Only one Vault 13, and one Vault 15.

I can't do a clip of my end game. I started a new game with another character. I still had the old game save, but I guess once you create a new game the game save is unloadable. The end movies was clipped and impossible to follow, but it went something like:
Click to reveal..
Vault 13 and the Arroyo people created a new home, Vault City struggled for a while and then was absorbed by NCR, San Fransisco developed a mutant plant that protected it from radiation, Broken Hills ran out of Uranium and became a ghost town, The Den flourished, and so did Rebecca (?), and that all I can remember.

I haven't loaded Fallout 3 yet -- my office is very cold in the winter and my feet get badly cramped if I sit in there for more than a few minutes. I'm thus only able to play games that will run on my laptop. I might download Fallout 1 for a lark.

Character #2 has 9 Agility, 8 intelligence, and 6 in every other stat (I chose Gifted again). I can see a huge difference in combat abilities with the higher Agility score. On the minus side, with the lower Charisma (I guess) I was unable to get the dialogue with the Bridge Keeper in Arroyo for the upgraded spear. Chose the Comprehension perk as my first pick. Party members will be Vic, Sulik and Cassidy. I'd like to see how Vic does with better armour and a really good weapon. Maybe he's okay, after all. At least he understands that running away IS an option. grin
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/09/09 04:15 PM

Hagatha, I have a charisma of 6 and can have only 2 party members. If your charisma is lower than before you may not be able to have all 3 party members either. BTW, I played Fallout 3 on a laptop.

I definitely have 2 Vault 13 locations on my map although I haven't been to either place yet. One is about 3 squares west of NCR and the other is about 3 squares to the NW of NCR on the world map. Vault 15 is about 3 squares to the east.

Sorry, I just checked my charisma and it is 5. I guess I had too high an opinion of myself. blush

Where is the sherriff in NCR? He is not in the sherriff's office in my game. Also, how do I get past the forcefields to the west? I was able to use repair on it but then the guards shot me.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/09/09 06:00 PM

Rowan, the sheriff is standing on a street corner near his office. If you talk to the sheriff, I think you can get the guard to let you in to the ranch. There shouldn't be a Vault 13 to the NW. The one to the west is the real one. You should check out the one to the NW. I'm curious as to what it is.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/09/09 08:13 PM

Of course, I meant high charisma as well in my post on how to finish Fallout 1 without firing a single shot. And Hagatha, there is a patch at NMA that allow you to play Fallout 1 with the Fallout 2 engine.

I think you can maybe up your intelligence to get better choices in dialogues, maybe by eating a few mentats?

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/09/09 11:45 PM

Pokey, I'll look for the sherriff again the next time I'm in NCR. Thanks for the tip. I went to the northwesterly Vault 13 and...
Click to reveal..
it was an empty cave. This location had been triggered by an earlier conversation, although I don't remember the with whom. When I exited this area the map name changed to Fake Vault 13.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/10/09 01:01 AM

Thanks, Rowan. That had me really puzzled. I hadn't run into anything like that. If the sheriff in NCR doesn't work, try the President.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/10/09 08:00 PM

Hagatha, you need to have perception to notice the spear of the bridge guard is difrent. also whats your perception???

Rowan, I'm to didnt got this fake vault 13 location nice find.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/10/09 10:21 PM

Perception is 6. It was 6 last time, too -- but maybe I'd just used a healing powder this time. Not that it matters. I never really used that spear once I found my first gun, and anyway my PC has better unarmed skills than melee skills.

Now I have Vic and Sulik and am cleaning up Den and Klamath quests -- heading off to the Toxic Caves. Small Guns at 75% with the use of books; now I'll start putting skill points into Energy weapons, Stealing, Lockpicking and Doctor, the most useful non-combat skills in the game.

This character is definitely better in combat, often getting two turns at the start of a fight.

If I can only have two companions I'll just take Cassidy and Sulik. They were the most useful companions, anyway.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/11/09 03:22 AM

Oaky, that wrench again.

In this game I talked to the kid, I KNOW where the wrench is, but darned if I know how to actually GET it. I have a shovel and a crowbar, which would be the obvious tools to use. I've tried using them from my inventory and from the weapon bar, but nothing works.

So does anyone know exactly (and I mean not just in general terms -- I know that, the kid told me) where the wrench is, and how I get it?
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/11/09 04:00 AM

As I recall, you just click on the pile of rocks near where you found the doll to get it. Bring up the hand icon and click.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/11/09 07:52 AM

Boy, that was hard to find!

Another question-- last time I didn't have to go into the Vault City Vault to optimize the reactor data I got from Gecko. This time I must have done something in a different way, because I have to take the holodisk down to the Central Computer in Vault City's Vault to optimize the data on the holodisk. But I can't figure out how to do that. I have the disk, and there's the computer, but how do I put the two together in a way that will optimize the Disk? I've tried the usual:

hand icon on computer, scroll down inventory to holodisk (does not work);
put holodisk in weapon slot, use on computer (does not work); try to activate computer with Science (does not work);
try to simply use computer by touching it (does not work).

I've also tried all of those on the second active computer on level 3, but again, no success.
Sooo..just how do I connect that disk with the computer to optimize the data?
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/11/09 05:18 PM

It seems to me that the holodisk optimizes itself. You should get a message to this effect when you log off the computer (the talking computer). Check your world map. It should now have Vault 15, New Reno, Redding, Broken Hills, and NCR on your map, as well as the Vault City Travel Log on your pipboy. I think this is the quest you're on.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/11/09 08:28 PM

hagatha, are you sure that you must go to the vault i think you need to go to a guy in the main building where is linete but to speak whit a guy in the other side of the building and dont speak to linete until you are a citizen.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/12/09 12:45 AM

It seems to me that the interface isn't consistent. Sometimes you have to use an object from your inventory, and other times, you don't.

In the end I figured it out -- you just click on the talking computer and the choice is offered. I was clicking on the wrong part of the computer (?) I guess.

Off to NCR at level 7. The game goes much faster when you don't have to worry about which party members you want. Leaves more time for wandering around in th desert, picking up new and better weapons. Also, in my last game I never did get the second car part installed; somhow I missed the dialogue about it, or just forgot -- anyway, I carted it around for the whole game, thinking that a solution would present itself later on. Energy cells were so easily found towards the end that it didn't matter. But I have it installed this time, which encourages exploration.

I wonder if it would be worth having implants? I don't recall any dialogue about that before. It seems having a higher intelligence with a Speech skill of 95 early in the game is really useful.

To make up for the loss of skill points by choosing Gifted, I've taken two levels of Educated, which will give me a total of about a hundred extra akill points -- a whole 'nother skill, or one really, really good one, more like. Action Boy has not yet appeared in my choice of Perks, so that'll have to come later.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/17/09 01:53 AM

I'm having trouble with the map/travel. Ever since I got to San Francisco I can't hop to another town. I want to go to Navarro but I get stuck in the desert somewhere. Has anyone else had a glitch like this? I can't continue the game if I'm physically stuck.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/17/09 02:17 AM

Yes, I had a problem traveling from San Francisco in the car. If I clicked on Navarro, the car would go straight north and stop at the water. I couldn't drive to SF from Navarro earlier. The car stopped in the desert. I walked the roundabout way to SF and the car seemed to go with me. I was able to drive the car to some towns but not others. I was nearly done with the game by then so it didn't matter much. You aren't out of gas, are you?

Can't you keep going toward Navarro?
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/17/09 03:05 AM

I'm not using the car. When I click on Navarro the green triangle sticks just outside of SF. When I'm on the mapscreen I can't unstick that spot. I have to go to the right edge to get the map screen again but still can't get to Navarro.

Later: After many tries I got to Navarro by hop-skipping all over the map to try to approach from different angles. Couldn't get there from any desert spot either - had to be from a town. Weird.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/17/09 03:50 AM

You have worse problems that I had, I hope you are about to get on the boat and don't have to travel much more.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/17/09 07:51 AM

I had a lot of trouble travelling from SF, too

Actually, midway through the game the car travel seemed very buggy for a while, then it straightened out again. At one point I even lost the car somewhere in the desert because the travel was so erratic I didn't realize I had run out of gas along the way and had somehow walked on.

Edit: This game sure is a lot easier when you know what you're doing. With just my pals Cassidy, Sulik and Vic, properly armed and armoured, this game is going much faster. This time I found a Pancor Jackhammer quite early on and Cassidy has been a holy terror ever since, though it's best to stay out of his way. Vic is actually not half-bad with a good pistol. I think I'll keep him for the rest of the game this time.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/18/09 02:50 AM

I figured out why it is so difficult to travel to SF or Navarro from certain points: You cannot travel over water! On the map you have to hop to another point that lines up with eiher place before you can get to it.

Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/18/09 08:01 AM

But it's so hard to line up properly. I'm having the same trouble in my current game. This time, though, I have the properly souped-up car and can travel long distances without having to refuel, which is handy.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/18/09 07:58 PM

The only way to line up with SF is to approach it from the SE. For some reason you cannot cross that bay/delta on the right of SF. The best approach is to go to the military base then 3 squares to left then on to SF. Getting out of SF is the reverse of this. To get to Navarro from SF you have to first get past the SF bay then to another point that will allow a straight line (as the crow flies) to Navarro. Took lots of frustrating "training flights" to figure this out. Anyway it doesn't seem to be a game glitch.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/18/09 08:53 PM

Rowan, so glad you figured that out. I did a lot of walking I could have avoided if I just found the right angle to avoid water. I guess I expected the car to teleport. Good to know it is not a bug. I tried it and I can drive to all the cities now.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/18/09 09:07 PM

The really humiliating thing, Pokey, is the fact that the game won't let me walk on water. lol
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/18/09 10:22 PM

Bejeebers, why not! grin You should have waved your magic wand. I could figure out that I couldn't walk on water but didn't assume that the car couldn't drive on it either. blush
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/19/09 04:46 AM

Hmph. You'd think you could drive along the coast, though. Actually, I have had a few high-experience "encounters" right on the beach, so skirting the edges isn't such a bad thing to do.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/21/09 06:39 AM

Okay, I think I've run into a major problem. In New Reno, I've just talked to Myron and delivered the message to Ramirez at the Stables. When I travel back to New Reno, my PE drops from 8 to 4, and my CHA drops from 6 to 4. It seems to be a permanent stat drop, as I've tried resting and that doesn't help -- and it happens every time I travel out of the Stables.

I can't see any reason for this happening. It's a huge problem, of course, and I have no idea what causes it or how to make it stop. Any ideas what might be causing this?

...Never mind. I forgot I'd tried a Mentat. Which just goes to show, boys and girls, that we should just say, "No," to drugs. grin
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/21/09 04:01 PM

Originally Posted By: hagatha

...Never mind. I forgot I'd tried a Mentat. Which just goes to show, boys and girls, that we should just say, "No," to drugs. grin

rotfl wave
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/22/09 03:18 AM

Actually, in this game my character has used more stims than in the last game because I'm using her as the primary fighter instead of letting my party members take all the pain. Unfortunately, I am now at the point where the very next stim will give me the undesirable "Addict" trait.

Soon as I finish up here in New Reno I'll be off to rehab.
Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/22/09 03:22 PM

i never got addict to stimps also try using med kits and doctors bags
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/23/09 03:10 AM

I do use use those, but even with a Doctor skill of 125% and a Doctor's bag, I only get 4-10 points of healing per use, so it isn't much use for major healing after a tough fight. I do the rest, then heal, then rest again technique, but it gets to the point where I feel that's all I'm doing after a while.

Things should be looking up combat-wise, though. I have a Laser Rifle, and I just picked the Tag perk for Energy Weapons, which immediately took my Energy Weapon skill from 70% to 135% or thereabouts. That should be enough to take on most enemies for the next little while.

Off to the desert for some random encounters.

Edit...I've jut discovered that I didn't finish the Military Base in my last game. But, is there ever a lot of cool stuff down here. And I've leveled up twice!

I've also discovered that in the random encounters near the side of a cliff, you can actually go down into the caves! I missed many experience points, I guess. The last one was full of Deathclaws.

Does anyone know if thre is a way to save the colony living in Vault 13?

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/28/09 02:52 AM

Finished the game. I missed a lot, too, hagatha, and I never did get some of the big stats as you did. However, I managed to get throgh it and had fun. Next I'm going to try Fallout 1 which I bought at the same time as this game. Unless I can get Sacred 2 to play for me. smashpc
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/28/09 04:51 AM

I really must get Fallout 1 as well. I can barely remember it, or even if I ever finished it. I haven't been a fan of turn-based combat in the past but I'm warming up to it. It takes a lot more strategy and planning, and your character build is much more important, I think.

I'm back in Navarro, this time blazing a path through the various baddies with my Energy Weapon skill up at 190%. I think that will do for that skill, now.

The trouble with Navarro is that this is around the point in the game where you start to get the really good stuuf, and the game is actually nearly over.

I might try some further devilry, such as wiping out the slavers in Vault City, just for fun, though if it costs me too many Karma points I might reconsider. Also, once I've got my hands on a set of Power Armour for all three of my henchmen, I'll be cruising the desert around the coast near Navarre. I love running into those Enclave Patrols, though they are tough.

There are a few other people I'd like to have a word with, too...
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/28/09 07:16 PM

Hagatha, did you find any use for the outdoorsman skill? The only points I put into it was whenever I found a book but I don't recall ever actually using it. I also never gambled.

Posted By: Ameno

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/28/09 07:17 PM

what that skill actualy do???
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Fallout 2 question - 01/29/09 12:08 AM

Originally Posted By: Ameno
what that skill actualy do???

Outdoorsman Skill - Fallout Wiki
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