WoW help??......and other musings.

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WoW help??......and other musings. - 09/25/09 10:56 PM

Hi wave

I'm need some pointers in starting out in
Herbalism can someone Please help me out?? thanks

Doc puppy
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 01:08 AM

Doc, till a Wow vet comes along, does this thread help any?

Ana luck
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 01:43 AM

Hi ya Doc, what do you need to know? I'm a Grand Master in Herbalism wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 03:01 AM

And I was about to post the name of my favorite Herb and medicine book here. wink
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 03:21 AM

Originally Posted By: MaG
And I was about to post the name of my favorite Herb and medicine book here. wink

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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 08:05 AM

Hi Ana Thank you very much!

Hi MaG lol

Hey ya L4L Well, I just started it & so far I'm not able to get anywhere? ever time I go to the Hebalism trainer it has
nothing to train me, am I uppose to do something else first??
My other profession is Alchemy and with that I have picked some
flowers & roots to make potions . but I'm stuck on the
Herbalism? can you help me out Please?? help

Thanks Doc puppy
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 02:42 PM

Herbalism is strictly a gathering profession, meaning you don't have to go to your trainer when you level it up to learn how to harvest new plants. You are automatically able to harvest plants of higher level once you reach the level they require. Now, you will need to go back at 75, 150, 225, 300, and intervals like that so you can learn the next advanced level of herbalism. However, all the training does is allow you to level it up more.
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 03:37 PM

thanks H4

Doc, This Herbalism Guide has lots of great info about leveling herbalism.

Asha was forever giving me a hard time as he'd be in a huge fight and I'd spot a herb I needed and go get it and then come back and join the fight. rotfl
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/26/09 05:32 PM

Everybody's right, Doc! Just gather, gather, gather to be able to upgrade the Herbalism talent. Use the find herbs talent instead of find enemies, etc., to easily locate the herbs. It's the Alchemy that you need the recipes for.

Andrea wave

BTW, I just started a Dwarf Rogue and chose Mining for my main talent. I want to do Jewelcrafting on another of my dolls, and needed metals and minerals for her. It was getting very expensive to buy all her mats at the AH. I don't know what to do, but am thinking of moving the Jewelcrafing to my Rogue and put the other doll (A Human Mage) back to Enchanting. I want to specialize the Rogue in Lockpicking.
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 12:22 AM

Thank you very much H4!!! That helped a lot! thanks

Hi ya L4L sounds like something I would do
and get yelled at for too rotfl
but I guess I don't have to worry about that any more,
I lost my playing partner
I'm gonna change server's when I get paid what one are
you on again??

Thank you Andera! This is such a GGreat game!!
I love it!

Doc puppy Happy Hunting~
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 12:46 AM

Hi Doc! (Karen) yes

L4L, her family and I are on the Draka server. There may be more of us GBers on there too, I'm not sure. I've never had a playing partner, other than everyone here on GB! We all do everything possible to help each other, which is what makes it so special, right?
Seeing your posts on Mixed Bag, I know you agree!

Andrea wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 12:48 AM

Andrea, that is great. I'm planning a rogue eventually, but need to make progress on Snow first.

Doc, that is kinda what you have to do if you have a gathering proffesion. I do the same with mining and with skinning.

I'm sorry you lost your partner. Hubby and I play on a PVP (player v player) called Burning Blade, and on a PVE (player versus environment) is Draka. But I haven't even loaded it since hubby has been gone wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 01:08 AM

I know, L4L, and I've really missed you! frown
I don't care for PvP, so I stay on Draka.

Andrea wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 01:30 AM

Well Draka it is then!! Maybe I will see you guys someday if I
ever catch up with you?? lol

Thanks for the help!

Doc puppy
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 02:39 AM

Me too Andrea, but real life was calling! Pesky thing, real life.

Doc, I'm SnowOwl and Soot is Sootwow on Draka, so if you make the move, add us to your friends list and you will be able to see us when we come online wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 03:23 AM

Yeah, L4L, I've been there, done that, too!
I have 3 dolls on Draka. Lalais, an Elf Hunter lvl 32, Bronoreen, the Dwarf Rogue lvl 11, and Ardyth, an Elf Mage lvl 17. I've been busy. rotfl

Andrea wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 08:42 AM

Hey ya L4L I will for sure add you to my friends when I get their!
that would be so much fun being able to play with you guys! monky

Andera what are your names?

Doc puppy
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/27/09 06:04 PM

Doc, see my post right above your last one.

Andrea wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 02:02 PM

Hi fellow Wowers'

Did ya'll know that there are 2, yes count them 2, pets you can get from the Brewfest? The wolferthingyabob is very easy and quick to get. The pink elek is very cute and you will have to do some dailies to get it but not too many. Soot and I thnk we should get that one tonight.

Soot and I have done most of the Brewfest quests that we can do at our level. We are still looking for something that is at least 65 yards tall to jump off of. Son said he did it in Thunderbluff, which will be great for my Hordies, but not helpful at all to my Allies. wave
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 05:40 PM

Okay, I am now curious...what is WoW? I have been meaning to ask you, Karen and after reading this thread my curiosity is thoroughly piqued.
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 05:44 PM

Lotus, WoW is World of Warcraft which is an MMORPG, which means Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

I never wanted to play an MMORPG cos I didn't like the idea of having to play with strangers, but hubby and I have discovered that while there are jerks out there (like anywhere), most of the folks are nice, and that you don't really have to play with other folks if you don't want to.

Come join us wave
Posted By: Lotus777

Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 05:48 PM

I have felt the same way as to online playing. I don't think my server is reliable enough to get the speed I may need. It is verrrry s-l-o-w during the daylight and early evening hours and only gets more speed after ten PM and that is close to my bedtime, boohoo. Still, I might give it a try...??? It really does sound interesting. Would I just Google WoW to find the site? wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 06:27 PM

Lotus, are you on dialup?
Posted By: Lotus777

Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 06:39 PM

No, LFL, I have Hughes Satellite which is not nearly as good as they claim. I think they have added many, many people and not upgraded their system or something. Soo, sometimes I really do have fast downloads and other times it is much slower than dialup and all this for $75 a month. I have been looking and looking for a better setup but I am rural and several miles outside of the local loop for DSL, boohoo. sad
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 06:47 PM

Ahhhh,yes, I can imagine. My DSL is pretty slow and I keep threatening to change to cable but just haven't gotten irritated enough to do it.

Ok, so if you want to check it out, you can go Here and follow the instructions for a 10 day trial.

But since all playing is done online, do you have unlimited access?

You could also google World of Warcraft and you'll find tons and tons of info on it.

You can also see videos at U-Tube but keep in mind that mostly what people post are the raids etc and you may not ever do that. I haven't. luck
Posted By: Lotus777

Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 06:52 PM

I'm not sure about the unlimited access. We are limited to how much we can download in a 24 hour period...does that count? I will check it out and see if it even works for me. Looks like I have some company so have to go for now. I will let you know if I can get it to work at all. Thanks for all the info, wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW help?? - 09/28/09 06:55 PM

Yes, that is what I am worried about with satellite. We need some techie folks--I have no idea how much uploading and downloading I do when I'm playing WoW, but I would think it's a lot.

Maybe someone with more upload/download knowledge than I have will be able to answer that question for you.

Enjoy your company.

Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW help?? - 09/29/09 12:32 AM

I don't know much about how your internet connection works, as I myself am on High-Speed Cable, but what I do know, I'll try to share.

World of Warcraft (and pretty much all other MMORPGs) use a system of "packets." This system is similar to mailing a package full of contents back and forth between two people. The WoW program you run on your computer is called the Client. Basically, it is your key to playing the game, since your computer would most likely crash if it held everything a WoW server did (think every item in the game, every enemy in the game, and every quest in the game).

To circumvent this problem, your client only holds about 10% of the information required to play the game. The other 90% is held on the server. Let's say for instance you're going to fight a wolf. You start the fight with Charge. Your client has just sent about 20 packets to the server, with which it responds with how much damage your character does, and how the wolf responds to your attack (this is the reason that when you lag, the damage you hit for does not show up immediately, because your computer has to get that information from Blizzard's server).

Obviously, the problem with a slow internet connection is the fact that the packets (incoming and outgoing) will travel substantially slower than they would on a high-speed connection. This basically means that after you click a spell, it could take up to 20 seconds for it to activate and trigger, versus a fraction of a second on a high-speed internet connection.

The first thing I would recommend is downloading the trial. If the game is lagging awfully (you'll know it when you see it), I would suggest going with a more widely known IP, such as Comcast or Charter, that are very good for things like this. I'm in West Texas, and use a semi-local service, so I don't think it would help you much.

To answer your question about the download limitations, I don't know if sending packets and receiving packets counts toward your download limit, but I'll bet on the safe side and say it does. In this case, you'll want to probably go with something that doesn't limit downloads. But again, try and download the trial before making any big decisions. It's always a good idea to try before you buy.

Hope this helped a little.
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/30/09 03:44 AM

Ok, Brewfest has a few more days to go. If you don't know already, and you like pets (I do obviously), there are 2 pets that you can get at Brewfest this year and only at Brewfest. So don't delay. Go get that Pink Elek and Wolperthingy puppy
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW help?? - 09/30/09 05:48 AM

Hi L4L Thanks for answering Lotus's questions, I was a
little slow in seeing her post. My brewfest quests don't work right now, the server is fixing them. what is your highest level guy??
I'm only at 30 Blood elf-Hunter named Brin* I also have a Night elf Hunter named Kreey, lvl 25, a Human warlock lvl15 named Kardom, and I just made a Dwarf warrior lvl 12 named trixi,
I love the Nightelf the Best! I love the land! oh yeah, I have a Night eld Paladin lvl 17, named Kara. mine are all females, so I'm gonna make a male next time lol How many do you have??
I have tons of time to play, more so right now cause of my leg.
So I'm trying to get leveled up higher on my Blood elf & Night elf. .
How's the 4 S's doing? give them all big hugs for me hearts

Sorry Lotus~ That would be so much fun if you could
play WoW too!! I bet you'd really like it! you would get a big kick out of the Imp! lol I'll tell ya more about it in an email K

Doc puppy
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Re: WoW help?? - 09/30/09 02:38 PM

Hi ya Karen, I hope they get the quests fixed quickly.

On Draka (PVE) I have SnowOwl who is just about to pop 57. She is a hunter and I just lover her.

I also have Owlsong who is a Druid. She is level 10, I think. I don't play with her a lot but I will eventually.

Then over on Burning Blade (PvP) I have Owlheart who 75 and a Frost Mage.

And I have Owlstryke who is a Death Knight and level 60.

And Owlhawk who is a druid and level 30ish.

I mainly play Snow and Heart--Snow with Hubby and Heart by myself or with one of my sons. But once I get her to 80 I'm sure I'll level up Song some more. I really like my druid, but Hawk is for playing with middle son and his girlfriend.

And now that I've discovered that Shamans have a wolf form, you just know there is a shaman in my future rotfl

Mine are always female. I have a night elf, a blood elf, and a tauren.

When I get around to making my DK on Draka, I think I'll make her Drenai.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW help?? - 09/30/09 10:07 PM

WOW L4L your guy are really high in leverl!!! How long have you been playing?? I love your names!!! happydance
cool how they all have "Owl" in them!

Hope your having a good day!

Doc puppy
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW help?? - 09/30/09 10:40 PM

It only took me about a week to get from 71-75. Of course, this was on a Paladin and I was pretty obsessed back then. Leveling in it isn't "hard" per-say, just takes a little while. Not to belittle anyone's achievement, it's still a huge milestone when you hit 80, especially if it's your first time.

I'm a bit of an Aion geek at the moment, but my laptop that runs it well is off being repaired. For now I have to play it on my old computer which is kinda graphically challenged. That's to say it doesn't run it as well as my gaming laptop does. Currently on Aion I have a 15 Gladiator, and in that game it really is hard to level.

But enough about Aion, I'm sure I'll start a rant thread sometime soon. I'm gonna go back to WoW when Cataclysm releases to play Worgen, my dream race. Hopefully, the changes they've made to Azeroth will be enough to keep me interested through 1-40 at least. Again, that Star Wars MMO I made a thread about might be coming out around the same time, in which case I'm dropping everything I have and trying that out.

Enough of my MMO rants.
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Re: WoW help?? - 10/01/09 12:09 AM

Weelll I like reading your MMO rants.... thumbsup

Doc puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW help?? - 10/01/09 01:25 AM

Me too, Karen!

Andrea wave

PS: Hope you're feeling better!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW help?? - 10/01/09 04:51 PM

H4, you sound like my kids--they power level and go zip zip zipping along.

I, on the other hand, quest much more slowly. Partly, as a mage, I have to--if I'm alone, I can't afford to just run in and try to slaughter everything in site.

Doc, my mage was helped along in part for the time that my account was linked to my son's. That gave us both extra experience. We started playing around Easter of this year I think. I remember because of the egg hunting. I still have items in my bank from that.

I always like to know how people pick names for their characters--that is the hardest thing for me, so this time I just started with something I love (owls) and stayed with a theme.

Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

WoW Jobs help?? - 10/02/09 02:01 AM

HI wave

If I want to change my job from Leathercrafting to
Alcemy how do I do it?? also would like to change my
Jewelcrafting to Herbalism~ ??
Can anyone tell me how to do this??

Also, I am playing on a cheap O free server & want to switch
over to Draka now, How do I do it??

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/02/09 03:12 AM

Doc, I think you have to go to the trainer and tell them you want to unlearn your profession. And then you would have to to go the appropriate trainer and start over from the bottom.

You don't get to take any of the skill level in your profession with you.

I know you can move your character. You have to pay.

See if the info on This Page answers your questions. wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/02/09 03:02 PM

To unlearn trade skills open up your Skills window. Then click on the trade skill. At the bottom of the Skills window is a crossed out circle next to the selected trade skill. Click on that to unlearn the trade skill. Then go visit a trainer for the trade skill that you want.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/02/09 03:36 PM

Thanks Linda wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/02/09 05:18 PM

I've been reading this thread and decided to start a new character on Draka since some of you are playing there. She is a Draenei Shaman
named Juhani. She is only level 9,so Doc if you transfer maybe we can play together. I would very much like to play with some of you, if that is okay.

L4L have you gotten a pet "moth" from Exodar? I just saw the vendor that sells them last nite. I plan on buying one as soon as I have more money, just like in real life never have enough. rotfl

Well, I'm off to play.

wave Lindy
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Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/02/09 05:27 PM

Hi ya Lindy and glad to have you aboard on Draka. I'll go add her to friends.

Thanks, I do have a pet moth--I have 46 pets--which is why my son says I play World of Petcraft, and I do indeed go out of my way to do pet quests lol

I'm trying to figure out how to get 4 more without breaking the bank so I can get the skunk puppy

Can't believe with all the animals they have, they don't have a doggie sad
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/03/09 12:07 AM

Hi all!

Lindy, I added you to my friends list. I have 3 toons on Draka. Lalais, Night Elf Hunter, lvl 33. Bronoreen, Dwarf Rogue, lvl 16. Ardwyn, Human Mage, lvl 12. (I think) LOL rotfl

Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/03/09 03:29 PM

I have added all of you to my friends list. Andrea, it was nice meeting you last nite.

L4L, wow 46 pets! I'm happy to have one from the Brewfest. I'm going for the pink elekk today, which I think is great because I'm a Draenei and their mount is an elekk. Won't Blizzard be giving everyone a pet for their anniversary in Nov. like the white bear last year?

Off to play.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/04/09 03:17 AM

Thank you so much Lindy!! as soon as I get on Draka
I will let you guys know, then I can add you all as my friends!! yay

we'll have our own little girls gang! like the powder puffs rotfl

Thanks L4L that site helped me out a lot your the best!! thumbsup

Lindy I would love to play with ya any time!!

I just joined a free 10 day trial at Blizzard for WoW
I'm on Draka & I'm a Night Elf- Hunter lvl 7 named Kreey
what names do you add as friends?? can you guys tell me
yours?? I'm **Ohnoohnomojo** lol I had to try
about 10,000 names B4 I got that one~

Doc puppy
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/04/09 03:50 PM

Doc, I'm playing a Draenei Shaman named Juhani level 13. You may know the name from the game KOTOR. I'll be sure to add Kreey to my list.

wave Lindy
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Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/05/09 03:07 AM

OKKK L4L, Andrea & Lindy I added you all to my
Friends bravo Let's play! Let's Play! yay

Last night I met the COOLEST player she helped me out
on a hard quest and was riding a really cool animal!!
their were people all over Goldenshire doing quests,
I loved it but a little scary! eek where I played at
I think I might have ran into 1 or 2 players the whole time.
I am not used to this it's confusing for me? will other
people try to kill me?? are their people you can call on to help
you with your quests?? I never had that where I played
I played with my friend & he helped me out on a couple
quests to get me going but after that I was on my own & I
got killed a LOT!! lol

Doc puppy
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Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 03:27 PM

Hi Karen!

I like the atmosphere on Draka very much. It's a PvE (Player vs Environment) and not a PvP (Player vs Player) server. That means that other players won't generally attack you. They might invite you to a duel, and I don't know if the Horde can attack you unprovoked. Maybe L4L can advise this.
My Human Mage, Ardyth, got to lvl 20 last night, and got a mount finally!

Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 03:38 PM

Hi ya Doc,

Most quests you can do on your own, but of course, they are faster and more fun if you have friends with you. Some you have to do with a group, but you don't have to do those if you don't want do.

Hubby and I usually don't do those, and if we want to, then we blackmail the boys into coming and helping rotfl

However, there are often folks looking for people to join them on those group quests. I think there is even a channel just for that.

Horde players cannot attack you unless, and it's a big unless, you attack them first.

So, the first time this happened to me I was completely confused. This is how it happens. They put up their PVP flag, which means they want to do player vs player. Then they will get between you and whomever you are currently fighting in the environment. Since they are the enemy, they get whacked at which point, they whack you! sad

However, this does not happen very often, and I've never had anyone camp me on Draka.

bravo Andrea yay Mounts are wonderful.

Hubby and I are flying in Outland and it's a night and day difference. I played Outland with son on the Horde side and we had to run everywhere--plus we were both clothies. PvP city and camped and fighting our way into every objective and trying to stay alive when surrounded by evil.

Now, Soot and I can fly around, scout of the area, find the guy we want to kill, drop in, Soot is a Pally so he tanks and heals, and then whoosh straight up after we are done. yay happydance tomato
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 05:40 PM

Hey Doc, whenever you need help just give me a yell. I would enjoy helping you out. I wasn't on much last nite, because I watch the football game with hubby. I plan on being on tonite so I'll watch for you.

I finally got my mount and my ghost wolf spell had this at level 18. I'm riding a purple elekk. So cool.

wave Linda

PS. Since Draka is a PvE sever you cannot be attacked by PvP, unless you are flagged as a PvP. To do this you right click your portrait and check the PvP mode then PvP players can see that you are flagged as PvP and they will attack you. I have had quest that will flag you as PvP, but this will last about 5 minutes. So I hide untill it goes off. lol
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 05:58 PM

Hey Lindy

Thanks for helping me out, I'll be playing tonight too,
going to the store to buy WoW today so I can install
all the games, I need all 3 don't I?? Your ride
sounds really cool I'll be looking for ya! I 'll be bye The Abby
in Northshire Named Dreey Human-Paladin lvl 7
I need help getting those sparkly boxes out of the vineyards,
I keep getting killed there are too many of those stupid thugs! lol

are you ahead of me time wise?? i'm in Wash. state
I type REALLY slow so sorry if I take a bit to answer you on the game. smirk

Doc puppy Karen
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 06:16 PM

Karen, yes you need the 3 games to be able to play everything. Installing the games plus the patches will take some time to do. You may not get on tonight. I'll still be looking for you. I think I have the name of your toon wrong in the friends list, so I'll be changing it to Dreey.

I live in central time zone so I'm 2 hours ahead of you. Not a problem for me. Washington is a beauitful state. We have a son that lives there. Don't worry about typing slow, so do I. Sometimes people whisper to you and you can't answer right away because you are busy trying to stay alive. lol

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 07:14 PM

Lindy, I've found you can be attacked with your flag being down. But, only if you attack someone with their flag up.

It has happened to us a couple of times--2 nights ago being the most recent. Soot and I were taking down a boss and this DK rode up and stood close by and watched.

When we got the boss almost gone, he got off and moved to the middle of the fight where he was accidentally hit.

He then immediately killed us. The first time it happened, I was helping someone kill one of those big turtles on the beach.

Now when someone gets very close to me and they are not alliance, I watch very closely.

But as I said, it doesn't happen often, but yes, it certainly can and does, happen.

Also, if you participate in the SummerFest and put out the opposite Faction Fires, your PVP flag is automatically put up for 5 minutes with each fire.

I didn't know that and the first time I got jumped Soot and I were riding away and I was watching my health go down and thinking "Hmmmm.... that is very strange."

I was also PvP'd at the Festival at Thunderbluff a few months ago. I was chasing Flikk, got him to stop, and this level 80 put his body between me and Flikk. I thought he was trying to get the frog, so I very quickly clicked on Flikk, only to have the 80 one shot my Lvl 25. I've seen them do that same manuever with other vendors too.

So, yes, you can be PVP'd on a PVE server even though your flag is not up, but it is not easily or often done. wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 07:16 PM

Hi Linda

That's what I meant by typing slow when I whisper to someone & half the time I don't even see it when someone whispers to me, I feel so dumb when that happens duh Turns out I am not going to get the games today, I will be getting them Thursday when I go to the Dr's. I still have 5 or 6 days left on the Trial WoW I'm playing on right now. So I will for sure be playing tonight! happydance
I have a toon named Kreey too she's a Night elf-Hunter lvl 7
I'm about ready to go into the Spider cave withher to get the eggs!
I don't like that quest eewww!! I usually stay up really late
playing WoW like 1 or 2am. i'm a night owl~

I wanna ride one of the Horses soooooo bad!! what level do you have to be to get one of those?? everybody around me is Galloping merrily by me as i stumble & run along lol

Doc puppykaren
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 08:28 PM

L4L, I have never had that happen to me and I'm playing on 3 servers. Strange, but nice to know. Thank you. I'll sure be watching for it, if I can remember. There is so much to this game how does one learn it all. It can be "mind overload" at times.

Karen you need to be level 20 to get a mount. It use to be level 30.

Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 08:52 PM

Thank you Linda, that's great they lowered it! yay

Your right their is endless stuff to learn, I think it must take
a very longggg time to learn it all, if one ever does?
I'm gonna go play for a bit & make a Gnome named lol Krixie

See ya tonight Linda!

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/06/09 09:03 PM

Yes, I know, it is strange, and as I said, doesn't happen often, though it has happened to me 3 or 4 times now. The first time I called my WoW son and he explained it to me lol

Yes, there is a lot to know in this game. We are still learning, and occasionally, I learn something that WoW son doesn't know and I can astonish him rotfl

Have fun Doc. puppy
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/07/09 05:05 AM

Hi wave

If you have all 3 games installed and are on a free server can you change server's?? and if you can How do you do it??

Thanks~ Doc puppy

Hi Lindy! Thanks so much for helping me out tonigt.
I had a lot of fun playing with you. Hope we can do it again
when I get the real game going & am not on a trial one any more.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/07/09 06:18 PM

Doc, read This Info and see if it helps you. luck
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/07/09 08:10 PM

On the subject of mounts, way back when the game first started it used to be 40. Then a while ago they changed it to 30. Recently, it seems they've changed it to 20. Makes sense, considering Duskwood is a long run from one side to the other.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/07/09 10:06 PM

I'm sure glad they lowered it to 20
cause even from Goldenshire out to the bridge where Guard Thoms is is a longgg way my fingers get tired. crazy
I can't wait to get a Horse!!!! yay

Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/08/09 04:44 AM

Originally Posted By: Drmojo
I'm sure glad they lowered it to 20
cause even from Goldenshire out to the bridge where Guard Thoms is is a longgg way my fingers get tired. crazy
I can't wait to get a Horse!!!! yay

That reminds me of that old joke, "I just flew in from New York and boy are my arms tired..." lol
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/09/09 05:40 AM

Mystic that's too funny!! rotfl

Hi Lindy & Andrea,, I got my WoW games today!!
Haven't been able to install them yet, gonna install them right B4
I go to bed so they will be done in the morning, I hope? lol
so hopefully I'll see you on WoW tonight if your gonna be playing?

Karen puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/09/09 02:30 PM

yay Doc

You will have quite a few patches to download first though.

It took forever to d'load and install here, but our net is slow. wave
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/09/09 02:47 PM

Yes, L4L. Even with my fast fiber-optic internet connection, it took HOURS! And I had the game on discs but the updates took forever.

Karen, hope you're able to get on tonight! I will be on tonight when I get home from work, after dinner. I'm getting the Lich King add-on, which is the only one I'm missing.

See you all later!

Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/09/09 07:14 PM

Karen, that is great that you have the games. smile I didn't play last night because I wasn't feeling well. I'll try to play tonight.

Linda wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/10/09 06:54 AM

Well, I got my WoW games & now I can't play them cry

I got a trojan virus somehow & it's not letting me do nnything,
so I won't be playing WoW until I get it fixed IF I can get it fixed? :s it won't even let me play games sad

Doc puppyKaren
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/11/09 03:26 PM

Doc, I hope you get your computer cleaned quickly! Not fun luck
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/12/09 01:35 AM

Hi gang wave

still haven't got my puter virus fixed yet, doesn't look like i'm going to be able to fix it either sad
I miss playing WoW so bad. I'm trying to get help fixing it but I am so dumb about computer's, they are so very helpful at glitches, their great!!
I'm gonna keep trying.
Have fun playing!

HEY!! I fixed my puter FINALLY!!!! only took me around
4days!!! I can play WoW again now yay I'm sooo Happy!!
I've missed playing it sooo bad. where do I download all the patches at??? Thanks!

Doc puppyKaren
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/17/09 12:37 AM

wave HI! I bought the WoW Battle chest, it came with one DVD that is suppose to install World of warcraft & the burning crusade.
when I installed it, I started it B4 I went to bed so when I woke up it was done, how do i know if it downloaded the patches? do I have to download more patches?? if I do which ones are they??

I installed my own game from my DVD but they have me playing
the free 10 dy trial I had downloaded from them,, it says my
account is pending?? But I had to make new characters
when I installed my game! i am sooo confused?? confused think can someone Please tell me what's going on here??
I tried to email Blizzard & asdk them but the email kept getting bounced back to me??
Thank you~~Doc puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/17/09 02:07 AM

Hi Karen,

Call Blizzard about your account at 800-592-5499, Tech support is only open M-F 8a to 8p at this number 1-949-955-1382. Hurry!
PS That's Pacific time.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/17/09 04:08 AM

Thank you Andera, wave
I'll have to cal them on Monday, it was too late by the
time I read the message. But I will for sure call
them cause their is some stuff I need to know & get
straightened out
Thanks so much for your help! are you playing tonight?

Karen puppy

My surgery is Nov 9th and Thank you so
much for your *Prayers* & suppott~
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/17/09 11:04 PM

I've started a 10-day trial for World of Warcraft to see if I wanted to go ahead and go back, since Aion is a bit of a letdown after 25 and the sheer lack of quests and quest xp after 20 is just staggering.

Currently, I've made a Human Rogue on Draka, since that seems to be the server that most of the Boomers play alliance on. He's level 8 right now, but if I come back like I'm planning to, he should be leveling more fairly soon. smile

Anyways, onto my topic. I saw people who were level 42 running around in Goldshire on epic mounts earlier! This piqued my interest as when I left, the mounts were only available at 30 and 60. So my question is, did they change the level requirement for Epic mounts to level 40?

I can see the logic in doing so, as every zone 40+ is enormous, and regular mounts just didn't cut it after awhile.

My logic in coming back is the fact that SWTOR doesn't come out till next year and Cataclysm is looking to be a good addition, so I figured why not.

Anyway, I'm still on a Trial account and probably will be for the 10 days it's active (to get the most out of it). You'll have to add me to your friends list to talk in whisper, but Coaxialshade is my Rogue's name.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/18/09 12:43 AM

HI HAX wave

I added you to my friends list maybe I'll see ya tonight??
Mine is a Human-Warlock named Krayaa lvl 3 and a Blood elf hunter named Kreeye lvl 9

Andrea I don't have the same level or name as the one
I was playing with you, I had to start all over again.

Hope to see you guys! Karen happydance
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/18/09 05:55 AM

OK Karen, Thanks! I'll put that in. You're Horde? I'm Alliance.
Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/19/09 11:18 PM

Hi Everyone,
I have been playing a Gnome warlock named Pipendelly. She has pink hair, blue eyes and big earrings. She hit level 20 today so I can summon my horse, but also brought a mount one of those mechanical striders aka chicken. So much fun to ride.

I spent most of the afternoon doing quest for Hallow's End running around with a pumpkin head, being a skeleton, ghost and a bat. lol I did get a slow flying broom. happydance

Be sure to add Pipendelly to your friend's list.
Linda wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/19/09 11:54 PM

Hi Lindy
that sounds like a blast!! I think I'm gonna make a Gnome too!
I'll let ya know her nsame when I do & maybe you can help me with some of her quests?? That would be fun! yay
you gonna be playing tonight?

Karen puppy
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/20/09 05:55 PM

Hi Karen
Yes I will be playing tonight, but I will be watching NCIS first.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/20/09 06:16 PM

Ah yes, it's a new fest--I forgot about it--gotta get busy with Halloween quests. wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/21/09 12:24 AM

It is WILD WILD WILD in Goldenshire!!!!
LOTS of Halloween quests!! it's FUNSUNFUN!! yay

Hey Lindy my new guys are;

I have a Blood elf /Hunter named Kreeye

a Human/warlock named Krayaa

Gnome/warlock named Breeye

nice names huh? lol

I had to start all over again cause of my dumb trial account! I've been trying to call Blizzard for 2 days now and it's ALWAYS busy!! mad

Lindy can you tell me where you get the 3 feathers from a cave your suppose to get at the start so you can get the IMP?
I can't find the cave anywhere?? I keep getting so lost in all that land of white? Thanks~~karen
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/21/09 03:49 PM

I remember that quest. I was level 5 before I got my Imp. I didn't get to play last night like I thought I would. frown I'm going to play on and off most of the day, so if I see you on I can help. It is raining hard here today looks like an all day thing, so nothing better to do than play. smile

Yes, the towns are wild with the Hallween fest. My poor pc lags terribly in those areas.
One of my toons was able to get that pumpkin pet, so cute.

Linda wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/21/09 08:45 PM

Hi Lindy

I was able to find the cave & get the feathers I needed
I now have my IMP!!! yay I just LOVE the IMPS!!
I love the noises they make lol
I am now on the second town,, forget the name??
I'm lvl 6. what is the name of your Gnome?
I forgot sorry~ Do you still have Juhani? do you have
any other toons? I lost all my friends names when I had
to start over. I still get a busy when I try to call blizzard!
sooo frustrating!! mad I got knocked off once last night
the site went down. it's no wonder! lol
where do you get a pumpkin pet?? i hate having that
stupid pumpkin on your head!
The Halloween theme is sooo cool!! I can't wait until
Christmas time!!!! happydance

Hope to run into you today, but I need to add your toons name.

Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/21/09 11:01 PM

I have 2 toons the warlock Pipendelly and the shaman Juhani. I need to start playing her again.

Getting bumped off the server happened alot to me at one time,but then it stopped. I think it was because of a patch they put out.

The pet belongs to one of my toons on another server and she got it from putting out the fires. It was in the gift that you get from the orphan. Make sure you do this quest everyday you can get some fun things. Pipen now has 2 slow flying brooms to ride. yay
I like the pumpkin head, you can throw them to give other players a pumpkin head. lol

Posted By: Lotus777

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/21/09 11:26 PM

You guys are having too much fun!!! I cannot play this game with current ISP. Just found out we can get Charter Cable Internet but can't do anything about until hubby comes home when???? as he would lose his internet service soo must try to be patient. I will be plying you with questions, Karen, once we get up and running!! I can't WAIT!! Uh, yes that was a shout of joy happydance!!
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/22/09 06:07 AM

Hi Lindy

I finally got a hold of Blizzard & got everything fixed!! yay
I played for a bit, but it was my new Blood elf hunter.
I love the blood elf's, have you ever played one??
I played one up to lvl 30 on the other server I used to be on.
I have one slow riding broomstick too with my Gnome warlock
it's too funny! lol hopefully I'll see ya tomorrow! happydance
If you play Juhani can you help me on a couple quests again
in Goldenshire ?? their's a couple out at the mine's I really need help with! Thanks~~Karen

Hi Lotus! I can't WAIT for you to join us it's a blast!!!!! yay
you'll have a lot of fun I know it!! I barely play my other games
since I started playing this~ How long do you think til
Hubby comes home, any idea?? catrubLittle Ryder~
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/22/09 03:03 PM

Hi Karen!!

I'm so so glad you got your Blizzard problems solved! Yes, I'm obsessed with WoW too. No other games at all at the moment. I didn't think I'd quit Pirates of the Caribbean ever, but it got so boring after I got into WoW. I'm sorry you're in Horde (sp?) I'm in Alliance on all my toons. Guess I'll have to start a new Horde toon now, so we can play together. I don't know if A & H can do stuff for each other. I'm totally clueless about the H quests. I have 3 toons in Alliance. Lalais-lvl 37 Night Elf Hunter, Bronoreen-lvl 20 Dwarf Rogue, and Ardyth-lvl 20 Human Mage.
I put you on my friends list, but not sure if I got the spelling right. think
I haven't seen L4L and Soot in the game since they got home. They're in Alliance too, though they may have H toons on another server, I don't know. L4L, can you advise? Hope your furry babies have gotten over the trauma of your trip! lol
Gotta get to work!
Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/22/09 05:02 PM

Ok, I,m confused. confused Karen, if you are playing the elf named Kreeye she must be a Night elf because I was able to add her name to the Alliance side. The Horde side won't accept her. Maybe I'm spelling the name wrong. Andrea, the two sides can not play together. I do have a Horde hunter that I started on Draka. He's level 7 I think. I also have a level 80 Blood Elf on another server. I have toons on 3 severs. lol

Linda wave

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 01:52 AM

Lindy, Aren't Warlocks Horde faction? I'm so clueless. think
Thanks, Andrea.
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 02:02 AM

Warlocks can either be Alliance or Horde. Classes are race-specific, not Faction-specific.

I used to be a WoW nerd, and am starting to become one again. If you have any questions, let me know.
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 02:16 AM

Thanks so much!
Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 07:59 AM

Hi Lindy & Andrea

Ok now I'm really getting confused?? rotfl

Ok Andera I got all your toons names wrote down
I will list all my toons here & what they are K! grin

Lindy, can you please list the names of all your toons
one more time for scatter brain me Please? crazy

I have a Night elf hunter named Kreeye

I have a Gnome Warlock Named Breeye

I have a Blood elf Hunter named Breeya

and a Human Warlock named Krayaa

How's that for confusing names! lol
Not sure which is Horde & which is Allience?
How can you tell?? I was playing Krayaa tonight
in Goldenshire I'm pretty sure she's Allience?
anyway I will add your toons to my list tomorrow
Andera OK! and Lindy I have Juhani but no other
toons of yours. Thanks Guys! Hope we can
all play together soon!! Karen puppy
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 03:08 PM

Ok, now things are clear. You have a 4th one I didn't know about. lol

The races that belong to Alliance are:
Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, and Draenei.

The races that belong to Horde are: Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead (Forsaken), and Blood Elf.

My toons are:

a Draenei Shaman named Juhani.(Alliance)

a Gnome Warlock named Pipendelly.(Alliance)

a Tauren Hunter named Hurako.(Horde)

See you online. wave

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 03:17 PM

Thank you guys! Linda, you're an angel for explaining it all!
Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/23/09 09:23 PM

Thank you Lindy! you are an Angel for helping explain
things, their is just sooo much to learn it gets confusing crazy

OK .... I have everyone's names on my friends list
now all I gotta do is keep straight which toons belong
to Lindy & which to Andera lol

I have a really hard time reading the typing text, it's sooo
small & some of the colors are very hard to see...
doesn't help I have one blurry eye lol

Thank you HAX for offering your help~
I'm more then sure I'll be needing it~

I'm off to play now great rainy day for it....Karen fall

HI ANDERA!! I saw you were playing & never got a chance to talk to ya~ I was soo busy getting killed a 100 times! lol
I need to get some help with these quests.
Hey, on my Night elf, Hunter, I have a bow & rough arrows 8 sharp arrows & when I try to shoot it keeps saying I'm out of ammo & I need a paper doll or something like that??
what does that mean??? I don't have a clue & need help!
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/30/09 11:12 PM

Hi Lindy wave Have you been playing WoW??
I haven't seen you on at all? How have you been?
I'm up to LvL 15 on my Human Warlock!!!!
and LvL 14 on my Night Elf Hunter,
I haven't gotten very far with my Gnome Warlocck LvL 9
are you gonna be playing soon??

Hi Andera How are you doing? I've see you playing but
haven't had a chance to talk to ya, too busy getting
killed! lol are you playing today?

Hey ya L4L Have you & Soot got WoW running yet??
I sure hope so! I would love to see what your toons look like!
I've seen some pretty Narly looking toons !! Hope to see
you two playing real soon~

I'm off to the Wonderful land of WoW!! happydance Karen~
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/31/09 04:38 PM

Hi ya DocBoomBoom

Soot just got his WoW up and running again last night late. He had to get a new video card--the other one gave up the ghost.

So we are happily visiting candy buckets and Trick or Treating. He got a Squashling this morning. I'm so jealous!
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 10/31/09 09:19 PM

Hi everyone. smile

I haven't been playing because our son and grandson are visiting. happydance

They will be leaving Wed. of next week, so I should be playing after that.

Happy Halloween. :ghost2: :witch:

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/01/09 07:40 AM

That's good, Linda!
Have fun with your family! :witch:

Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/02/09 09:58 PM

Hey L4L

That's soo great you & Soot are up & running again happydance
that is too bad you had to miss out on all the fun Halloween things they had! my Human warlock is STILL wearing a Boofy looking mask! it's sooo stupid looking I wish they would take it off her already! are you playing every night??

HI Andera are you in Stormwind city now? I thought I saw your toon there last night?

Hi Lindy! I'll be looking for ya Wednesday! I need help from your
Pipendelly toon, I'm really stuck with my Gnome warlock lvl 9.
Have fun with your company~

Doc :witch: Karen puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/03/09 05:18 PM

Doc, you should be able to take the mask off by opening your character and taking the mask away from the place where a helmet would go. If they are wearing an entire Halloween costume, you can get rid of that by clicking on the little icon under your avatar's picture on the upper left.

We play when we can, but with what has been going on with Solo we've not had a lot of time.

Soot made himself a flying carpet last night. How fun!
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/04/09 03:15 AM

Oh, L4L, a Flying Carpet?? How neat! Soot is very handy to have around!
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/04/09 04:10 PM

Yeah, those are so fun. I just wish you didn't have to be a tailor to use one cry
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/07/09 05:57 AM

A flying carpet!! How COOLLL!!!!! cool
I'm a Tailor on 2 of my toons what level do you have to be
to make one? Many *Prayers" for Solo he's a trooper hearts
I went through that with one of my beloved dogs~
I am finally in Lakeshire with my Human warlock.
But I'm kinda lost with my Night elf hunter??

Karen puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/07/09 03:33 PM

Doc, I think you have to be at least a level 65, and a Grand Master, but I could be wrong wave

I haven't played much this week puppy
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 03:20 AM

How do you do a Dungeon??? I don't have a clue? think
and I want to do this one cause the prize is a Narly weapon
I can't afford to buy so I really wanna win it BAD!!! lolDoc
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 03:35 AM

Doc, most dungeons are for 5 people and either you get friends to go with you, or your guild gets a group together, or you go into the Looking For Groups channel and let folks know which one you want to do.

Depending on the level, Soot and I could probably run you through it. Which Dungeon are you wanting to do?
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 02:02 PM

Well, I went and made an account and joined this thing smile

A slight problem though, I've bought a little pet yesterday online, and my Order says Processing.

Before that it told me to go check my mailbox.
Somewhere I read it should be by the Bank or Inn - but there's no mail there.
Does it matter which mailbox I look in or am I just too impatient?
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 04:58 PM

Hi Misslilo,

Welcome to WoW!

Any mailbox should work. When you have mail it will show as a envelope by the minimap.
There should be one by any bank or inn when you are in a city. Did you left click on the mailbox? One way of finding things is to click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass by the minimap. You will get a drop down list of what you are looking for click on it and you will see a yellow dot on the minimap showing you were to go.

Linda wave

Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 05:09 PM

I've both left and right clicked - nothing happens smile

When you buy a pet, how long does it take before you get the mail?
As I said, my order still says processing and my subscription still says pending.
Do I need to upgrade to any of the add-ons or just wait for everything to go through?

Another question - if I have 3 characters, will the pet be available for all 3 or only for the first one or active one?
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 05:27 PM

I guess you will have to wait untill everything is settled with your account. The pet will be in the mailbox for each character.

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 05:39 PM

Misslilo, welcome to the fold!

Are you on a trial account? When I tried to give some items and a pet to a friend, I couldn't until she upgraded to a regular account.

Also, if you get a pet that is a reward from Blizzard (like the penguin available now for making a battlenet account), it will go to all your characters.

However, if you buy a pet from the auction house, it only goes to the character that bought it. I usually get the items I buy immediately from the Auction House, but there can be delays.

You would left click to pick up the pet from the mail box (there will be a picture on the bottom fo the letter after you open it). Then right click it when it is in your bag. luck
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 05:47 PM

I started with a trial account, but upgraded same day.
Guess I'll have to wait til it's over and my normal subscription starts.
I bought the pet from the Blizzard pet Store and got the code that way and redeemed it right away. smile

Think I'll just run around and level up - it'll come soon enough.

Are there any benefits by upgrading to the add-ons?
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 05:50 PM

The Blizzard Pet store? Can you link it?

We bought and installed all the expansions at the same time we bought the original game. There are a couple of race/class combo's you can't get (I think) unless you have the expansions.

What server are you on? Are you playing Horde or Alliance?

Edit: I found it--thanks for bringing that to my attention as I love to play World of Petcraft! World of Warcraft Pet Store
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 05:59 PM

I'm on the English EU server.
Playing Alliance with two characters and Horde with one smile
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/08/09 06:14 PM

Well thanks for bringing this to my attention--I didn't know they started this! yay

I just bought them both and they were both instantly available to all my characters via the mail. I did have a problem at first as I mistyped part of my credit card number.

As soon as I fixed that, there they were! yay puppy

Edit: Just in case anyone else is having this problem, Soot bought the 2 new pets but it took several hours before he got the in game mail with them wave
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/11/09 07:45 PM

Need a bit of help here.
I've finally reached lvl 10, so I can start taming animals. smile
Only, when I tried on the first webwood nothing happened and I had to kill it - and now my taming rod doesn't work anymore.
Says it needs recharging, but how do I do that?
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/11/09 08:23 PM

Misslilo, is it one of those things that has a cooldown period? If so, it will be ready once the cooldown is finished.

When you tame your first pet, it will attack you at first but then you will see Hearts coming from it. You need to be prepared to feed it too as it will be.

Did you get the quest from the hunter trainer? If so, can you go back to him to get another rod?
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/11/09 10:45 PM

Yeah, figured it out. smile
Had to go back and abandon the quest, then get a new rod.
I just didn't know, that I had to stand still after right clicking the rod and let it sting me, lol.
Got my self a pet now. Man it helps a lot!!!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/12/09 12:12 AM

yay Misslilo

It is strange to stand there and be attacked. We have tried before to have hubby heal me while I was "taming" but that just made the animal attack him.

Pets are incredibly helpful.

What kind did you get?
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/12/09 06:37 AM

For now I just got one of the dark umm, what are they called? Sablers?
Not sure I'm keeping it - might find a better one later smile

Oh and regarding the pet from the Pet Store.
As soon as my subscription and everything else went through, I got the mail and my pets smile
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/12/09 04:28 PM

yay Glad you got them. Aren't they fun?

Remember you have to stable or dismiss your current pet before you can tame another one wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/15/09 08:04 PM

How long do the little eggs you get when you merge
your account w/ Battlenet take to hatch?? do you have to
keep the egg & the paper in your backpack all the time??
are they all the same Peguin?

Hi Andera & Lindy have you guys been playing?
have you been playing L4L?

I'm gonna start playing again today. I'm stuck on my
Human Warlock, lvl 16 I'm in Lakeshire and I keep
getting killed on every quest I try to do, I don't have
enough money to armor up more, or a better weapon.
I have an Imp & the other purple thing I can summon..
but they don't help me they get killed too! laugh
is their anything I can do?? Thanks Doc~Karen puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/15/09 09:22 PM

DocBoomBoom, just right click on the egg and it will put a pet penguin in your pets. Once you learn it, you don't have to keep the egg in your bag. I put mine in the bank.

You can destroy the paper as you don't need it.

Soot and I were playing last night, and we might be able to play some tonight. We shall see. Soot is getting ready to head out on a business trip, so no late night for us.

If you are dying too much, you might be taking on too high level quests. You need to send one of your fighting pets (Imp or Blueberry) in to tank for you and you stay back and use your Damage Over Time (Dot) spells on them. As a warlock, you can't stand toe to toe with much.

Or maybe you need to have some help for some of those--most quests are much easier with a group.

At some point as a warlock, you will be able to make Soulstones which you can use to resurrect immediately.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/17/09 12:52 AM

Hi L4L I'm so very very *Sorry* for you Loss~
my Heart goes out to you & Soot hearts

I am having trouble finding the guys on this quest;
"The People's Militia" it's suppose to be in
Southern Westfall in the Dagger Hills?? i can't find
them? I have 5 Delflas Pathstalkers and 5 Delflas Highwaymen
to kill and I can't find them anywhere? Can anyone please
help me out?? Thank you~

I also have this other quest, it's in Red writing under THE DEADMINES: it's called THE DEFIAS BROTHERHOOD (Dungeon)

it says I'm supposed to kill Edwin Vancleef & bring his head back to Gryan Stutmantle in Westfall.
I have no idea where to go for this?? can someone please
tell me where to go?? I really want to do this quest if I can
cause I want the weapon REALLY bad!! Thanks so much~
Doc~Karen turkey
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/17/09 02:00 AM

Doc, do you have the add ons called Light-head and Koordinator?

Lighthead will give you lots of info about quests and often will give you the exact location.

Koordinator will show you exactly where you are on the map and you can use that to get to an exact spot.

For instance, If Lighthead says Edward is at 69/22 and you are at 22/12 you will know which way to go and when you are getting close.

Thotbot has a lot of good info too--for instance on this quest they tell you where to find the trappers.

Any quest in red means you can't do it yet unless you have lots and lots of help. Hubby and I have done red quests together, but red usually means death.

A "dungeon" after a quest usually means it's designed for 5 people. That being said, a higher level player (if sufficiently high) can run you through a dungeon, allowing you to get the loot and finish the quest.

I'm sure hubby and I can run you through, but hubby is in CA until Friday.

How are you feeling?
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/17/09 06:42 AM

I'm using Questhelper as an add-on, which shows this big arrow on the screen, that points me to the direction smile
It's changes to bright green when I get close - very cool, but not completely accurate.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/17/09 04:47 PM

Hi everyone,

I haven't been playing WoW much. I started playing Sacred 2 and can't stop. It is a fun game. I also want to play Dragon Age and waiting for DD2 to come out.

Karen, I too have quest's for the Deadmines. I've been trying to find help to go through, but no luck. Maybe L4L can help both of us out.
I'll try to be on tonite so I can help you with some quest. I use the add on Carbonite to find my quest. I also have Atlas and Atlas loot. Atlas shows maps of the dungeons (keeps me from getting lost) and atlas loot shows what loot you can get from everyone. smile

Misslilo, what is the name of your toon? I can add him/her to my list,if you like.

I just thought of something. You use to have to pay for the full version of Carbonite, but not anymore full version is free for download.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/17/09 05:26 PM

lindy, I'm sure we can help you and Doc with a run through the mines. We'll just have to set up a time when we are all on.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/17/09 08:11 PM

Thank you looney. smile
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 01:33 AM

Hi Guys!
I am feeling pretty good, I just went to get my wound checked at
the Dr's today nd it's healing very slow. still pretty sore & I
can't talk very much yet. but typing works fine for me lol

L4L what is Light-head and Koordinator??? and where do you get
them at?? I tried to use Thotbot site and it never found
my Quests when I typed the names in? I don't think I was
filling in the stuff right?? think

where do you get that thing you were talking about Lindy?
cn you Please send me a link to it??
and yours too Missilo?? i need all the help I can get PLEASE... thanks Karen~

Hey Lindy! what iss your oher game like?? I would love
to do the Deadmines quests with you & L4L & soot when
Soot gets home that is! Hey L4L Soot is pretty close to
me right now! what town in Calf. is he?? are you playing
tonight Lindy? I'm gonna play soon as I'm done here. happydance Thanks Guys!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 02:05 AM

Doc, he is in Monterrey. Tonight he is attending a dinner at the Monterrey Aquarium.

We get all our WoW add ons from Curse--- which in spite of the name, is a good place for add-ons.

Son says Curse has everything except Lightheaded. He says to just google for that one.

I think Soot uses a different Quest Helper than I do.

We can run the Deadmines this weekend-- maybe Saturday sometime, if you all are going to be around. puppy

Edit: Koordinator is a program that shows co-ordinates for the in game map so you can navigate easily to where you are trying to go.

Lighthead is a quest helper--gives you info from other players about what they found worked and what didn't. It saves lots of time. However, like I said, there are lots of Quest helpers.

Also, I have found that I can google almost anything from WoW and get a link from Thotbot or Wowhead. wave
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 02:44 AM

Good evening friends!

That's what I do L4L, I google the name of the quest, and choose the Thottbot one from the list that comes up. I's helped me a lot! yes
I also use Curse for some add-ons.
I'd like to get in on the group dungeon on the weekend as well, so count me in!
Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 02:59 AM

WOW! That was a close call for Soot getting a seat!!

I will be advailable Saturday, but remember I'm 3 hours behind you
L4L, I think Lindy is too? Just let me know around what
time to be on OK? this outta be FUN! we'll have our
WOWing Gangle of Quest going Girlies! lol

I am so dumb! I don't have a clue what I should download
for a quest finder?? I went to CURSE and have no idea
what I am looking for?? Help! I'll try to Google Light-head
but I prolly won't figure that out either? I am just to
dumb at this kinda stuff duh sorry~ Doc

you can just Google the name of the quest & it will take
you right to the quest? OH! I think even I might be able
to do that?? lolKaren
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 03:49 AM

Doc, I think you are 2 hours behind us--We are Central.

I went to Curse, clicked on WoW add ons, and then scrolled the list till I found Koordinator. Then you just download it and go to the root directory of your WoW (wherever you installed it), then Interface, then Add Ons, and unzip and install the game to that folder.

Son always tells me to only download add ons that have been downloaded a lot as those are the ones that are most likely to not have problems.

Like I said, I really like Koordinator and Lighthead, but Hubby uses Cartographer and QuestHelper--both of those are one Curse. Just scroll down and click on Quest in the Category list.

I know VA son has used various different ones--it's just a matter of finding one you like.

Because of the time difference, I'd say Saturday Afternoon--maybe mid afternoon here which would be early afternoon for you all?
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 04:20 AM

Fine for me!
I google the name of the quest, then I get a list of possibilities. I look at the list and find the one that says Thottbot at the bottom of the few lines about the item, and click on that entry. That takes me to the proper page in Thottbot.
Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/18/09 07:23 PM

I may not be able to join the fun on Sat. We plan on having the Grandson here. It would be 7pm server time before I can get on. I'll let you know if anything changes.

I use WoWInterface and Curse for my add-ons. Carbonite can be found at carboniteaddon.
Posted By: oldfeeble

Re: WoW help??......and other musings. - 11/18/09 11:45 PM

Hi to all the WOW players. I have a question that maybe belongs in a new topic post but I will start here first.

I used to have a WOW account and was playing the expansion (Burning Crusade) before I quit doing Online gaming. Now I have an offer to try "Wrath of the Lich King" for 10 days free.

So I downloaded the material (4.7 GB), did all the updates to the current gaming, converted my old Blizzard account to Battle Net and now I can start WOW but where am I?

I pick a realm, create a new character (my old characters don't seem to be on my old realm for this trial) but I start out in the same old place outside the castle town (created a human character).

My question is, if this a "Lich King" trial shouldn't I be starting out somewhere new? And with a new type of character rather than the old selection? Where did I go wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW help??......and other musings. - 11/19/09 12:19 AM

Lindy, Soot and I could do Sunday after 4 if that is better for everyone?????

Oldfeeble, even though you are trying out the Lich King expansion, that just means you have the latest version and expansion.

To go to the new areas offered by Lich King, you character needs to be a level 68 or above.

When you create a new character, you start out in the starting area for that race which will always be in Azeroth. wave

There is a way to reactivate your old characters, but I'd have to google for it if you are interested. puppy

Wrath did not introduce any new races--but it did bring about the death knights and some new professions.

If you have an old character who is 55 or above, you could reactivate him (but you can't do that on the trial I don't think). That would allow you to make a Death Knight which would start at 55. So you would be closer to getting to Northrend and the new content. wave

Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 12:48 AM

Hey L4L the new timeSunday sounds fine to me, I'm not sure if I understnd how to install
those add-ons?? I know how to dowload them, can you
cut & paste the files once you unzip them to your
WOW folder?? think
Another question does anyone know why my
Night Elf-Hunter lvl 18 cannot just use sharp arrows?? I have to have Rough arrows or she will say "I'm out of ammo" why is this? it says you only have to be lvl 1o to use sharp arrows so why can't I just use sharp arrows?? Thanks for all the help~Karen turkey
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 01:34 AM

Make sure you have an arrow in the arrow area of your character screen (the one that shows your armor, weapons, etc)(Press the letter "C" to open that screen) Sometimes it just doesn't put an arrow in that slot for you and it says you're out of ammo. Glitch I guess. Just drag one from your open quiver over to that slot that's empty on your character screen.
Hope that makes sense. smile
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 01:41 AM

Doc, when you unzip the files, just unzip them into the add on file in your WoW directory. Don't let it make a new folder or install. Unzip it and you are good to go, but don't have WoW running while you do that.

Did you drag the sharp arrows from your bag or quiver to your ammo slot on the paper doll? I've been able to use any arrow that I could buy.

edit: Hi ya Debra, ya beat me wave

Edit 2: Just a thought for hunters. Hunters do not have to use a quiver. You can replace the quiver with a regular bag which will give you more storage puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 04:45 AM

Hi again!
Either day is fne for me! Do you mean 4pm server time?
When you change arrow types, I've noticed that it doesn't automatically switch the arrows over so you have to drag them to the ammo slot on the character screen to use them.
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 04:22 PM

Well, I meant after 4 pm CST time as I think Soot will want to fish--Ok now I've confused myself.

Fishing on Sunday is from 2 to 4 for us--but it can't be 2 to 4 for you Andrea, cos you are 2 hours behind us--so is fishing from 12 to 2 for you?

Wooooo, I need more coffee to figure this out confused
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 04:35 PM

L4L, Sunday 4 CST works for me(thats also server time for us on CST). Those on the West Coast it will be 2 server time. I think. crazy Anyway I hope we can get together. smile

Posted By: oldfeeble

Re: WoW help??......and other musings. - 11/19/09 04:43 PM

Hi Looney,
Thanks, that helps. I hadn't correctly merged my old WOW account into Battle Net. Now that I have done that I can start the game with access to my old Alliance characters and all is well.

Thanks again.
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 04:43 PM

Yes, L4L. Fishing is 2 to 4pm server time, and I intend to do that too, like Soot. Last Sunday, I actually caught 3 of the 'special' fish and got 2 of the fishing lines and 1 fishing hat!! WooHoo! Now I have all 3 of the prizes, The boots, hat and fishing line. I wish they'd let us gift extras to our friends or alts. <sigh> But it's soulbound. I don't think I'll ever win for the first to 40 TF though, becuse of so much competition for fish from the schools. I would really like to win that though. The amount of money you get for turning in the TF has gone up since I started. I think it goes by your fishing level or something.
I need to get ready for work. I have a 1/2 day today, more or less. 1pm to 6pm. Crazy hours.
Later.....Andrea wave

PS since the rest of you went off daylight savings, AZ is in the Mountain time zone and I am only 1 hour off your time L4L, and 2 hours from Eastern TZ.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 04:50 PM

yay Oldfeeble

I'm glad you are able to use your old characters. If you haven't done the Outland quests, you can fly there at 60 and it makes those quests sooooooo much easier.

Andrea, Woo Hoo! Congrats on catching those fish. I've not caught the one for the line yet.

I'm always amazed at how quickly folks win that contest. Sometimes I don't have 40 fish total and they have 40 tasty fish already.

I think it's your character level that determines how much you get paid per tasty.

Ok, so you are only 1 hour off--have fun at work!
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/19/09 05:44 PM

To any other Boomies wanting to get into fishing on WoW, go to for really great info about the subject.
Thanks again!
Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/21/09 04:03 AM

Thanks Andera! I'm gonna go their cause I have not
fished at all on any of my toons and I really want to but
don't know how yet? aren't you like an hour ahead of
me Wash?? I have a good friend that lives in Phoneix.
is it still hot their?

Hey L4L I'm ready to play anytime, doesn't matter to me happydance I'm only lvl 18! so I'm the wimp of the group! lol

Lindy are you gonna be playing with us too Sunday?
does this work out for you?

OOHHHH I can't wait for Turkey day YUM!!! turkey

Karen turkey
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/21/09 04:26 PM

Hi Karen!

Yep, since you went off Daylight Savings, I'm now an hour later (?) than you are.
No, it's not hot anymore thank goodness! I'ts in the mid 70s for the highs during the day, and down to the high 40s at night. Clear skies and sunny and dry.
Got up this morning with a sore throat. Trying to avoid getting a cold.
Hope to see you in-game!
Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/21/09 05:46 PM

I plan on seeing everyone Sunday afternoon. Party on. happydance
Linda wave

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/21/09 09:57 PM

Hi guys

Just stopping through from the dog show on my way to bed with hot tea and the paper. We will meet you all at the instance (Deadmines) a few minutes after 4 so that folks can fish and turn in.

I'll be on SnowOwl and Soot will be on Sootwow wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/21/09 10:13 PM

OK L4L, will be looking for you and Sootwow. smile We are just about to take grandson home, busy day.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 08:34 AM

what time again are we meeting on WoW?? is it 1
my time? How do you get to the Deadmines? think
I have no idea how to get their or what an Instance is?? help!??
I'm getting nervous & excited!
I can't seem to drain a soul right so I can get some
crystal shards to summon my Void Walker??
I did it B4 but now I can't do it again?

Hi Andera! We came on at excatly the same mom,ent
tonight on WoW and I typed that to you, but I really typed
it to Soot! lol

OH L4L you went to a Dog show! How FUN!!!! who won??
I watch those all the time on Animal planet. puppy

Thanks so much all of you for the help with sharp arrows!
their working great now! thanks Karen
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 04:53 PM

Mojo, go to and look up Deadmines. It will give you the exact instance location.

And when you're casting Drain Soul, you want to cast it when the creature is almost dead. It's a damage over time spell, but if the creature dies while you're channeling it, you'll get a Soul Shard.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 05:07 PM

Thanks H4, wave

Doc, we are on CST and that is 2 hours ahead of you. So I think that is 2 your time or 4 server time.

Soot and I will fish and then come to the Deadmines. Do you have the flight point at Sentinel Hill? If so, we will meet you there.

The instance is in Moonbrook but it is crawling with bad guys--they won't bother Soot or I.

Lots of different folks "won"--they are doing the final ribbons today, but I just didn't feel up to going. I just like to see the dogs and watch the obedience.

Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 09:21 PM

Hi L4L
what is the flight point? how do I find it?? I am at Sentineal hill
right now, do I need to make my toon go to Moonbook now??
I'm totally clueless?? think I feel sooo dumb next
to how much you guys all know! duh lol

Thank you very much HAX!!

Doc thanksgivingKaren
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 09:24 PM

Doc, did you fly into Sentinel Hill? If not, look around and you should see a Green Exclamation point. Go to it and Right Click on the fella. If you flew in, stay there. Soot and I will be there in about 40 minutes or so. A bit after 4 server time.

Don't feel dumb--I'm still learning and I do have a couple of built in experts to call on.

I'll see you in a few minutes
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 09:38 PM

Thanks L4L
I'm gonna fly in from Lake shire right now, my toon's name
is Kraaya~ I get lost in those caves soo easy, I'm
nervous! lol if I get killed what happens??
I just need to get Edwin Vancleef's head. Do I have to
attack him first then you kill him?? is that how it works??
OK, I'm going now to fly her their I will check back for your
answers K! Thanks sooo much~~Karen
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/22/09 09:43 PM

Doc, Soot and I will party with you and Andrea and Lindy. Then we'll go as a party into the dungeon. Hubby and I will kill everything and you guys can loot. When we finish the dungeon,you take Vancleef's head back and finish your quest. This is the easy way to do a dungeon. rotfl
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 12:39 AM

Hi all you WoWers~
Had a great time doing the instance of Deadmines with you today!! Such fun!
Thanks soot and L4L for your help! Love my new Macaw! LOL!
Hope we can do it again soon! I mean a different one!
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 01:13 AM

That was a lot of fun, and Yes, let's do it again. Don't ya'll forget that the Pilgrim's Bounty is this week if you want to get any of the achievements wave turkey
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 02:07 AM

That was AWESOMELY FUN FUN FUN with Soot & L4L!!!!!
you guys ROCK!!! your sooo powerful!! sure wish I would have
picked up more loot! I was too busy trying to follow
everyone lol I got the BEST weapon ever!! Now I can
finally kill those goons in Lakeshire! Yipeee!!
Can't wait to do it again sometime with ya all!!
Now that I know what it's like hopefully I won't be as clumbsy
next time, but I doubt it! lol Soot & LwL your toons
are sooooo COOL looking!! LOVED your Owl!! so pretty~
did ya like my BIG helpful IMP!! rotfl he got right out their in
front with soot everytime! brave little bugger he is! lol
Whose white ape pet was that?? Thanks again Soot & L4L
and Andera & Lindy you guys are sooo much fun to play
with!! and Thank you Soot & l4L for calling me to help me out!
Bless your Hearts hearts DOC~ Karen~
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 06:44 AM

I really need to find some european friends to play with soon smile
Handled everything up til now by myself and my pet pet - but there's a few quests, that I'm too chicken to take on on my own, lol

Been lukcy a few times though, when other people had the same quest, then I simply just followed them in smile
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 07:14 AM

That was my BIG gorilla, Baby, Doc! He's a TANK! I loved your Imp, too! Baby is named for my Siamese cat! LOL! I liked Linda's minion also.
Misslilo, I hope you can too. I guess UK and Europe people can't come on the same servers as we are on, eh? That's a shame.
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 03:14 PM

Doc, that was fun and I know exactly what you mean about confusing. I still get confused when we go with son on a dungeon where we need to fight. I get lost and Soot comes and finds me. I die and can't find my body. As soon as I take damage, I yell for Soot to heal me.

Course Soot is bad about not watching his own health and he dies. Then all the baddies that he was tanking come kill me. lol

And if someone is just running us through a dungeon, they always move faster than I can and I'm back there going, Wait wait, I need to loot.

I love my owl too--sometimes she gets in my way at the bank, but she protects Snow really well.

I love the imps--they are so funny.

How are you feeling today?

Missilo, I hope you find someone though Soot and I have found that people are usually pretty nice and will help ya. You are always welcome to join us but of course there is the time difference. What server are you on?

Andrea wave Baby was so cute dancing with Soot.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 04:01 PM

Finally I have time to post. The run through Deadmines was FUN!!! We need to another one together. happydance
Karen, I thought you did just GREAT. I too can get lost. I just follow the crowd, then I get behind picking up loot and they get ahead of me then I'm lost. Deadmines was a first for me. I've be through some of the others with my Horde hunter. Stockades is one I haven't been through either, maybe we can get together for that one.

Been trying to do the Pilgrim's Bounty quest, but there must be a glitch because some of the tables don't have chairs. rotfl I was trying to do the "Food Fight" quest, but wasn't able to get it done. Will try again today.

Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 04:24 PM

I'm on the UK server, Saurfang Realm.
My toon is called Staydown(lvl 17 - Hunter), and my pet Keepup laugh
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/23/09 05:03 PM

Those names are great bravo
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/24/09 06:35 AM

Thanks smile
Yeah, I didn't want a normal a name, I wanted one people would pause at.
And I thought this would be it, lol.

As for the game, I love the fact we're able to explore so much, but at times I feel I'm in a place, where I shouldn't be at my lvl.
Man some of those beasts and thughs are hard and way over my league. laugh
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/24/09 05:33 PM

Oh yea, that happens and I just head back to an easier area.

It's so fun to me to be able to go back and smack someone down who gave me such a hard time the first time through.

Course, if you have a group, those areas are easier.

And being able to Fly in Outland makes it a whole new game happydance luck
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/25/09 06:51 AM

At what lvl are we able to get our own transportation?

Right now I went to a different area outside Stormwind to do all the low lvl quest there - was quite a an easy ride, lol.
I'm having so much fun with it.
Of course I don't get much XP from it, so leveling up takes quite a while smile
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/25/09 02:32 PM

Missilo, are you doing the cooking quests?

You can get a mount at level 20 now I think. It used to be 30, but I think the last big patch changed that.

Your character will get a letter in the in game mail when you become eligible to train and get a mount. wave
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/25/09 02:44 PM

Thanks - guess it won't be long then. smile

And no, not doing Cooking Quests - I suck at cooking, lol ;-)
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/25/09 02:54 PM

This is a great time to level cooking--You can go from 0 to 350 in just a few hours instead of a few months by cooking the Pilgrim recipes.

I would be leveling all my characters except for some strange reason, my family thinks I should be cooking. The nerve!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/27/09 01:53 AM

Hi guys, Soot and I just got our pet Turkeys thanks to 2 awesome 80's that ran us through Sekketh! Color us happy turkey turkey

Now off to clean up the kitchen puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/27/09 01:39 PM

Woo Hoo L4L!!

How lucky and nice of them! Wish I could find someone to do that for me! I think there are going to be a lot of lower level players who have no chance of getting the turkey because of that particular element.
I'm doing the cooking quests on all 3 toons.
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/27/09 04:21 PM

Andrea, I'm doing the cooking with one of my Alts today. It is so great to be able to do in a few hours what normally takes months happydance

Yes, Soot and I have found that there is often at least one component of the seasonal quests that you need to be very high level (like 80) to complete. But the good thing is that the accomplishments you get this year carries over so you can pick up where you left off next year.

Wow son says that those parts of the world events are designed to keep the 80's active and engaged.

Pilgrim's Bounty was the first World event Soot and I have been able to complete, and there is no way we could have done it without the 80's.
Posted By: H4XX0RZ

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/27/09 07:27 PM

Lots of 80s do the World Events to get the achievements for each one.

Once you get all the achievements for every World Event WoW has, you get a very rare achievement called "What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been."

The reward for this is a Violet Proto-Drake mount, and it is a very difficult achievement to get, as it will at minimum take a year.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/27/09 08:39 PM

That will be so cool, but I'm quite sure it will take me more than 1 year to get it lol
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/28/09 07:50 AM

Hi Andera

How was your movie, what did you see?
Hey, do you think when you get a chance you could
help me out with a couple quests ?? One is in Lakeshire,
the other is in Westfall. I'm at lvl 19 now with my
Human Warlock. I can't hardly wait to get a HORSE to ride!!!!!
YeeHaH!!!! bravo Do you have one?

Hey ya L4L are you & Soot having problems with WoW?
I saw you coming on & off a few times, How's things
going for ya? Big Hugs to you~ heartsDoc puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/28/09 04:06 PM

DocBoomBoom, we were popping on and off changing toons to do part of the Pilgrim's Bounty quest. We have been a little laggy, but not badly.

How are you feeling today?
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/28/09 06:56 PM

I'd be glad to help today and possibly tomorrow, Karen! I had a great time last night, thanks!
L4L, you must have toons whose names are not on my list, as I only see you using Snow and soot using Sootwow. Those are the ones I see going off and on.
Bronoreen is a Dwarf Rogue if anyone needs one for the Pilgrim's quest where you shoot rogues with the Turkey Shooter. I think today is the last day for the Pilgrim's quests, no?
Hope to meet you all in game!
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/28/09 08:20 PM

Yep today is the last day for the Pilgrim's Bounty achievements/quests.

Soot and I also have toons on Burning Blade. Has Bronoreen spent a lot of time as a turkey?
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/28/09 09:47 PM

rotfl Yep! rotfl
Oh OK L4L, I get it. yes
BTW, If anyone needs lower lvl enchanting/disenchanting, Tailoring, Lockpicking, or Jewelcrafting, Please LMK. Also have lots of diff. weights of leather and ore from mining. Just ask. OK?
Andrea wave
L4L, PS I've gotten all 3 toons at or over 300 for cooking now, but find travel to Outland very difficult for my 2 lvl 20 toons to get it to Master level. Any assistance or suggestion is sppreciated!
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/28/09 11:38 PM

Hi Andera

I'll be playing tonight & tomorrow & the day after & the next
day & the next & the next ....... rotfl so anytime that is
good for you just let me know when you come on,
is that OK?? or would you rather post here first?
My Human Warlock is soo wimpy!! I'm thinking of making a
new Human toon, something that's tougher, I still
haven't been able to get any soul shards so I still have my
little Imp instead of the purple guy. I still laugh
every time I remember my Imp running up to help Soot rotfl
I love playing my Night elf Hunter lvl 20, I can't find anyone
in Darkshore that sells any kind of meat for my pet??
anybody know the closest place to buy meat??

I downloaded the zipped folders to my WoW foler I then opened the zipped folders in the WoW folder but they didn't open in the WoW folder so I cut & pasted them into the Wow folder, is this how I'm supposed to do this?? when I start playing WoW I don't see Cordinates or anything? Help?
I used the Carbonite & Lightheaded & Tom Tom zipped folders.

Hi L4L I'm doing fine, I'm pretty horse from talking too
much at Thanksgiving lol How are you doing??

Doc~Karen [
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/29/09 04:18 PM

Ahhh Andrea, I wish I'd have seen that yesterday. Soot and I would have been happy to help you get there, though I was running around on my horde mage doing turkey lurkey till late.

Ya'll feel free to email me if you need help as I may miss you in game.

DocBoomBoom, I never buy meat for my pet-I use the stuff we kill while questing. What kind of pet do you have? Does it only eat meat or does it eat meat and fish?

The add ons need to be unzipped to the Add On folder in your WoW directory.

Launch WoW and click on the Add On's button on the far left of the sign in screen and then put a check mark in the box at the top of that screen.

Then go back and load the game as normal. You should have add on's.

Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/29/09 10:27 PM

Thank you L4L!! I wasn't sure where the directory was,
should I remove all those files I pasted into my WoW folder??

I have a Spider for a pet his name is Drax lol he won't
eat Fish, just meat! picky little guy/ can you have more then
one pet at a time?? I love Andera's Baby! where did she
get him from? Thanks for all your help Doc puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/29/09 10:52 PM

Hi Karen!

I tried to get your attention in game all day Saturday, but couldn't get you to answer me.
I got him in Stranglethorn Vale. but you should wait to go there til you're a little further along. I found that a bear was a good tank for my hunter until I could survive Stranglethorn long enough to get Baby.

L4L, I'd love your help whenever you are available. It's a shame that the only trainer for over 300 is so far away and out of reach for my lvl 22 and 20 toons.

Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/29/09 11:38 PM


To get soul shards remember to use drain soul on mobs that will give you XP. No experience equals no shard. It took me some time to remember this. I was using it on low level mobs and wondering why I wasn't getting any.

Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/30/09 12:03 AM

OHH Andera I am so sorry, I'm such an airhead oops
I snoozed I losed! lol I'll try to pay better attention
I have a hard time reading the typing cause it gets doubled
over each other but Soot taught me how to fix that
when I need to.

L4L I can't find any add on to click on, on my sign in
screen?? is it on the very first screen that pops up
or the second one that has your password & screen name??

Never mind I found where the add ons are.

Andera Thanks soo much for helping me! I got so
mixed up when you started helping me, I only got half
the quest done with you, I need to kill 6 more
Redridge Poachers! I was having a hard time figuring
out the way stuff is now with my new add-ons, their's no
mini map and the quest log is different. I'm really
not liking playing my human warlock, don't think I'm
gonna play her much any more. she's just too wimpy lol

Doc puppy
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 11/30/09 04:00 PM

Andrea, now that the festival is over, it's not going to do you a lot of good to train your cooking at 300 as the recipes you will need to make will require ingredients from areas where your toon can't go yet.

I found a mage and paid him for a mage port to Dalaran. Then I reset my hearthstone there. There is a cooking trainer in the kitchen there.

However, I have had no luck getting a mage to port my Death Knight over on the Horde side.

Normally, getting to level 300 takes a long time and by the time you get there, your toons are higher level. That is why Pilgrim's Bounty was such a great deal.

But, Soot and I will be happy to help if you want to try. Also, you can train in Valiance Keep or Howling Fjord with the Grand Master cooking trainer. I think you can get there from the boat in Stormwind.

Soot will know more about the travel routes when he gets home tonight.

Karen,you can Have several pets but Only 1 with you at a time. When you want to tame a new pet, you have to find a stablemaster in the city, buy a spot for your current pet, put that pet in it, then go tame your new one. You can switch as often as you like, but you have to go to the stable master to do so.

The slots become increasingly expensive the more you buy. I have 4 pets and I think the next slot is 150 gold maybe, or maybe that was the last one? I'll probably keep my owl though for the rest of the game.

To feed Drax just kill some animals and loot the meat.

You should still have a mini-map--I have lots of add ons, but still have a mini-map.

The warlock is a bit wimpy at the start, but is a kicking character by the end. Son's 80 has taken out DK's and Pally's in the arena.

If you can get to the void walker level, they make great tanks which allows you to stand back and DOT (Damage over time) them. wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/02/09 06:54 AM

Hi L4L what's DOT Damage?? is a Void walker the
purple guy?? no matter how many times I try to drain life
I still cn't get a Soul shard! I don't know what I'm doing wrong??
I've tried doing it when their half dead and it don't work?
I had a lot of them B4 and now I can't seem to get any!
it's driving me nuts! crazy I LOVE your owl!! I'd
keep him forever too. I can have my little Chilly willy
out at the same time as my Drax, and my Whelping too
they are sooo cute hearts

Hi Lindy! Thank you sooo much for your help!! you are sooo
kind to loan me the money so I could get a Tiger to ride!!
Did you hear that guys? I have a TIGER to ride!!!!!!!! YEE HaH!!!!!
Lindy is the BEST!!!!!!!! yayNow all I gotta do is get my
wimpy human warlock to lvl 20, she's 19 now and I can
get a HORSE!!!! I will be in HEAVEN then!! lol they only
cost 95 silver Lindy and I already have it saved up just
for my HORSE!!! I have the horse picked out already,
the brown/white pinto gonna name it MOJO of course grin
pretty soon I'll be galloping all over the country! YEE HaH!!!
How did you get your Gnome warlock so powerful Lindy?
she's tough!

Hi Andera! How are you doing? I didn't see you playing today?
but then I played my Horde most the day.

Have fun playing you guys! hope to see you their K! ~Karen
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/02/09 03:29 PM

Doc, DOT means Damage Over Time. If you hover over your spells, some of them will say something like "Does 50 damage and then 10 every second for the next 15 seconds." Son always says "Dot 'em up and move on to the next guy. They are already dead, they just don't know it yet."

Are you trying to make soul shards from NPC's close to your level? Do you have room in your bag? Are you still draining soul when the target dies?

You can have a fighting pet such as Drax and a companion that doesn't fight such as Chilly out at the same time. You just can't have 2 fighting pets out at the same time.

Isn't riding great? Woo hoo!!!
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/04/09 03:43 AM

Hi to my WoW buddies!
I've been without an internet connection for the last 3 days! I haven't been ignoring you, just going through severe withdrawl. Got it back now and hope it stays! Been very frustrating.
Hope to see you in game soon!
Andrea wave
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/04/09 06:13 PM

Andrea, good to see you playing last night.

Karen, next time you play your Warlock please check your mail. Pipen made you some new gear. We should get our warlocks together so you can level up, get your horse and maybe get you some soul shards. I was happy to help you get your tiger. It makes getting around so much easier. Pipen now has a new demon the Felhunter. He isn't as strong as my "blueberry" right now, but will be later on.

wave Linda
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/04/09 11:28 PM

Hi Linda!
Thanks! So glad to be back!
Karen, I'm glad to help you anytime you need it. Just LMK OK? Don't know why you've lost your mini map.
Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/05/09 01:18 AM

OOHHH Andera! so sorry to hear that! I've had that happen B4 and about shriveled up from withdrawl!! lol what did we do B4 WoW guys?? I think I used to read a lot? rotfl

I'm so happy for you that you got it back now YIPPEEEE!!! yay
I'll be looking for ya.

Hi L4L Yes! Riding is Awesome!!! Yes, I have plenty of room in my backpack, Yes, I'm still Draining soul when they die, Yes I'm
killing something that's my level or a little lower, it has got me totally stumped??? Oh well, just gonna keep trying.....

Bella is driving me crazy with her Howling, she Howls all the time when I'm on the computer, she's jealous! lol I play with her for a long time and the minute I get back on the computer she starts Howling! Spoiled!! heartsKaren~
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/05/09 01:42 AM

Doc, see your PM puppy
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/06/09 08:56 AM

Hi Lindy I missed your post sorry about that! I'd love to get
our warlocks together!! That would be sooo great!! yay
just LMK whenever you want to do it OK?
L4L's son is gonna play her for me and see if he can get
me some soul shards, isn't that great!!! bravo
I played my Horde Blood elf all day got her from level 9 to16!!!
woo hoo!!! I love those quests their so easy! their's
hardly anyone
playing their come?? do any of you have
any Hordes I can add as friends?? I don't have one
friend their cry
I'll check my warlock mail first thing tomorrow Linds!
Thank you Pipen your great!!

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/07/09 12:29 AM

No Karen, no Horde toons for me!
I got Windows 7 installed on my laptop today, so I've been busy. Missed fishing and everything.
Andrea wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/08/09 08:28 AM

That's great Andera! How do you like win 7? I still have XP.
I wish I had a laptop, maybe one of these years lol
You should try a Blood Els sometime, their a lot of fun to play
and got some pretty fun & easy quests to do.

Lindy don't you have a Horde?
Do you have any L4L?

I had to go to the Dr's today then did some Christmas
shopping so I never got a chance to play today either *rats*
but I'lll be playing tomorrow for sure! happydance
Hope to see you guys!

Doc puppy
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/08/09 12:41 PM

Alright, so I finally reached lvl 20 - but where do I get a Mount in the Elwyn area, and how much do they cost? smile
I tried buying a horse at the lumber place, but were told, that I needed "something" regarding Stormwind??
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/08/09 03:34 PM

DocBoomBoom, I have several Hordies and so does Soot, but they are over on Burning Blade as that is where sons like to play. Silly sons lol

Missilo, try This Page.

You have to go back to your starting area to get your mount. They are much cheaper now than they were when I got mine--you will need to pay a Riding Trainer (who should be right next to the mount seller) to get trained, and then buy the mount from the seller. luck
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/08/09 07:21 PM

I have several Horde's on another sever. One is a level 80 hunter. It has been nice to play ally, something different.

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/09/09 05:21 AM

Haven't been able to play at all tonight. Blizzard's new patch has completely blocked me from playing. Can't even download the patch, nothing is working tonight. Sigh. cry
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/09/09 06:48 AM

Wasn't that a second patch in like what 3-4 days?

Other than that, I found the guy who can teach me to ride, but I don't have enough gold frown
Guess I'll have to come back to him at a later stage, lol.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/09/09 03:02 PM

Andrea, hubby told me there was a patch--I need to download it this morning.

Misslilo, sorry you didn't have enough gold. I know I didn't either--it's great that they lowered the level to 20--it was 30 for me--but I didn't have enough gold even then. A friend of my son's sent it to me so I could ride. luck
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/09/09 04:14 PM

I was able to download the patch early yesterday morning with no problems. I did have probelms getting on to play last night. It was the big 3.3 patch that has made alot of changes. The one change that I want is to have soul shards stack in your bag, but it didn't happen.

Will try to play today.
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/10/09 07:36 AM

Well, I had to uninstall the game and install it fresh to get the updater to run. Don't know what was wrong, but I was finally able to play before I headed to bed. What a relief! lol
No help from Blizzard. Humpf!
Andrea wave
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/10/09 03:03 PM

Yikes Andrea, I'm glad you got it figured out.

Bliz was a big help to hubby as he tried to figure out what was wrong with his a while back.

We both had some quirky glitches last night in our mail system. Maybe there will be a patch for the patch puppy
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/11/09 05:09 AM

Hi missalo I have the same prob, I don't have enough
money either bummer sad it cost 95 silver for the
horse and I'm not sure how much for the trainer yet?
But I'm saving every penny I get so I can RIDE RIDE!! lol

Does the patch load itself or do you have to load it yourself

L4L Tell son THANK YOU so much!! I can get all the
soul shards I need now with no problems!! The problem
was stupid me was using Drain life instead
of Drain soul spell!! How dumb can ya get Karen DUH!! lol
I feel like such a BOZO!!

Lindy & Andera why don't you
guys make a Blood elf & play with me, it's really fun!
really! lol Lindy that soul shard stacking idea is GGreat!!
they need to do that bad!!

Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/11/09 06:53 AM

Well, I have almost gotten enough gold for the training and a mount. laugh

Been doing a lot of low lvl quests - or so I thought they were - one turned out to be quite hard, especially when you do it alone, lol smile
Got myself killed maybe a dozen times, before I got through it ;P

My problem is, that I'm not a very good team player - I hate having others depend on me.
I much rather prefer to be able to call someone, and then when done, they can leave again, lol.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/11/09 05:31 PM

Karen, son said anytime--and hey, it happens to me all the time.

I'll forget about certain attacks or spells I have--my kids enjoy my attempts to play though, and are patient with me.

No feeling like a Bozo--everyone has to learn!

See your PM.

Missilo, you can play just the way you described. Just PUG (pick up group) it, and when that quest is over, you can resume solo play.

That's one of the things I love about WoW--you can pretty much play the game they way you enjoy! wave
Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/11/09 06:11 PM

DrMojo if you need any further help with your Warlock just let me know, my Warlock is far and away the favorite character I have played so far!!

Whenever you are ready to distribute those talent points just let me know and I can meet you and go over what the benefits are of spreading them out in a few different ways !!!

Happy Hunting!
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 02:28 AM

You guys need to create the Gameboomers Guild. Wouldn't that be a hoot?!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 02:48 AM

That would be a hoot. You need 10 folks though to start a guild (Unless you want to pay for signatures) and the bank tabs are pricey :santa:
Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 02:52 AM

A Gameboomers guild would be awesome . . . you could just call it BAAG wink THat's funny that you suggested that Deb I was pondering the same earlie this evening LOL ... With as many Boomers that play WoW you would be able to do instances and raids with no problems !!! Plus I think it would be no problem finding someone in a specific profession to help out with crafting .. .. .. unless everyone on GB is doing herbalism and alchemy wink
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 03:33 AM

I've wanted a GB Guild for a long time! But we do need more members. Maybe more GBers will get interested in playing. We'd all have to be on the same realm (server) I think.
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 04:01 AM

What a AWESOME idea!! **GB Guild** :bravo12:
Asha you'd be the ring leader or whatever he's called,
Lets see uuummmm...... so far we have Asha, Soot, L4L,
Lindy, Andera, Karen, Missalo, we only need 3 more!!!!
Does Deb play??

Thank you so much Asha' are the talent pts anything
like the game Quest for Glory? did you ever play that?
GGGreat game, you'd like it, it's a lot like WoW!
there's Fighter, Paladin, Thief, Magic it's my all
time Fav! where would I meet ya to discuss this? if it
would be easier you can play my toon again & assign my pts
for me?? would that work?? your little man, Perbear is
sooooooo cute!! I love his name you must be very proud
of him :grin12: Thanks again for all your help~Karen
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 04:06 AM

I think this is a awesome idea. I'm ready to join.

Linda :santa: :happydance12:
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 09:43 AM

It's a great idea, but unfortunately we need to be on the same continent too.
I'm on the european server frown
Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 03:12 PM

Luv2Travel : Yup Yup we would all have to choose one server ( realm ) to roll characters on so that everyone could be in the guild together, but I love starting new characters so that's not a problem wink

DrMojo : The Talent points basically customize your character beyond the normal talents and abilities you pick up along the way. With Warlocks specifically they give you the chance to either increase the damage your DOTs (Damage Over Time spells) do to enemies, increase the effectiveness of your summoned pet, or increase the damage of your Destruction based spells . . . I actually spent a really ridiculous amount of gold in game constantly trying new specs so I have a pretty good feel for all three Warlock skill trees LOL. As far as when and where that is completely up to you, I can just meet you where you are with your Warlock and go over the different trees until you find one you like! Just pick a date/time and we will see what we can do! Thanks, I think Per is absolutely adorable as well, although I am a bit biased wink

Lindy : Alright! One more in our clutches!

Misslilo : I will have to ask some friends about servers . . . I know when I used to play more often I had 2 clan members that were overseas ... one in Australia and one in Switzerland and they were on the same server I played on . . . they may have changed some things in the last patch though ... honestly not sure =)

Okay time for more coffee =)

:::Edit::: Back with coffee .. .. ..

@Misslilo : Okay I have my coffee ... I'm looking at the Realm selection screen, and at the bottom I see three different tabs, United States/ Oceanic / Latin America, and then from there you choose a realm . . . does it not give you the choice to choose a United States realm ?? My friends overseas said they just chose to play on the US realms ... let me know if that works!!!
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 05:33 PM

Super Asha'man! I've been really interested in starting a Warlock and maybe a Horde one! Muahahah! (evil laughter} Sounds really fantastic! I have 3 toons right now on Draka. A Night Elf Hunter lvl 50, Lalais; a Human Mage lvl 25, Ardyth; and a Dwarf Rogue (!) lvl 22, Bronoreen.
Just let me know what we're going to do. I will definitely need your help with the 'lock! I paid for a fast leveling program from a site called iDemise before I upgraded to Win7, and can't figure out how to add it back into the game as the program files have changed and I can't find the Add-ons folder anymore. It was working fine until the upgrade and the WoW 3.3 update, but I had to delete WoW and reinstall to be able to play again. :duh12:
Andrea :santa:
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 05:46 PM

No, we only have tabs for English/French/German/Spanish/Russian

Probably because I signed up on UK battlenet smile
Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/13/09 07:06 PM

Andrea : Warlocks are very very fun =) You get all the magic power of a mage with none of the squishiness !!! Yea depending on what everyone else was thinking server wise I think that Draka would be a good one to roll characters on since a few of us already have higher level characters there in case we should ever need help! Also, as far as your Addon folder, it will just be inside of your WoW base directory . . . normally under Program Files, however I do not have any experience with Win 7 though . . . so hmmmmmmm will have to ponder that one!

Misslilo : Ah yes . . . I bet that is what did it . . . well if you really are interested in playing with I can make inquiries with my overseas friends as to what you would need to do to swap over ??? I would imagine you could re-register or change your preferences somewhere ...

@Everyone : Well if everyone does indeed want to do this we just need to decide on a server (I personally am A-OK with Draka if that's good with everyone else?) and a faction . . . whether we want to play Alliance or Horde ? It sounds like there may be a few higher level Alliance toons already on Draka so Ally may be the way to start in case we run into *trouble* LOL . . . but I personally love the Horde as well . . . so we will just have to leave that up to what everyone wants to do. . . so what do we think about which server and whether Alliance or Horde?
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 12:10 AM

I have two ally toons on Draka. Pipendelly level 35, warlock, affliction talents. Her professions are enchanting and tailoring.

Juhani level 24, shaman, enhancement talents. Her professions are skinning and leathworking. She mostly tanks, but also has some healing abilities.

Staying on Draka works for me. Both of my toons are ally, but I can re-roll horde. I have played horde before so no probelm there.

:santa: :happydance12: Linda
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 04:46 AM

Oh, yes Drmojo Debra does play. I have 47 toons on about 10 servers. Highest is 73 lowest is 9. It would really be cool if we could create a guild and great advertising for our web site, too!
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 07:08 AM

Hi ya Asha'man Wouldn't that be an awful lot of typing
for you to have to do?? is their an easier way??
I am really new to WoW and barely know anything your
Mom knows TONS of stuff , she's been helping me along
she;s GGGreat :bravo12: I can do it any time that's
good for you, I'm home all day/night you got job/school/kid
so I think it's better for you to pick a time that's good for you
cause I can do it any time, welll rxcept for very early
mornings, I am sooo not a morning person :sleep12:
I gotta start reading up on Guilds, I know nothing about
them. except that I want to be in the GB Guild!! :lol12:
Please call me Karen or Doc~

Lindy if you play tomorrow can you help me kill the
Great Boar in Lakeshire?? I've almost killed him 3 times
now, but he kills my Void walker then kills me! I'm lvl 20
and he's lvl 24!

Hi L4L I sent you a PM. Thank you so much~ Karen
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 03:45 PM

Yes Karen. I can help you with him. I'll be playing tonite, so I'll be watching for you. I'm going out today to buy new printer that also copies and scans. I'll be busy setting that up this afternoon.

See you later. :happydance12:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 05:15 PM

Debra, 47 toons--:rotfl12: I thought I was bad and I only have 10 and only really play with 3 of them.

DocBoomBoom, to help you get your points Asha can just call when you are both on--That will be much easier.

Everything I know about WoW I learned from Asha or Twizzler or Soot.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 09:05 PM

Aye-ya-ya! I somehow missed those 4 or 5 posts
above me? :woozy12:

Asha'man I want to play on Draka for sure! it's the only
one I have & I can't afford to pay for other servers.
I think Ally (hey! I learned a new WoW word!!) will prolly
be the best, cause it seems most of our good/great toons
are their. I have one Horde a Blood Elf-Hunter lvl 19
with Alchemy/Herbs I LOVE playing her! she's Bad!!
Allies I have my Humen-warlock, (which you know well! :grin12:
she has Tailoring & I can't remember what else?
I have a Night Eld-Hunter lvl 21 Alchemy/Herbs (she's my Fav!)
I have a Draenel-Mage lvl 10 no proff. yet? I'm trying to figure out
what's best for her? can you help me with that??)
I also have a Gnome-warlock lvl 10 no job either, I need help
her jobs too?) I just started a Human-warrior lvl 3 no
jobs either, boy I am jobless! :rotfl12:
Hey! maybe while were out playing our toons we can try
to get a couple of good players to join GB and our Guild!??
just an idea?? what does Squishiness mean?? theirsoft?

So, I'm Draka --Ally vote for sure :thumbsUp12:

Hi Lindy Yee HaH!! on the printer!! Congrats!! I
have a HP 3-in-one too, I love it!! I'll see ya on WoW!!

Hi Deb! WoW!!!! 47 toons!! you must be busybusybusy!!!
maybe one of these years I'll catch up to ya!! :lol12:

Hi Andera how's things going in your neck of the woods?
any snow yet? we have almost a foot now! YIPPEEE!!!
you have just the 3 Ally toons, don't cha??

Hi L4L who's Twizzler? that would be great if he can call me
or I can call you too!! but I need your # ?

Talk to ya all later my WoW-WoW Buddies! ~Karen :grinch:

would'nt that be sooooo AWESOME to get WoW 3
from Santa!!! WoWWoWWoW!!!!

Any GB out their playing WoW wanna join our GB Guild??
Please let us know! Thanks!!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 09:11 PM

Doc, you don't pay per server, only per account. You can make characters on any open server--for instance, I have characters on the server Burner Blade and also on Draka wave

Yeppers, he means lack of ability to take a hit--Mages can only wear cloth armor, so we are super squishy! However, if you can keep the enemy away, the mages can deal the damage. wave

For some reason, I seem to play squishy characters a lot!
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 09:18 PM

are Shaman squishy too? Thank you so much for telling me about the servers I didn't know that! and it's good to know! or
maybe it's not?? now I'll prolly go out & join 10 diffenent servers
and really get myself all confused??!! :rotfl12:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/14/09 09:24 PM

Doc, I don't know about shaman's but middle son has a 60ish shaman on Drakka, so I'll ask him to come over and answer that question.

You can have 50 different characters in all, and I think I read 10 servers? puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 02:13 AM

Hi Boomer WoWers!

Karen, no snow in my part of AZ. I live near to Phoenix. It rarely gets down to the 30s here and only at night. We get occaisional hail storms but no snow. Now in northern AZ they get snow in the high elevations, but not here. It should be in the low 70s here by Wednesday. It's in the mid-60s right now.
I'm lost without my leveling program, and don't know how to put it back in to my Add-On folder on WoW since I upgraded to Windows 7.
I'm going to start a Warlock I think.
BTW, Karen, I have 3 cats.
Andrea :santa:
Posted By: mmmtwizzlerGB

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 03:24 AM

Shamans aren't too terribly squishy.... They have alot of nifty utility that helps them stay alive (heals, snares, sheilds, etc...) and they can eventually wear mail, which makes them one of the middle of the road classes.

i.e. More squishy than a palidan, but no nearly as bad as a mage.

Its one of my favorite classes to play XD.

@ Luv to travel... have you tried enabling the new Wow based quest utility? Its a brand new feature with 3.3, and I hear alot of people saying that they like it a good deal more than the old addons.... you should be able to find it under your interface.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 08:09 AM

Hi Twizzler well if you join the GB Guild too then we
will have 8 members!! :happydance12:
Who do you think has better spells the Shaman or the Mage??
I'm not liking the Draenel-Mage I just made too well,
I think I'm gonna start her over & make her a Shaman.
what kind of toon would you reccomend for a newbie
and what jobs?? Thanks for your help~Karen :wave12:

Hi Andera, I forgot you live in AZ, their I go again mixing
you up with Lindy again~sorry~ I was thinking you
lived in S. Dakota, but that's Lindy, slapforehead
You didn't play very long tonight, Can you copy & paste
your program thingy to your WoW folder in your
program files/WoW/add ons ?? that's how I did my
Quest helper add on. it works fine. :santa:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 02:28 PM

Hi guys, just so you all know, twizzler is my Middle Son and the one responsible for hooking the rest of the family (except for daughter) on WoW puppy
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 03:25 PM

Thanks Twizzler! I will look into it! The program I bought was a fast leveling program that was woefully out of date and there were never any updates provided. I wish now that I hadn't paid the $47 for it. I will say though that it did help by picking the best quests to do to level fast and ignoring the ones that were time wasters. The WoW folders are completely different now in Win 7 and it's very confusing.
It's OK Karen. I started a Warlock Human named Zandrea (!) last night. Then I couldn't keep my eyes open and went to bed cause I kept drifting off to lala land.
I don't know where to look for the new program, Twizzler. Can you provide more info, or where to read about it? thanks
Andrea :santa:
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 04:01 PM

Karen, I played to 11 pm last night, waited for you to log on so I could help you with that quest. We have some snow here, but mostly cold. It was -10 this morning. :shiver:

I'll be on again tonite, if you still need help. Last nite I played my shammy. It has been awhile since I played her, so I had to re-learn over again.

Linda :santa:
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 04:11 PM

Did anyone ever make a decision about Alliance or Horde? I vote Alliance. The Horde toons are so ugly except for the Blood Elves and I'm partial to Stormwind.
I just play seriously on about 12 of my toons the rest are social experiments, i.e. how would an all hunter guild do? Would it level faster than a mixed guild, etc. In other words, I have no life lol
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 09:42 PM

Alright Andera now you have the same as mine!
I love the name! :grin12: I fall alsleep at my computer
all the time my dog Bella Howls to get me to come to bed :lol12:

Hi Lindy I was on last night til 12, I was playing my
Draenel-named Kebe then switched to Drayaa my
Human warlock and I never saw you on? maybe I
don't have your Shammy's name on my list, what is it??
I will be on tonight for sure playing, Kebe, or Drayaa, or
Kreeye, I also made a new Human-Warrior named Treye
I gotta get off this name kick it's getting wayyy to confusing
for me?? :rotfl12: Drayaa is the one I need help with
so when I see you I will switch over to her, I need the name
of your Shammy though. is it Juhani? what is she a Human?
OOHHH BRRRRR... and I thought it was cold here at 7%!!

Hi Deb! I'm Draka- Ally vote for sure. I have 5 toons & rising
all the time, I have no life either! :rotfl12:

Hi ya Twizzler!! nice to meet cha'! welcome
to GameBooners!!!!!

Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/15/09 11:30 PM

Karen, 11pm is 9pm your time. You may have been logging on when I logged off.. My shammy's name is Juhani. She picked up alot quest in that area . In fact, she has the same quest you are having trouble with. It would be fun to do these quest together.

I vote Ally and Draka.

Hope to see you tonite.

:happydance12: Linda

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/16/09 12:54 AM

I vote the same....Ally/Draka
Andrea :santa:
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/16/09 05:06 AM

Hi Linda I had GGGGreat fun tonight! :yay12:
if ya want to we can do the rest of the Lakeshire area quests
together/ your toon is soooo much better then my
squishy Warlock! :lol12: where else do you have quests to do
with Juhani? I have some in Duskwood too.
Too bad I can't ride ya double on my New GGGGreat
Pinto Horseie!! it's sooo cool gallopin' on my Pinto,
I can feel just what it feels like to be really sitting on a
horses back, feeling their musles under ya, the
pounding of their hoofs.... aahhhh it's a AWESOME
feeling hearts
your right I was just signing on when you were signing off.
I didn't know their was a time difference? I'll try
hard to remember that. Thanks again, it was fun!

Karen :santa:

Hi L4L How ya doing?

Hi Andera How are tou doing?
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/16/09 05:37 PM

Winterveil is this week--everyone have fun :bravo12:
Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/16/09 06:31 PM

Hallo everyone !! Back finally .. .. .. got rained in at a friends house for a few days, but the skies finally cleared and I was able to travel home! Sounds to me like Alliance and Draka wins the popular vote, so there we go !!!! Now we just need some suggestions for the guilds name !! Thoughts?

Andrea : For all of your WoW addons visit either or , I personally prefer for all of my and L4L's and Soot's addons as they are a great site that scans all their stuff and I've never had any spyware/virus/trojan horse problems from any of their stuff . . . but the best part is all of the Addons are free , so you can try out different types of addons ( Map, Unit Frames, Professions, etc ) and keep the ones you want and just delete the others!! broccoli There are quite a few great Questing addons that will take you quickly and easily from one quest to the next so you can level very quickly without having to pay any extra money to anyone!!! Also the developers regularly update the addons on both of those sites, again completely for free !! Check them out!

Although as Twizz pointed out, when they updated to 3.3 , Blizzard added some quest navigation to the World Map on their own, so it is actually possible to zip around a bit easier add on free than it was before!

Off to hunt more coffee.. .. ..
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/16/09 10:54 PM

Thanks for the help Asha'man! I have Quest helper cause
your L4L said that's what Soot uses & I like it alot! :grin12:
I don't know very much about all this kinda stuff yet though?

Guild names?...uummm...... let's see...... GB WoWer's .....
GB Tanks......GameBoomer Guild......Asha''man's GB Guild......
Soot's GB Guild........ Boomer's Guild...I'm bad at names :lol12:

Hi Lindy I was thinking I got some Murlock fins at
those Murlocks we did together the first time, remember them??
but then thought DUH Karen! look on your quest map
for them! slapforehead OK! quit laughing everybody! :rotfl12:

Hi L4L what is Winterville?? is it like the Halloween and
Thanksgiving things they did? what names do you suggest?
what kind od names can Soot think of?


Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 01:06 AM

Asha'man, I agree with Twizz, the new Blizz quest program is really good. Especially the maps. I use Curse also, though I really don't need anything else now. The thing I liked the fast leveling for was being able to pick the best quests for the most points and leave the others behind in order to level up quickly. That's the program I paid for that I wish now I hadn't.
Hi Karen!
Andrea :santa:
Oh, BTW, I think the name of the Guild should be BAAGS!
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 01:45 AM

Visited GB last night for the first time in ages (WoW takes ALL my time) and saw this thread. My toons are on Exodar so I changed over to Draka and started a NE hunter. Would like to transfer one of my higher level ladies over with me.

How 'bout just "Boomers", though I must say I really like BAAGS! lol. Now is that like "the old bags" or the well-documented disease? ;D
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 02:39 AM

Hi PeggyH! welcome
Yes, I meant our common disease. :rotfl12:
Andrea :santa:

What is the name of your hunter so I can add her to my friend's list?
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 04:50 AM

I am Xola. Don't know how you pronounce it, but looks kinda neat. My mage that I would like to transfer is Dylia.

Will be watching for the group to arrive and "guild up".

Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 04:51 AM

Peggy, Wow certainly can take over your life.

Do you have any toons on Burning Blade? Are you working on the Winterveil Events? puppy
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 05:19 AM

Hey WoW WoW Buddies :santa:

I like BAAGS too!

Hi Andera, so to get to the Winter ville I go to the
underground train in Ironforge?? I didn't see all the stuff
you typed, I was busy getting killed! :lol12:

Hi Peggy, does this mean you'll be joining our soon to
be BAAGS Guild!!? :bravo12:
So now we only need ONE more! YeeHaH!! :yay12:

Lindy, I found the Murlocks and did the quest, but I'll
still go with ya to help do yours K? , cause those little
suckers are everywhere & I died a few times at least
even with my VW! Their right across from those birds we were killing together yesterday. and those birds attack you too when your killing the murlocks ACKK!! I got another Horse today when
I learned a bunch more spells & skills.!! he's soo cool
he has flame on hoofs!! cool I can now also make
myself come back to life & not have to go to the
spirit gudie Yeah! I can make 2 different soul stones
now, this is getting fun! it's only 9pm here
so I'm gonna go play some more. Karen~
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 06:54 AM

I think I really need to get into making spells.
Gotta read up about it smile
Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 04:32 PM

Karen don't forget when traveling with your Blueberry ( Voidwalker ) that if you come under fierce attack you can always click the "Sacrifice" button on the Voidwalkers bar and it will sacrifice a little of his health in order to put up a shield around your character that will absorb all incoming damage up to a certain amount . . . pretty nifty little trick to keep you alive in a sticky situation smile
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 04:37 PM

Hi everyone,
I was sick yesterday, so didn't play at all. Maybe I'll play some tonight.

I like the name BAGGS or Boomers.

Yeah Karen those fins are hard to get, takes forever. That onther player was killing all of them so we didn't have much of a chance.

Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 05:00 PM

Hi Boomer WoWers!
I like either name, BAAGS or Boomers!
Karen, you can always click on the up arrow however many times you need, to go back to read chat that has gone past the window. There's a underground tram you can take from the Dwarven District in Stormwind, that goes to Ironforge. Then get the flight location there so you can go there anytime. The tram is free but flying costs some money. Where's the picture of Mojo you had as your avatar?
L4L, Hope everything's going OK! Thinking about you, Soot, and your family.
Thanks, Peggy, I'll add the names of your Toons!
Asha'man, Thank you for the suggestions!
Linda, hope you feel better soonest!
I am always available on one or the other of my toons to anybody who needs quest assistance, and would love to participate in some dungeons! Just LMK!
Andrea :santa:
Question for Twizz or Asha'man...if we have more than 1 toon, can we put more than 1 in a guild and can we count each 1 as however many members we have?
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 09:43 PM

Yes, I would love to be a "charter member" of the BAAGS guild!

Must confess that I have been playing for about 3 years and have very little group experience. I solo almost always and have only attempted 5 man dungeons once! I do have a level 80 and have soloed all the classic dungeons. But I want to learn to play well with others so that I quit spinning in circles, running in the wrong direction and generally making a fool of myself! I get so nervous when I am playing in a group that feel like a kid (and most of the kids you meet on WoW are pretty sharp....not this one)!

Exodar is my other Realm. Have six characters.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/17/09 11:28 PM

Peggy, I understand. I only do dungeons with my kids because I know I'm not fast enough for the other 12 year olds :rotfl12:
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/18/09 01:41 AM

Hi WoW WoW Buddies :santa:

Thank you Asha'man! I did not know about the sacrifice
button, that's GGreat to know! what's the name of your
toons? is it OK to add them to my friend's list?
I promise I won't bug ya too much :grin12:

Hi Andera, Thank you for the help I was trying to put a
Christmas pic for my avitar and couldn't do it! that was not a
pic of Mojo, it was just some horse pic I found on
Photobucket :lol12: I would love to have Mojo's pic as my
avaitar!! I have him on my Facebook photo's along with
all my other animals~ So now I don't have a avaitar pic
and I don't know how to put one one cause Ana did that one
for me, I need help??

Hi Lindy so sorry you were sick, I hope your feeling lots
better? Did you already do the murlock getting 8 fins quest??

Hi Peggy Don't feel bad, I have not done one Dungeon yet
but would sure like to, I don't have any idea how to do them?

Hi missalo, I wouldn't make a Mage for spells, I am
playing a Draenel-Mage lvl 12 and she is soooo
squishy!! I don't like her much at all so I'm gonna delete
her & make her be a Shaman instead, her name is Bebe
after a Twilight Vampire! :lol12:

I'm off to WoW WoW land Karen~Doc
Posted By: MaG

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/18/09 01:55 AM


Send me the picture or the link to a picture of Mojo and I'll place it as an avatar.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 12:42 AM

Thank you sooo much MaG!!!! did you do my Mo pic
or did Ana? Thank you sooooo very very much if
you did it~Blees you & a very :christmas:to you~ Doc
Posted By: MaG

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 01:59 AM

Ana must have. smile
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 05:17 AM

Hey Doc, I sent you a PM yesterday. wink
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 08:50 AM

OOHHH ANA! Bless your Heart Thank you sooo much!
I love it! hearts

Thanks to you too MaG for offering to do it for me hearts

Hi Andera I saw you whisper to me tonight but I was right
in the middle of killing 10 Blackrock Champions with
this other toon lvl 60 that was helping me! nd I'm
not talented enough yet to fight & type :lol12:
By the time I was done you were gone, so sorry I
missed you :frown12: do you have a toon in the Lakeshire area?

Hi Lindy I hope your feeling alright??
I need some help on my Lakeshire quests they are too hard
for my toon/me! lol!

Hi Peggy you played a longgg time tonight just like me! :bravo12: Karen~
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 04:33 PM

Karen, I'm feeling better. Thanks for asking. I played some yesterday with my son. The Grandson will be here today. I will try to be on tonite to help you.

:santa: Linda
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 05:16 PM

Linda, glad you're feling better!
Karen, I can be in Lakeshire any time you need me! Maybe we can coordinate an attack! The quest for my Dwarf Rogue in Westfall has been broken since the latest update and they still haven't fixed it.
I've been working on my warlock who is at lvl 10 right now, but I'm tired of dying all the time. She's in Westfall too. Thinking of going back to my main toon for a bit.
Hi Peggy and L4L and all other WoWers!
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 06:18 PM

My computer's in the shop so I'm using my husband's on sufferance lol. I vote for the guild name of Gameboomers and I'll have to transfer a character or two to Draka but it should be OK if we finalize it to that server. I'll check in as I can for updates. Hubby's computer won't play WoW frown
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 07:46 PM

That's too bad about your computer, Debra. And also sorry that hubby's puter won't play WoW.
Sounds good though for the future! When you get on Draka let me know, so I can add you to my friends list!
Andrea :wave12:

BTW: MaG, how would you feel if we named the guild GameBoomers? Is it copywrited?
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/19/09 11:18 PM

Hi Andera :wave12:

Hey! I can help you any time with your Human/warlock quests!!
I have a Human/warlock who's lvl 22 she's a big girl now! :lol12:
so I can help ya get through those quests in Westfall cause I
got killed a million times doing them !! so would love to pay
back those guys out their! just LMK whenever OK!!?

Lindy I'm sooo glad your feeling better! don't worry about
helping me, I can always find some big strong toon to
help me out! :grin12: I hope you have a fun time
with your Grandson~ Get plenty of rest~

Hi Deb Hope your back to WoW WoW land soon!!

Posted By: MaG

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/20/09 02:53 AM


I already talked to Looney4Labs about it. It's okay by me.
Yes - the name is copywrited.
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/20/09 03:03 AM

Thanks so much, MaG! :christmas:
Andrea :santa:
Posted By: MaG

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/20/09 04:07 AM

Posted By: Asha'man

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/21/09 07:15 PM

Okay awesome sounds like we have all of our ducks in a row then! My toons on Draka are Saidarmoon and Moonflare , so feel free to add both names to your friends list and buzz me whenever you see me on =) I'll be playing sporadically for the rest of the month whenever Perrin is napping or down for the night, or at his Mom's !

Okay going to go power level for an hour while the lil one naps =)
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/21/09 10:51 PM

Hi Asha' man I already had your Saidamoon on my list
but I added Moon Flare, Thanks! Cool names~
Sorry I never got around to talking pros/cons of the points with ya
but I was too busy with Christmas stuff~ so prolly be
better to wait until after the Holidays :santa:
I was reading up on the different things you can put
your points on. pretty cool stuff! so I guess I just need to
know which ones to put my points on huh? think
So have a very Merry Christmas with Perrin & Conner. you'll have tons of fun with little ones!! :bravo12:
and your Family~God Bless~Karen :christmas:
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/22/09 03:14 PM

Do we have enough for a guild? I've lost count. Asha'man are you going to be the GM? I don't want to transfer toons to Draka until I'm sure everything is in place for this. It costs $25 per toon and they only allow a certain amount of gold to go with a toon. Also, they will not replace any gold or items that get lost during the transfer. That bothers me a bit, but I'm not up to starting another toon from scratch.
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/22/09 03:50 PM

Debra, could you start a new toon on your old realm (not to play and level) so you could store your gold and items that you can't take with you, for future possible use? Wouldn't it be better than just losing it? Either that, or giving it to another player on that realm who's in need. Just a thought.
Asha'man and L4L, what do you think? think
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/23/09 12:59 AM

Hi Deb! I think we need ONE more BAAGS/GB GUILD
member? Let's see..uummmm.... we have Asha'man, Twizzler,
Soot, L4L, Andera, Lindy, Karen, Debra, Peggy,
so, yeah, we need ONE more!! :bravo12:
we'd have 10 if missalo could join us? but I don't think he can?
*rats* Maybe Santa wil bring us a 10th member!!! :santa:

So Asha'man what is the name BAAGS or Gameboomers??

Does anybody know of a GB they can get to play or who is already
playing to join our GB Guild?? Karen :christmas:
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/23/09 01:59 AM

Does each of our toons count as a member, or is it only the human behind the toons that's counted as a member?
If the toons count as 1 member each, I think we have enough?
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/23/09 02:05 AM

Andrea,only one toon from each account counts. We tried to use multiple toons over on BB, but discovered that the software is too smart for that.

However, I think we all need to pop online at the same time to sign the guild charter, and be in the same place--but from previous experience, offering up gold to sign almost always works so we don't actually have to wait for that 10th member, though it would be fun to not have to pay.

Missilo won't be able to sign--only accounts that are on the same server can form a guild--unless that changed with the recent patch. puppy

Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/23/09 06:37 AM

It hasn't changed, so I won't be able to join you unfortunately frown
But good luck to you all and merry christmas - in case I forget.
Here in denmark we celebrate tomorrow evening smile

Oh and Drmojo - I'm a "She" laugh
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/23/09 08:35 AM

oopssorry about that! I hope you have a very very
:christmas: Kare~Doc :santa:
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/26/09 08:10 AM

No problem and merry christmas to you too smile

Oh and I went and got myself another account and bought the US version of WOW, so I could join you all on Draka.

Mind you, I had to create a whole new toon, so only at lvl 10.
It's a Dwarf, Hunter and called Staydown laugh
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/26/09 04:41 PM

Hi Misslilo!
That's great! I'll add you to my friends list!
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/26/09 05:36 PM

Booooo Haaaaaa MissLilo---fantastic! That is great news!
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/26/09 06:39 PM

laugh "The things we do for ...."
- Anyway, I*m now up to lvl 12, but still a long way to go to reach my EU toon, lol.
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/27/09 07:36 AM

I put a new toon on Draka named Reata so we could start our guild. I'll put the names I have on my friends list. In game mail me or post here when we're ready to sign the charter. Thanks!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/27/09 05:08 PM

Wooo hooo, looks like we are ready to go then. We just need to pick a time--which for Asha I know will be this weekend or next week--He has the PerBear until Friday, and the Bear is very high maintenance.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/27/09 05:08 PM

My friends list is getting long. happydance

Karen, you must have deleted a toon?

We are busy digging out from under 20 inches of snow.
My company for Christmas Eve and Day stayed home, so Christmas was just me and hubby. The state shut down for 3 days. Both interstates closed border to border. They slowly opened yesterday.

:santa: Linda
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/27/09 06:17 PM

Hi Debra! Reata it is! I'll add her!
L4L, I know the Per is a handfull, Just LMK and I'll be there!
Anybody going to fish today?
Hi Linda! Sounds relaxillating! In my part of Arizona there's no chance of that happening to me! LOL!
Take care all my WoW buddies!
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: Debra

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 04:37 AM

Luv2travel or Zandrea it was great talking with you live on WoW. Did you make it to level 20 with your lock?
I had a harrowing experience. I went to the Howling Fjord Utgarde Keep and tamed a Daggercap Hawk (lvl 6-7) for my new hunter. Died twice but I got the critter and named it Blackarrow.
Maybe we can get the guild started after the holidays and things settle down.
Linda, we had a whole 1/4 inch of snow on Christmas Eve here in Texas and there was even a smidge left to see on Christmas Day lol Stay warm and sip some hot chocolate.
Later Boomers!
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 05:14 AM

Wow Debra! Congratz! That's something! Harrowing is an understatement!
I have tried numerous times to chat with Misslilo, but can't get a response from her, so I don't know if she's seen my attempts.
No, but I did get to 19. Thanks for asking!
L4L, did Soot and daughter get home safe?
Night all!
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 09:53 AM

WoW! I'm a little behind here on the news! I need some
tips guys on joining the Guild & what to do, I've never been in one
before? think
Whoaaa that's great Debra!!

Lindy you are sooo lucky all that snow!! :happydance12:
Yeah, I deleted *Kebe* and made a new Draenel- Shaman
named *Kebii* lvl 12 I just love her! I've been playing
her and my Horde a lot.

Hey ya L4L batten down the hatches the Bear is coming lol

Andera I think it would be best to wait til after the New year too.
give me more time to learn about Guilds lol

Hi missalo That is AWESOME news!! YipEEE!!!!

Were the GameBoomer's Guild!!!!!!!! thumbsup yay
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 02:58 PM

Hey Andrea - so sorry I didn't see you trying to contact me.
Exactly where do I look? laugh
Do I need to adjust some settings?
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 04:06 PM

Hi Misslilo!
The chat window is in the lower left corner for me. I don't know how to tell you to get it if you don't see it, but I think Asha'man or L4L can.
Can one of you guys help?
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 07:03 PM

The chat box starts in the lower left of the screen, but if you have combat text on, you won't see general chat which is where messages would be.

To move the box, you just hold down the LMB on the tab and drag it where you want it.

Soot likes his at the top of his screen while I prefer mine at the default setting :wave12:
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 08:10 PM

Hope that helps Misslilo!
Glad GB is back...It was off for a little while.
L4L, did Soot and daughter get back OK?
Andrea :wave12:
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/28/09 09:03 PM

Yep, they got here about 1:15 this morning and poor Soot had to get up for work this morning.

It's good to have him back! wave
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/29/09 03:11 AM

L4LSo Happy to hear they made it back home safely to you hearts
Poor Soot, he's gotta be one tired puppy sleep
speaking of puppies........have you been over to see
them??? puppy I'm soooooooo excited for you!!! :bravo12:
I just started a Tauren-Warrior their fun! but uglyyyyy! lol!
what are good jobs for the Tauren's to have? and the
trolls? and the undead? I'm trying each toon lol

Hope everyone's having a good night! I am cause I'm
WoWing~ Karen~
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/29/09 04:26 PM

No Doc, haven't had time. The pups are about an hour away and I'm trying hard not to stalk the poor lady :rotfl12:

I know she has extended family and there's a lot going on. But I would to go cuddling them.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/30/09 07:58 AM

Hi L4L well you NEED to get to know your future
puppy *Skywalker* he needs LOTS of cuddleing from a very
very early age right?! yes
what' are good skills for a Tauren-warrior to have??
would Blacksmithing or Leathercrafting be a good one?
is Jewelcrafting very hard to do?? ~Doc puppy

Hi Andera & Lindy I haven't see you guys playing
what's up? Hope everything's OK with ya? Karen~ wave
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/30/09 09:12 AM

Alright, so who is gonna start a guild?
I'm a total newbie to WOW, so I'd rather not raise my hand smile

Second, I would like for all of you to name the toon you wish to join with.

Oh and please remember, I'm from europe, so my playing time might differ a great deal from most of you laugh

REALM: Draka

TOON: Staydown (currently lvl 21)

PET: Keepup
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/30/09 03:14 PM

Hi Karen and Misslilo!

Karen, the toon I'm using right now is Zandrea, and I haven't seen you online either. But if you're playing a Horde toon, I don't know if I would be able to see you. L4L, do you know? (BTW>>>My name is spelled A N D R E A, that may be part of the problem)
I just know you haven't been playing your Alliance toons lately.
Misslilo, have you tried to get your chat area working? I've seen you in game but not able to communicate with you.
I think L4L's sons or possibly Soot can help us with starting our guild, but what with the funeral and other family matters, they've been very busy. I'm sure we'll be getting it started soon.
Happy New Year! 2010 has to be better!
Andrea :newyear:
Toon: Zandrea, Lvl 21, Human Warlock, Herbalism and Achemist
Posted By: misslilo

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/30/09 06:26 PM

Sorry Andrea - I know how it works now, but I keep forgetting to look at it, so I simply didn't see it smile

Think I forgot to say I'm Alliance, Gnome Hunter.
Posted By: lindy236

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/30/09 06:33 PM

Andrea, you logged off just as I logged on last nite. Karen, I haven't seen you on for awhile. I've heard that Herbalism/Alchemy is good for warriors, because they drink alot of potions for extra strength, agility and ctitical rate. Jewelcrafting is fun, but hard to level and pricey. One probelm I have with it is that there is only one trainer for Alliance and Horde.

Once 10 people sign the "guild charter" using one of your toons the guild is formed. When that is done I believe that all of your ally toons can be invited to join. To get a "bank tab" it cost 100 gold, I may be wrong about this. I'm sure it will cost something.

Misslilo, I also tried to get in touch with you. The "whisper" will be in the lower left corner of the screen. I know it is hard to see when alot of other chatter is scrolling by. Have you tried to change the size of the font? To do that right click on the general tab. You will see a drop down list of options.
Click on font size, you will see the different sizes
to choose from. I give Soot the credit for telling us this. I never knew about it. You can also create a new window and name it, so when someone is talking to you switch to it and all you see is the whispering, not all the other chatter. Be sure to switch back to the general tab when you are done.

Well, I have a house to clean. Company coming for New Years Eve. I plan on playing tonight, so maybe I'll see some of you then.

:newyear: Linda
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: WoW Jobs help?? - 12/30/09 06:50 PM

Andrea, nope Alliance can't see or talk to Horde toons and vice versa. And you will only see the toon name, not the account name.

I think the plan is to start the guild next week or maybe this weekend. Right now Son has 2 year old child here who keeps him too busy to do anything.

Missilo, yep your times will be a bit different but I'm sure we can find some overlap, if only on the weekends.

I'll be joining with Owlsong I think--a very low level druid (leather working and skinning), but at some point I'll make a DK and play her out of the starting area and she'll join too.

But don't forget, just because the other toons are not in the guild doesn't mean they can't help out on quests or do run throughs on instances.

Not sure which toon Soot will bring to the guild, but possibly his DK who is mining and blacksmithing I think.

My other toon on Draka is Snowowl (alchemy and herbalist, hunter). She is a level 67 and Soot's is called Sootwow. He is also 67 and is a Pally (enchanting and tailoring).

They will stay in the guild they are in, but will always be available to help or use their skills.

I think Soot and I will be able to kick a little money in so we can have a bank tab, and we'll just have to float ideas for a tabard.

Asha is more experienced with all the nitty gritty so I'm volunteering him to take care of the details :wave12:

Just noticed this topic is 21 pages, so I'm going to close it out and start a new thread for us. :wave12:
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