World of Warcraft

Posted By: Asha'man

World of Warcraft - 03/14/09 09:32 PM

Are there any World of Warcraft players lurking about these parts? I actually just started playing the game last week and am so far really enjoying the experience, which is awesome as I never thought I would really "get into" a MMORPG. Was just wondering if there were any other fellow WoW'ers in the ranks here, and if so what kind of characters do you play? Also, what server do you prefer . . . PVP or normal?

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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/15/09 05:13 PM

I don't play it, but there have been a few members to talk about playing from time to time. Here is one such thread that may be of interest to you.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/15/09 08:08 PM

I don't really play WoW specifically, but I did for a couple of years. I enjoyed it as well, but just got a little old.

I played a Hunter, Paladin, Warrior, and Warlock substantially.

Normal is better if you're a first timer or don't really want to get attacked by higher level players frequently after you reach level 20. PVP servers are better if you feel like you want the extra challenge (or frustration) of leveling up under constant danger of being attacked.

That's basically the only difference. Some players (the least achieved in real life, in most cases) see getting to level 80 on a PVP server as sort of a thing that makes them better than others, so you'll get alot of elitists and brats on PVP servers.

I'm a little biased towards normal, though. smile
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/17/09 11:24 PM

Well, you guys are gonna have to come on out and play with us. We've got 4/5 of our family playing and we are having waaaaay too much fun puppy wave :StPats:
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/18/09 01:04 AM

I'm taking a break from it right now. Thinking about getting a game card and loading it up again sometime soon, though. Highest for me is a level 74 Night Elf Hunter. I just hated only getting half a bubble of XP for each quest I did, though. Hah. I might reroll a DK on a different server if I start back up. The main DK quest was tons of fun.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/18/09 02:53 PM

I have a Blood Elf mage and Night Elf hunter going, depending on where I'm playing. But it will be awhile before I am a level 74. But I'm having fun 'loving' the critters. wave
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/18/09 03:34 PM

Hunters are great fun. So are mages.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/18/09 05:16 PM

Ahhh Night Elf Hunter! That is actually the character I am playing on the PVE server . . . however it will be years if ever before I hit the 60's / 70's range . . . but it is definetly a way fun distraction! I have always enjoyed Blizzards games though, and was a huge WC III fan, so to be able to play with the same characters in an open environment is awesome for me . . . actually cannot wait till they release their upcoming StarCraft MMORPG . . . *drOOl*

ANd I definetly have to say I enjoy the Hunter far more than the Mage . . . I always intend to be a pure spellcaster however I find that I get bored easily just standing back and nuking stuff . . .

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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/18/09 11:43 PM

I am an altaholic. I have about 30 toons going. My highest is a DK at 64. My favorites are my rogues and priests. I never thought they would be but I have realy gotten into them. The main servers I play on are Ghostlands and Arathor PVE all the way.
I never thought I would like an MMORPG, but then at one time I never would have played an RPG. smile
If you're ever on Ghostlands I'm Kajis (DK) in the Born to Die guild.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 03/19/09 12:30 AM

Debra, son had a bunch of characters going, but then decided to just go with his 2 main. I know I can't keep more than 2 straight--I keep looking for a spell that the "other" one has.

We are on Burning Blade and on Draka. I'm more comfortable on the PVE but my son has assured me that if someone decides to make my life miserable by following me around and killing me that he can take care of it.

But so far, I'm too low a level for anyone to care about. lol
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/18/09 07:30 PM

Catbelly, I love the game. I have several characters. Most of them are on a PvP server (Burning Blade) because that is where my kids play. But Soot and I also have characters on a PvE (Draka, no getting jumped by other players, heaven) server.

There are a lot of very nice folks playing and there are some jerks. Unfortunately, you meet and remember the jerks and you hear more about the jerks.

It is very helpful to play with someone who has experience. There is a lot of information and it seems incredibly comples (at least to me), but the learning curve is pretty gentle, I think, especially if you play with a friend.

WoW is such a big game and so multifaceted that you really can play most of the game solo. There are parts you can't do alone (raids, instances, arena teams) but I'm not interested in those and they are not necessary, though you can get some good gear by running them.

In some ways it is like a Sim. You have to have a way to make money to train and gear your player.

You can have up to 10 different characters on one server and you can have characters on several servers.

Obviously, you have to pay every month in order to play which is what kept us from playing. I was worried we'd have to pay for 2 accounts (me and Soot) and not get our money's worth, but that has not been a problem.

If your really want to play, then PM me and we can get you on our PvE server and then we can quest together. wave
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/18/09 07:39 PM

My fifteen year old grandson plays and he says that he has all the characters in the game, he wouldof course, the young are so fast with these games. rotfl
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/18/09 07:45 PM

Yes they are Marie.

Sometimes we play with our sons or their friends, and holy moly, they jump and spin and zip zip zip zip around. When Soot and I play together or alone, the pace is much more leisurely rotfl
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/19/09 09:06 PM

Hey Looney. Thank you so much for your info and for being there. I would love to have you be my wingman (lol) so to speak while I get my feet wet. smile I'll re-install the game tonight and will PM you soon so we can set up a time for us to hook up. I have to warn you I am a very newbie-newbie---I never got beyond running around a small area. lol So I have lots to learn, but am willing. smile

Oh, btw, I know that there is a dark side and a light side, and I played as as one of the undead so I think I was in a different section than you guys. I'll make my new character one of the Horde gals so I can be in your area. (then when I know what I'm doing I'll sneak over and do an undead character on the dark side---mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Thanks again Looney,
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/20/09 02:30 AM

Cat, we'll need to be on the same server in order to play together. Hubby and I play as Alliance (Light side) on Draka (PVE) and as Horde(dark side) on Burning Blade (PVP). You will either need to make a character on one of those, or you can tell me your server and I can make a character there and we can be newbies together.

PM or email me and we will work it out wave
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/25/09 03:14 AM

Cat, you will enjoy the World of Warcraft, but be warned this game is pixelated crack lol!!
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/28/09 12:54 AM

Well, after many excursions and a few breaks here and there, I have returned to WoW. Announcing this a little late, mainly 'cause I now have an 80 Undead Mage on Burning Blade.

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it, but I've gotten the character some pretty good gear from Naxxramas so far.

Anyways, the character's name is Segador, if anyone wants to look me up sometime.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/28/09 07:46 PM

Hi ya H4,I bet Segador can really clear a room. My mage is 69 and a 1/2. I just got invisibility happydance
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 06:32 AM

Grats, looney. Invisibility's great fun to use. Mages get all the cool novelty spells.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 12:38 PM

While checking out casual forums I ran into these posts on WoW. Welcome me friends, Im a fellow addict! I have toons on both Horde and Alliance. When Wrath of the Lich King came out I created a death knight. The first 10 quests for that class are awesome and totally different from anything you have so far done on WoW. I have pretty much played off and on for 4 years so am familiar with most things you guys may need to know. I have level 80 warlock, mage and death knight on Alliance side and a level 70 warlock on the Horde side. Thanks for the link to the other forum on this but those posts are a year old so Im not sure if some of the folks are still playing.

Feel free to pm me here or post on this forum if you need to know something you cant find elsewhere. Am currently playing PVE on Hyjal server.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 03:26 PM

Hi everyone,

I've been playing WOW for one year now. I have a lvl 80 Blood Elf hunter, lvl 62 Blood Elf DK, lvl 50 Troll rogue and a lvl 49 Tauren druid. The hunter I use mostly for farming items for my rogue and druid. When I reached lvl 80 I became bored with the game. Right now I'm playing my rogue and druid the most. My druid is feral combat and I love prowling up behind the bad guys. My rogue can stealth behind them as well.

My son and I play together on Blade's Edge PvE server.

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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 04:14 PM

Hi ya Spirit, I think we are all still playing.

You have a lot of 80 toons. We've had some 80's run body guard for our 40's for the Midsummer Festival and other 80's kill us and camp our bodies.

We have toons on Burning Blade and on Draka. My son who has been playing the longest loves the PvP servers so that is why we are there. After honoring and desecrating fires and being ganked and camped, I was so happy to be doing the tour on Draka (PVE). What I didn't realize was that desecrating the fire put our flags up. I didn't realize we had flags on the PVE servers until I was riding down the road and my life starting going down down down rotfl

Lindy, I love my hunter (45). She has an owl as a pet (my other love). My problem is I love all my toons--each class is so much fun as is each profession and don't get me started on the AH.

My druid is going balance 'cos I want a Moonkin. I'm getting ready to make a gnome deathknight on my PVE server just because that is such a funny concept, and I definitely want to play a rogue as every time one has PVP'd me, I died!
Posted By: Spirit

Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 04:29 PM

Hey Looney ~ Good to hear from ya. On the flagging during fire festival; theres a couple achievements im sure you are aware of. One is Honor the Flame where you travel to various locations (not capital cities of enemy) and finish the quest. In certain neutral towns Everlook, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, Cenarion Hold and Area 52 there are both Horde & Alliance flames. If you time it right, you can honor your own faction flame and then extinguish the other which is close by; hop the bird or bat and be away before they know you did it; then land in your own territory somewhere and voila...flag will soon be gone. Theres a list in your achievement menu for Flame warden of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, etc.
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Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 04:37 PM

Yep, that's why we have been traveling. Our problem is that we are now on Kalimdor where we just don't have many flight points and as we are Alliance on those toons, there aren't many to pick up lol

This is our first time going after achievements and we are having a blast. thanks

We have Horde on BB and Alliance on Draka. I much prefer Draka--I don't mind being killed but don't really see the point when a geared out level 80 kills my level 40. There is no honor and no doubt of the outcome, so why????

But, as long as they kill and go away I'm ok, but being camped gets my dander up and lands them on the Kill on Sight list lol

I keep telling my son that when I become a geared out 80 I'm going on PvP patrol to protect the innocent rotfl I'll still die, but hopefully the lowbies can get away puppy
Posted By: Spirit

Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 05:23 PM

Good Man! I never cared for pvp so i stay as far as possible away. The only exception is the daily Wintergrasp fishing quest which pops up about 1X per week in Dalaran. I wait til it is Alliance controlled and then fly up there from Dal. Incidently, sanctuary cities are no combat zones so you can go there while flagged and remain safe.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 06/29/09 05:59 PM

Yes, that makes me remember the morning I got up really early to play in Zangarmarsh so the PVPers would still be asleep. I was in the inn and saw out the door a beautiful golden flying mount.

I said to my Son, "You've got to see this griffon hovering in the doorway." Son said, "That's a mount but don't worry, they won't kill you in the city."

2 seconds later I was dead in a heap--guards came running but the guy was too high for them. I waited awhile, then went running out to go quest in another area---Nope, he was patrolling the bridge.

So I logged and loaded a different toon in a different area lol I hope he waited a good long time rotfl
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/01/09 03:43 AM

Looney, you can also let me know as well. My primary server is Burning Blade, and my character is Kailexx.

If anyone on BB needs help with quests or even a dungeon run, I'd be happy to oblige.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/01/09 03:29 PM

Thanks H4--Asha is always looking for someone who wants to run Heroics. His 80 is a Warlock and she is pretty deadly. Her name is Moonfayde.

I have Owlheart, Owlhawk, and Owlstryke on BB wave puppy
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Re: World of Warcraft - 07/01/09 05:42 PM

Last night I was playing my rogue who has a lockpicking skill of 248. A player asked me to unlock a box with a lvl 125 skill. He opened up his trade window, place the box in the do not trade slot and when I tried to open it I could not get it to work. Now I'll admit that this trade window does frustrate me at times. It seems to be a simple thing to do, but it never works right for me. Maybe someone here can give me some ideas on how to open a lockbox in the trade window. I was clicking on my lockpick icon then trying to open the box by clicking on it, so what was I doing wrong.


Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/01/09 08:41 PM

Lindy, were you Right Clicking on the box?
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/02/09 05:03 AM

Yep, I never did that except for maybe once, and it was on mine, but you usually have to right click it.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/02/09 07:20 PM

I was trying both ways and anything else I could think of. Oh well, maybe another time it will work.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/02/09 10:29 PM

Awww Lindy, sorry it didn't work for you puppy

Edit: Lindy, what server are you on?
Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/04/09 08:26 PM

Hey All:

I haven't been to Gameboomers in about, oh, 2-1'2 years, mainly because I've been playing Wow. It's a wonderful game. I have three 80s now that are dual specced: holy/shadow priest; affliction/destro warlock and feral/restro druid. Got lots of other characters waiting in the wings.

I pretty much play at least 6 hours a day, so if any of you have any questions I can help with let me know, or I can ask some of my guild members. I'm on the Sisters of Elune server right now.

Oh, I started out here a couple years ago, I think as jmoorg. Hello to all my old friends. Nickie! I see you're still here.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/04/09 11:05 PM

Jean, you found us before I found you! So glad to have another WoWer here.

Do you have a favorite of your toons? Which class are you eager to play next?

We have toons on Draka and Burning Blade--Draka for hubby and I (PVE) and BB for the kids (drat that PVP and being oneshotted) wave
Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 01:39 AM

Hi Looney:

My favorites are my healers. My priest is really well geared, but I just dual specced my druid so I'm learning on her. It's an altogether different style of healing. I've got a 63 rogue, 67 mage and a 22 shaman sitting waiting for me too, so I'll probably do one of those next.

I love PVE, and am absolutely lousy at pvp. lol What levels are you?
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 03:26 AM

Lets see--I have a 70 Mage, a 58 Death Knight, a 27 Druid, a 49 Hunter, and a 5 Druid.

The first 3 are on the PVP because that is where my boys play and the other 2 are on PVE because I hate PVP. My life's goal is to get all my BB toons to 80 so people will leave me along lol

Of course, I do keep a list of names that I forward to son to go on a Kill on Sight list of those folks who camp me.

The idea was that we would always be playing as a big group on the PVP but it has not worked out that way. I much prefer the PVE. I loved my druid so much that I made a new one on the PVE to play with when I was tired of getting ganked.

I'm going to dual her--Balance and Resto just because I love the Moonkin and the Tree rotfl

I really want to do a shaman and a rogue but I want to get some of the ones I havee 80'd before I start any more.

Did you do any of the Fire Festival achievements?
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 03:31 PM

Looney, I'm on Blade's Edge.

JeanK, since you have a lvl 63 Rogue, maybe you can give me some hints on how to open a locked box in the trade window?
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 06:31 PM

Hi L4L!
Well, I've gone as far as I can with Pirates of the Caribbean Disney game and there's no new content, so since I already have WoW on a disc, though it's not the most recent release, I would like to try to get into it again. I only like PvE not PvP, but don't know how or where to start. I LOVE that type of MMORPG if it's well moderated and not full of griefers. Can you help me?
Let me know what to do and when and I will do it. I would really appreciate your or soot or Asha's help (or all 3)! yes
Thanks so much! thanks

Andrea wave
Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 07:28 PM

Hi all:

Lindy, I havent' played my rogue in a while but will go back and check on lockbox. I'm pretty sure the person who wants you to open in puts in in their "will not be traded" box. You leave it there, right click on your lockpick stuff and then on the box. When it says it's opened click on trade.

I'll go back and check and let you know exactly.
Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 07:57 PM

Ok, I checked my rogue and I was right. Right click on your lockpicking icon and then on the box you want opened. If it's not opening maybe you haven't leveled the skill high enough for it?
You can talk to the rogue trainer and they will tell you where to find boxes to open. Or you can spam trade chat and say you are opening boxes to level your lock picking and will do it for free. Check back with your trainer, I think each time your toon levels, and you'll have the ability to go up 5 more points.

Hope this helps!

Edited to say: Looney, nope didn't do the Fire Festival quests but I did do Ahune with some people that needed help and got the little Scorchling pet. smile
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/05/09 11:05 PM

Ahhh Jean, I wanted that scorchling and we did Ahune a couple of times, but it never dropped for any of us. Did you do it on Heroic?
Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/06/09 12:13 AM

No, believe it or not it wasn't on heroic. We did it 5 times, once for each of us, and it wouldn't have let us on heroic. I was really shocked that I got it.

The other day I went through with another group and we ran it 5 times and nothing good dropped except for the frost cloaks.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/06/09 12:18 AM

I'm so glad you got it. That will be my goal for next year lol

The instance was bugged the 2 times I did it. It would not allow us to summon Ahune more than once even though we all had the quest. sad
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/07/09 06:26 AM

@ luv2travel specifically: The first thing you should probably do is open up a trial account at this page. Before doing that, however, I'm assuming the disc you mentioned is just the basic game, which is fine for the trial. You'll want to go ahead and install that and patch it up as far as it will go (basically run the shortcut it puts on your desktop after installation, the rest is automated but will take awhile. Lots of patches). As of July 7th, that should be 3.1.XXXX. You can download the trial client, but if you decide you like the game then you'll have to uninstall it later and installing the full game from the get-go will save you some time if you decide to upgrade.

After installation is complete and you've registered your trial, you can upgrade to a full account for $20 and purchase the two expansion packs, The Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich king here and here, respectively.

Of course, you can play the the game with just the basic game, TBC, or all three expansion packs. However, to play Wrath of the Lich King you must have The Burning Crusade installed, as that's the order Blizzard released them in.

Anyway, good luck to you and I hope you enjoy your stay in Azeroth.

Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/07/09 12:26 PM

lindy did you ever get your lockbox problem solved?

I have started the tiresome Sons of Holdir rep for my restro druid. Ugh. This is the third toon I've done this on and it doesn't get any easier. Anyway, I'm having to play her feral spec to get through it since it would be too hard restro. Do any of you feral druids out there have a favorite rotation for kitty form? I got myself to level 80 but haven't really seriously played the kitty form except for quests, so appreciate any advice. I don't see very many level 80 kitties on my server right now to ask.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/07/09 02:52 PM

JeanK, I haven't had a chance to open anyone else's locked boxes. I wrote down your directions in case it happens. Thank you.

My druid is feral combat. I have 41 points in feral and now will go into resto for 16 points then back to feral for the remaining.
I can't wait untill the new patch comes out so we can change the look of the cat form. I hardly ever play in bear form.
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/07/09 08:44 PM

thanks H4! I very much appreciate the info!

Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/11/09 07:17 PM

I'm new to WoW, I'm a Blood Elf Hunter level 7 and I'm playing
with my good friend.
I was wondering if anyone knows how you get the Imp? think
when my friend created his Blood Elf hunter he got his Imp but
when I created my Blood Elf Hunter female I never got one? why is that?
Can anyone please tell me how to get an Imp?
AWESOME game I love it!!!!!! yay

Hey L4L How's it going! what level are you on?
this game is sooooo great!!! YeeHaH!!! Does the Perbear play? lol
Thank you

Doc puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/11/09 08:00 PM

Karen, how ya feeling?

Hunters don't get imps--they get pets but not until level 10, and then you do a series of small quests and get your first pet (which you can change at will though stabling them gets expensive.)

Warlocks have imps from the first, so is it possible your friend is a warlock and just had a word mix up? I do it all the time lol

I have a 70 mage, a 50 hunter, a 1 shaman, an 8 druid, and a 27 druid. I love my hunter, but I love all my characters.

What kind of pet will you get do you think?

PerBear loves the game. I put my toon on autorun and then he makes her jump all over the place. Since that one is a blood elf, she has lots of cute twirls when she jumps. rotfl
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/12/09 04:26 AM

You need to level your Mage, looney. I see you on all the time but you're always in Orgrimmar or something. I've only once seen you in Howling Fjord. razz
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/13/09 12:56 AM

Hi L4L
How are you today? good I hope yes
My friend has been playing for a looong time, he has
a few different characters all are very high levels
80 & higher. He just created a Hunter blood elf to play
with me and he got a Imp right at the start. when he created hs
Blood elf Hunter.
When we first played together he brought his main character
(the one he plays all the time it's at a really high level) to my game
but then took his guy back to wherever he was with it before.
Then made a new character to play w/ me.

anyhoo..... having a BLAST playing w/ him, he's sooo
nice & funny hearts He keeps me ffom getting killed
all the time, it's great!! lol I don't think I will be very good
at all once I get to higher levels cause my fingers are
not so good at clicking the mouse buttons fast and they
can't hold down both mouse buttons for a long period.
Do you think a Joystick would work better for me?
How is your new Mouse w/ 15 buttons working for you?
sure is a lot to learn in this game.
That is so cute what the Perbear does! lol
I can't wait to get a pet happydance
is their a list of them somewhere that I can see?

Doc (Karen)
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/13/09 03:32 AM

OK folks, I'm putting out a general request for suggestions. Over the past couple of years I've watched these posts about WOW and kept telling myself that I wouldn't contribute to the monolithic empire that is Warcraft, but being a die-hard RPG'er my curiosity has gotten the best of me. lol

I've seen a number of specials; Battle Chests and such, offered at various game dealers. What would you, the wise and wonderfully experienced players suggest I pick up to get my game on for WOW? Any suggestions for game manuals, strategy guides, and so on..? think
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/13/09 05:16 AM

In all honesty, Trail, the best guides for World of Warcraft are online. They're free, and constantly updated with new raid boss strategies and everything else. Youtube is also a huge part in how I learned to do things when I first started out, but that's not necessary at all. Since WoW is a changing game, buying an actual book strategy guide isn't really a good idea if you want to get the most for your money.

I suggest you pick up the Battle Chest (Contains the regular game and first expansion) considering it's cheaper and opens up all the character creation options available to a new player because it includes The Burning Crusade expansion which unlocks the ability to create Blood Elf and Draenei characters. It comes with a couple of guides that have a few helpful sections in it, but nothing overly special.

I'd suggest making a character on a PvE (marked as Normal in the server list) server first, simply because getting killed by higher level players in the level 20-30 areas has crushed the wills of many players. Once you decide if you like the game or not (you'll know from levels 10-20 if you want to keep going), I'd suggest going out and buying the Wrath of the Lich King expansion to be ready for when you hit level 70.

Lastly, give a few classes a try. Go for a class you've played as in other games to start with, then decide if you like playing the actual game in your preferred playstyle.

Oh, and if you decide you do want to make a character on a PvP server, make one on Burning Blade. That's where my two max level characters are.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/13/09 11:33 AM

Excellent! Thanks for the great information H4XXORZ thumbsup
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/13/09 05:20 PM

H4, yep, I do need to level but I've been having a good time with the World Events the last 3 weeks.

Since my mage is an alchemist, I've been camping Lhara at the fair--and I got to see a raid on TB--I was surprised by how quickly they accomplished it, but my 70 was not about to challenge 40 80's.

You need to give me your names again and I'll put them in my friends list.

Karen, I gave my 15 button mouse to son. It was supposed to hold 10 different profiles but it kept defaulting to the first character which meant that when I'd punch a button trying to get my ice shield up, it would do something else because it was on the wrong profile.

Son just plays one character so it works just fine for him.

I don't use the mouse to walk. I use the autorun (num lock key) and then steer with WASD. It's difficult at first but much better for gaming once you get used to it.

There is a lot to learn--I'm still at it.

The net has tons and tons of WoW info--you can find a list of the hunter's pets Here

You will have to experiment to see which pet fits your style best. I started with a cat which works really well, then I tamed an owl, then I tried a gorilla which is a great tank if you play alone. But I went back to the owl because they are easy to feed and I love owls.

And don't get confused--there are lots of companions Here you can get and they are also called pets, but they don't fight whereas your hunter's pet does fight and is a big part of your strategy.

Trail, come on in to my house said the spider to the fly!

The Battle Chest is a good deal and the net is a great source of info though of course, like everything else, you have to consider the source and take it with a grain of salt.

I'm with H4's suggestions--all good ones--Do start out on a PvE (normal) server. You can still duel and run battlegrounds and arenas if you want to test yourself against other players, but if not, you are not one-shotted (killed in one hit) while you are out and about.

Soot and I play on Draka. It's always good to make characters on servers where you know folks as they can pop in to lend a hand on some of the tougher quests.

Try out several character classes--you might find out that you like one you never thought you would. For instance, I'm always a caster, but have found with my druid that I love running into the battle in my cat form or bear form and causing mayhem.

You can have 10 characters per server or up to 50 characters across all servers.

If you get really deep into the game, there is a website that analyzes all the different aspects in minutae, but it makes my head hurt to read it. lol

WoW really is one of those games where you have to learn by doing, and it is easier if you play with someone--but you are an RPG vet so you'll already know a lot of stuff.

There are servers where you stay totally in character--you never chat about what happened in your life today or what's on tv, but we don't play on those. Just mentioning them so you will be aware of them in case you want to give that a try.

Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/14/09 03:26 AM

Thanks L4L wave Looks like the "ayes" have it; the Battle Chest it is then.... happydance
Now, I just have to find the time to play yes
Posted By: Debra

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/14/09 03:31 AM

I have a WoW question. Do you get epic gear from the instances or the raids? What does Tier 8 gear or whatever mean? I really get shaky when I think about going into instances because I might do something wrong or stupid or both <yikes>. Tips and information please. Thank you.
Posted By: Kootsie

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/14/09 02:43 PM

Hey...gee theres no end of great information you get on Boomers!

I play WoW on Hyjal server but took a break after having no life lol. Epic gear can be obtained by doing raids in instances and some epics can be purchased thru various reputation levels with special ingame groups called factions. Some epics can be crafted as well such as the Ebonweave Robe (tailoring profession) and many others depending on your class and level.

I hesitate to recommend any WoW content websites because I dont know if that would be ok on Gameboomer forum.
Posted By: JeanK

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/14/09 02:58 PM

Hi all:

Epic gear is through heroic instances, and 10 and 25 man raids. Also through building reputation with factions and someone just suggested.

In the Outlands you can build rep with Aldor, Scryer, Cenarion Expedition and many others. What you do is find out where their quartermasters are and look at the gear that's offered and then decide who you want to build rep with. You will be able to purchase epic gear from these quartermasters as your rep rises. And you get them from raids.

You can also raise rep at the Isle of Quel (whatever that spelling is) which has epic gear items.

In Northrend again you have Argent Dawn, Sons of Holdir, Kirin Tor, Wyrmrest, Ebon Blade, and a bunch of others. There are quests that you do here to build rep, but also once you hit 80 you can buy the tabard of the faction you are interested in building rep with. Each time you go into an 80 heroic instance and you are wearing that tabard you build rep.

I don't want to go too much into badges because in the new patch Blizz is changing Northrend badges again.

Don't be afraid to do instances. They can be a lot of fun with a good group of friends. Sometimes you get a bad group, but it's only a game and if they're too bad, I just leave them.

Hope some of this helps. As Looney said, you learn the game by playing it. There is so much to do -- you can completely level by questing and not go into an instance, although it will be a little bit slower. I have friends that just go into Dalaran and dance around most of the time and rarely do instances. smile

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/14/09 03:11 PM

I'm really enjoying WoW with L4L's help to get started!
I'm not new to MMORPGs as I have a couple of pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean. I have come to the end of content on that site, so was looking for something bigger, and found it! eek
I'm just a level 11 Night Elf Hunter, still on Teldrassil (sp?)
I play on Draka with L4L, and find it odd that you can't play your toon on any server you want, since that's the way Disney does it. I'm only doing PvE now. Not a big PvP fan.
It's a great game TM, but give yourself PLENTY of time when you load the game, (Like overnight!) because of the many updates. Took me forever and I have a high speed connection!
I know you'll love it!

Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/14/09 04:14 PM

Hi ya Kootsie and welcome to GameBoomers.

You are more than welcome to recommend a website to help out our members.

Debra, Kootsie is right--the best gear is dropped in instances. Son spent hours yesterday doing 25 man Naxx and lost every role sad

JeanK, it's good to hear from you.

Andrea wave It would be nice if you could play across servers.

You can move your toon from one server to the other, but it cost $15.00 I think.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/15/09 05:34 AM


Thank yu so much for all the info, that really helped me
out a lot. When does a Blood Elf Hunter get a Pet??
My friend thinks the game or something made a mistake
when he created his Blood Hunter Elf and got an Imp minion
right at the start. he said it had to be a mistake.
Wish I could have gotten that mistake lol
I love that little Imp minion, it makes the funniest noises. too cute
I can't steer worth beans with the WASD keys I do better
with the arrow keys. But I'm getting better at the mouse,
my fingers seem to be limbering up a little.
Thanks again for your help L4L thanks
I'll be back for more without a doubt lol

Doc puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/15/09 01:16 PM

Doc, that imp is funny. Son's imp is named Lazy Yap which just cracks me up.

Your hunter will be able to get a fighting pet at level 10 I think. You will have to go do a series of small quests, and then you will be able to go tame a pet for yourself.

You will need to have food for the pet so you can feed it as soon as you get it tamed. Do you know what kind of pet you want? You can name your pet too, but you don't have to.

I saw this glowing pink tiger the other day that someone had as a pet--it was soooo neat!
Posted By: Debra

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/15/09 05:23 PM

Thanks everyone for the information regarding the tiered gear. I went into a couple of instances, but because I had one really horrible experience as a new (noob) person, I have dreaded to go back in. I am trying to get back to doing it, but it's hard.
I have performance anxiety I guess. It's so dark and confusing in those instances.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/15/09 05:50 PM

Debra, Asha says you have to get level 80 tiered gear from Heroics--you get badges when you can trade for your gloves and chest piece. The other parts you have to get in drops luck

It is dark and confusing to me too--lol
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/15/09 09:14 PM

HI L4L puppy

I think I will get a Cat or Turtle for a Pet, I'm on level 8 now
so I need to read up more on pets to know for sure which
one I want. There's so many pets! catrub

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/15/09 09:22 PM

Doc, I did an instance with someone with a turtle. At first I kinda rolled my eyes, but she had Dash on that guy and he was one tough pet rotfl
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/16/09 06:07 AM

Hi L4L wave

I made it to level 10 playing with my friend. I've only
got killed twice since the start of the game. I hate going
to the spirit world, I have the hardest time finding my body! lol
Turtles sound pretty cool, but I'm leaning toward the Cat ggrrrrr
I like em' catrub

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/16/09 02:14 PM

I hate looking for my body too--Once I got killed in an instance and tried to get back to my body for over an hour. It was late at night and the whole group was waiting for me.

I was almost in tears and never did get back to my body and then couldn't find the graveyard either to just take a spirit res.

I could see my body on the big map, but there were all these mountains between me and it.

I gave up and went to bed and the boys signed onto my account and found my body and brought me home. Good sons! wave
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/16/09 02:57 PM

Hi L4L and all!

I am looking forward to playing with you over the weekend! We need to go and kill that fellow in the bottom of the dungeon and release his spirit!
I've been playing at night after I get home and read my emails. I'm a 12 or 13 now, not sure. I picked an owl for my pet, and so far is working well. Other than the one we need to finish, I'm now doing quests from Darnasus.
L4L, I know what you mean. It's hard to relate the locations when you have no colors or details to go by. It's easy to get lost.
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/16/09 03:59 PM

yep, we do need to kill him. We killed him plenty of times before we got the quest rotfl
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/16/09 10:41 PM

My lvl 80 hunter has a gorilla. He is awesome, he is my favorite. I started out with a white cat and really liked her untill I was able to get my gorilla. With all the patch changes to the pets my son says the best one to have is a bear. I say it is the one you become attach to.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/17/09 02:18 AM

Lindy, I'm with you. I got a white gorilla and named him Snowflake, but I really missed my owl. So I stabled Snowflake and will be getting a White Owl as soon as I hit 52--but I will have Snowflake if I need a tank. I play with Soot who is a Pally so he takes care of tanking for us. wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/17/09 05:10 AM

Hi L4L

OOOHHH I'm sorry you had such a hard time. I was really
frazzled too cause my friend was kinda getting mad at me
cause I couldn't find it for sooo long, he kept telling me to
look at the map and I have a hard time following that mini map
I can barely see the arrow blush I sure wish you could make it
bigger. I think I'm gonna have trouble training a pet. it
sounds kinda hard? What level are you on & what are you?

Doc puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/17/09 06:52 PM

Doc, sometimes it is hard to find your way around on the minimap. Don't forget you can look at the big map too-sometimes that helps.

I have a hard time seeing that arrow too--I wish it were red or orange or something.

It's easy to train a pet--you get the skill and put it on your hot bar. Then go find the animal you want. Target it and click on your train animal. Have your friend heal you, but no one can do any damage to the animal while it is being tamed or it won't work.

After he is tamed, then you need to feed him and you will need to feed him periodically to keep him happy. What level are you on?

Posted By: Kootsie

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/20/09 10:19 PM

Ah ok since you say its ok to recommend a help site for WoW then I strongly reommend and WoWwikki. Both are excellent.

Anyone whos interested in trying out the game for fun can download a free demo of the single player game WarcraftIII. There are many quests to complete plus building your village and army; as well as a dungeon to explore to rescue 10 prisoners you play as Thrall, the Orc Chieftain. The game is rather old and does overhead 3rd person views but hey its free ! The demo will easily take you 10+ hours to finish....Happy Hunting! lol
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 02:34 PM

Kootsie, son swears by thotbot. wave
Posted By: Kootsie

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 02:53 PM

O cool then your son's plugged in hehe. Fun stuff at Project Lore there showing GOOD videos of the guys who produced it doing WoW stuff including 1st 10 Dark Knight quests and dungeons. scared
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 03:14 PM

Oh yeah, Middle son has played WoW since the beta and finally seduced Eldest who know has one 80 and one 62 and one 44 and digs deeply into different specs, etc.

I'll have to look for those videos puppy
Posted By: Debra

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 04:09 PM

Does anyone know how to chat/type faster? People seem to be able to fight and chat at the same time. Is there a trick to this or an addon I'm supposed to have?
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 05:29 PM


I agree with you about people fighting and chatting at the same time. How do they do it. One time I was is a group where a couple of players they got into a heavy discussion that had nothing to do with the game, but they were fighting and typing fast. It was a distraction because I just wanted to stop and read what they were saying. I really wanted to just tell them to let it be untill later. Another thing I'm having trouble with is the chat abbreviations that is used. Is there a web site that can help me out? I know alot of it is young players that have cell phones and are use to texting. Not me.

Now I have a question for the people that heal/rez players. Do you have what is called a heal/rez button that can do this quickly. I have read about it, but have seen nothing about how to set it up.
Posted By: aNewHobby

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 05:42 PM

install the mod HEALBOT get it at cursegaming or wowinterface... it will change your life if you are a healer. (it is not a bot or illegal.. in wow a good healer is called a healbot)

Originally Posted By: looney4labs
Kootsie, son swears by thotbot. wave

wowhead has all but replaced thottbot. It is wowhead and wowwiki for all your needs and bosskillers if you are a raider.

For those that think wow stinks... .. you have no idea lol
(this is just a few bosses of the new 25 man.. and not even some of the really good ones)
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 06:21 PM

Debra, I just think it's experience. Both boys can carry on a vent conversation, a typed conversation, and fight or heal all at the same time.

But, they grew up chatting on the net while carrying on conversations at home while watching tv, so .......

If conversations are bothering you, you can add those folks to your ignor list, but then you won't be able to see anything they say.

I just open my combat log instead of my chat window when I don't want to see the chat.

Lindy, I have no idea, but am betting someone will.

aNew welcome to GameBoomers. Son uses wowhead also. He likes some of the info at thotbot and some from wowhead. He also likes to read at Elitistjerks.

The great part of gaming is that there is something for everyone. wave
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 09:12 PM

Lindy, there's an addon for WoW called Healbot, in which you can click the screen and it automatically prioritizes everyone in your group and heals accordingly. I don't know how to set that one up, however.

I guess in theory you could make a macro to target the nearest dead friendly player and resurrect them, but I wouldn't know how to do that either. The only thing I've ever made macros for is for targeting a rare creature spawn.

Also, Debra, Looney's right. It's just practice and multitasking. I can do it when I need to, but it's hard sometimes.
Posted By: Kootsie

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 09:34 PM

Hey NewHobby ~ Awesome vids of Ulduar. Thats one great guild!
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/21/09 11:01 PM

Thanks everyone. I'll check out Healbot.

NewHobby those vids are great. I can't even imagine what it is like to be in a group of 25 or even 40. Knowing me I would probably get lost and left behind. I have a hard time keeping track of people on the mini-map.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/22/09 03:26 AM

Lindy, I have a hard time keeping track of everyone in instances. Middle son is always showing up in a new face, and so does his girl friend and then usually we pug someone.

So now I have son put a raid icon on his head so when he yells "Mom, go bear and get this thing off of me" I know who "me" is. I would be soooooo confused in those huge raids. rotfl

It's nice though that you can't harm the friendlies wave
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/27/09 04:07 PM

I have a demo disc, but I'm used to Guild Wars' no monthly fee policy (not that it saved me any money what with buying extra character slots, unlocking all the skills and buying extra storage space). Besides I don't have time for real world work, GW and WoW. And Guild Wars 2 is going to come out someday.

I just deleted my Guild Wars healer. He got killed, losing Survivor 2 title (getting to level 20 without getting killed earnss Survivor 1, getting to level 2 is a whole lot harder). Anyway its a whole lot easier playing a smiter monk than a healer.
Posted By: Debra

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/28/09 05:14 PM

I don't mind the chatting it's just that I can't run and chat. Maybe if I use numlock to just run then I could do it. I'm gonna try that.
About the abbreviations- the Wow forums have lists of them. Go to the forum section for new people called WoW Getting Started then search for abbreviations. I copied and pasted it to a Word document so I can keep it when I'm playing.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/28/09 07:10 PM

Guybrush, I hear you on that time thing. I'm always complaining that the real world thinks it should come before gaming.

Poor healer. He gets killed and deleted in the same day rotfl

Debra, auto run sure is great though you have to be careful that you don't get too involved in what you are typing and run off a cliff. I only say this as I have indeed done it--splat--dead---long run back to body.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 02:24 PM

Another way to run/chat is when you are grouped with someone is to right click on their portrait. You will get a menu select follow and this free's up your hands to type. This is great if they know where to go and you can't lose them. I do this when I'm playing with my son. I just sit back and type away. I don't know how he types back when he is running need to ask for his secret.
Posted By: Debra

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 04:15 PM

Yes do find out his secret Lindy!
Is anyone playing a Paladin? I got to 60 and now the quest for the epic mount. It's long and expensive and requires you to group with people for three instances.
After I got started and have invested 300g already, someone told me you could just buy your mount from the Paladin trainer at lvl 61. I am confused. Why would you have this quest for the mount but in one more level be able to buy one? I have scouted the WoW forums, but it leaves me just as confused. Can anyone enlighten me?
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 04:38 PM

"Follow" is great, but be aware that it is easy to fall off. So, if you are sitting there typing that works well, but if you are away from the keyboard, for instance, following someone on a long run while you are getting snacks, you can drop off and the person you are following will not necessarily know.

I have a call in to my Wowpert about your mount quest.

I know with the Warlock, there is a quest which it used to be necessary to do and which can be done, but it is no longer necessary to do.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

Edit: Expert called back and said, No you don't have to do it, and yes, it is really expensive. You can buy it from your trainer. luck
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 06:04 PM

Debra, alot of things change because of the patches. They keep the quest in for people who "want" to do them just because they can. The next patch coming out in Aug. will change the mounts again. Players will be able to get a mount at lvl 20 instead of lvl 30 and the price will be cheaper. Flying mounts will be at lvl 60 not lvl 70, at least I think thats the way it will be. Its always a good thing to read the patch notes when they come out.

Yes Looney following someone can be dangerous to ones health and if they go over a cliff so do you.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 08:31 PM

Yep, think I've done that lol

I wonder if they will let you fly earlier in Northrend when the new patch drops?

I just got my flyer, but as I'm questing in Northrend and not Outland, I never get to use her. wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 10:32 PM

I think you will be able to fly in Outland and Northrend because of the lower lvl 60 versus 70. The patch will also let druids change the look of the cat and bear form. Yay.
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 11:36 PM

I doubt they'll change the Cold Weather Flying skill level requirement, Looney. But the good thing is it's (comparatively) inexpensive and you can get it at level 77 as opposed to 80. The Epic flyer is what kills you as far as price goes.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: World of Warcraft - 07/31/09 11:38 PM

Lindy, it would be nice. puppy

H4, son agrees with you--he thinks they will keep it at 77 sad

Yes, that price is high--I'm planning on calling in all the gold I have "loaned" or else doing some serious farming!

Though son got a flying mount last night from a run.
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: World of Warcraft - 08/01/09 02:29 AM

Looney, that's pretty much what you have to do, haha. Of course all the daily quests at 80 give you somewhere between 13 and 15 gold when you complete them, so if you farm those casually you can get it without trying too hard in a month or so.

Still, 'tis tedious work.
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