Zanzarah, yet again

Posted By: burpee

Zanzarah, yet again - 05/11/10 04:50 PM

I am replaying Zanzarah again (so I don't have to think about redoing my website :)) and I have a question a bout it.

In the screen for my fairies' spells, there are two sets of spells. Recently, I read a comment about changing them during a fight when the mana for the first set is gone. I assumed they did this automatically.

If this is possible, how do I do it? Thanks.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/11/10 11:05 PM

I've only played this game 5 times, but I'll be darned if I can remember how! Maybe someone else knows, but I'll boot up my XP drive and check it later tonight.
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/12/10 04:48 AM

Aaahhhh ... Zanzarah, so near and dear to my heart! To change spells in a fight, I think you just click the scroll wheel.

What fairies do you have so far Burpee? I love Tadanna and what's his name, the little guy in the flying saucer ... Tinefol!

Have fun Burpee! grin
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/12/10 05:24 PM

Oh my! Hello Draclvr and Looney!!! Looney, I always think of you when I plug this game in because I know you loved it so much. I'm wondering now how many times you'ved played it.

Everytime I start it, I think to myself 'I love this game'. It's like a good book that I can't put down and I can never wait to get back to. Right now I have to beta test pegasus wings for the Millenium foal for a friend but I wish I was playing Z. After I get home from work tonight I'll try to get an hour or two in smile smile

I did try the scroll wheel but it keeps giving me the 'change fairy' so I tried the keyboard control screen and found that I could give the 'change spell' a different button. I chose the numberpad 0 (zero) because it's right by my arrows that I use for movement. Works perfectly. Just think, I'ved played this game 4 times without ever using the second set of spells.

My Tadana is now Oceana. I keep her in my queue. I had Viteria (whom I loved) but she's evolved into Boneria and I'm not so sure I like her as much. I cancelled my Vesbat evolution (stupid, stupid, stupid) and I had to restart with a very low level Stobat and level him up. He's much better than Vesbat.

I have tinfol leveled up quite high but I'm considering evolving him to fire or air...probably fire. He seems to be better than my Corgot, who is in level 30s (39?). Corgot just seems to die easily even though he has good damage and lots of spells. Maybe if I can find more thorn armour somewhere?I

I just got my air fairies and Darbue but I haven't played with them or leveled up yet. I'm in the clouds at the moment and wondering if I should enter the arena or go back home for awhile and level up my new fairies and rearrange what spells they all have.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/12/10 08:41 PM

burpee, we lost out power last night and didn't get it back until 12:15 today, so I didn't get a chance to look at it. This was my day to volunteer at the Humane Society rescue ranch for horses to day, so I just got home and I reek of horse poop. I'm thinking a shower is in order first!

Scroll wheel is indeed for changing fairies. That's it - I assign spells to different numbers on my gamepad. I can't believe you've played this game 4 time without changing spells!

I actually filled my Fairy Book one time! Whew, was that a lot of work... I think it took me forever to level up a Skeletor for my final one.
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/12/10 09:23 PM

Hi Burpee and Drac!

It's crazy windy here today so all the smells are blown away Drac wink

The scroll wheel also clicks, just push down on it a little and it'll click. That changes the spells. The rolling of the wheel changes fairies. But I'm glad you found a way to get the job done burpee!

I played this game so many times I totally lost track. And I never did get my whole book full! I think it had to do with Darbue. I couldn't catch enough of them to have all evolutions.

I never did like the air fairies much, they always seemed so slow! But that might have been my own fault for not getting them trained up and giving them good spells.

Oh and how about those metal fairies ... wow they're tough!

Oh and Burpee, don't forget that you'll need a tinefol evolved as a fire guy to get into the Lava Caves.

If I wasn't so busy with my work right now I'd dig up my game and play! grin

Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 12:50 AM

And I finally got my XP drive booted up and found that I had the controls set so that my right click changed the spells. My 1-5 numbers changed the fairies. I seem to remember that the scroll wheel whizzed past the fairy I wanted to use sometimes.

Oh, a ranked up air fairy was deadly against certain other fairies. Can't remember which ones anymore.

Danged work getting in the way of your gaming, looney - what a terrible thing!

I do smell much better after a shower. Can't say the same about my clothes though! The washing machine will be busy tomorrow.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 01:28 AM

Oh my goodness, how I loved this game! happydance

I think I posted this link once before, years ago, but for those who are interested, I will repost it now:

Zanzarah Website

If you look on the left and click on where it says "downloads," then look under "screenshots", it will show you screenshots of the Add-On pack that never materialized. Also look at "soundtrack" under "goodies" on the download page, and you will get to hear music from that expansion pack too. cry

This makes me want to play the game again!
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 01:54 AM

When I clicked, it took me to the German language website. I can understand some of it, but definitely not all! Google translated some of it for me.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 02:25 AM

Hi Marian! Feels like a party in here but I smell horses smile Just teasing Drac smile I had a horse a long time ago. They are still near and dear to me and I don't mind the 'aroma' of them at all.

I never had a full, that doesn't sound right. I mean I never got all the fairies smile I am going to go for them this time around. Once I finish the story I'll set about visiting places again and trying to catch what I need. I could bang my head for not capturing the last tinfol I caught. I could have made him into that froggy fairy.

I love metal fairies. I got my first one now. They can be deadly.

Right now I have to trade Suane for Segbuzz and then trade him to that fellow for worgot (like I need another worgot) so I can go fight at the tree. I'd love to keep Segbuzz. How else do you get one for your fairy deck?

Posted By: Marian

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 03:50 AM

Yes, it does feel like a party in here. happydance

Drac, yes, the website is in German, but if you find the word "downloads" on the lefthand side of the page, it's pretty easy to navigate to the screenshots of the add-on pack and also to the music files (the music file for the add-on pack is the very last one on the list of music files).

After reading all of this discussion, I just reinstalled the game; this has made me want to replay it. I never got all the fairies my first playthrough!
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 04:07 AM

Well, the game was released by a German company after all! I'm terribly tempted to start a new game myself. Unfortunately, I have several very large perennial beds calling my name, not to mention about 60 pepper plants that need to go in the ground. Looney and I will just have visit this thread and live vicariously through you and burpee!
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 07:10 PM

Hi, does anyone know if Zanzarah plays on Windows 7? My XP is making terrible noises and I have to bang it on the side to make it stop. Poor thing is 7 years old and I think it's on its last leg.

I know that some games will not play on W7...probably many won't. Inferno used to have an XP list of W95/W98 games that would play on XP but is there a comparable list for W7?
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/13/10 08:27 PM

I have it listed in my Windows 7 and Games thread in the Glitches forum as a no-go on Win 7. I've tried it in both my 32-bit and my 64-bit Win 7 and it will not play past the first scene in the kitchen. I have a pretty high power video card, but that can't be it because the game plays perfectly on my XP drive which is in the same computer using all the same hardware.

We've all been pretty pleasantly surprised at how compatible Win 7 is with games - even older games. You can check out the thread here.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/14/10 08:51 PM

thanks for the thread Drac...appreciate it.

I keep getting toasted in the lava caves. Do I have to beat the nature fairies in the enchanted garden to get that card before I can go down in the lava caves? Those darn fairies have beat me 4 times already. I was hoping to save them for a bit later.

I just leveled up my ice fairy to Greezloc but it's so hard to get the spells you want. My Greezloc doesn't have the most powerful spells yet because they are in the lava caves..I think.

I'm going to try the nature fairies with Greezloc, oceana, tinzard, maybe darbue and I'm not sure about the last.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/14/10 10:25 PM

Never mind....I beat those enchanted garden nature fairies by the skin of my teeth smile I got the card and now I don't toast when I go into the lava caves. I caught Dracwin and now need Pix.

Thanks for all the help.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/15/10 03:12 AM

The answer to the question about the Nature Fairies is YES. You must get that card before you can proceed in the Lava Caves.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/15/10 03:30 PM

I think I need to take a break from adventuring and get serious about leveling up some of my fairies. I went to the Shadow Realm and beat the first shadow elf after 3 tries. the second shadow elf has beat my soundly 4 times.

The first 3 times I played this game I had very little trouble beating these shadow elves. either I'm getting slow in my old age or I have the wrong fairies. Time to reconoiter smile
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/15/10 04:32 PM

Yup, you've got to have the right fairies for sure. Can't remember any more which ones, but having a good bunch of them leveled up pretty high makes it a lot easier. Do you use the in-game chart to figure out which fairies work best against other ones?
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 05/18/10 03:03 AM

Hi there Drac, I've been off leveling up fairies. I got a bit frustrated losing so many times so I took a break. I now have some very healthy fairies rarin' for a rumble smile

I love Suane. She moves medium fast and her spells have a strong impact on quite a few fairies.

I'm finding that certain spells can make all the difference. I used to change to 3 dot spells when I had the chance but I found this time around that a one dot spell, like Homesickness (opponent receives same amount of damage) can kick some serious butt. I like fairies that have fast critical damage (or spells that fire up fast for critical damage). I tend to stand and fight so I take alot of damage. I'm getting better at knowing where my opponents are, that's a big help too. If I can hit them with critical damage before they get to me, then my style of fighting works well.
Posted By: bastetsdaughter

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 10/27/10 05:43 AM

@burpee - i read a couple of threads and whatnot and they all say that zanzarah isnt compatible with 7, but mine worked with no trouble straight up, without even messing around with compatibility settings.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 10/27/10 01:06 PM

Is your Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, bastetsdaughter?
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 11/25/11 01:45 AM

Oh my Drclvr, sorry....was just doing a google search for Zanzarah and windows7 and this thread came up. I'm a bit late back to my own party, lol.

I'm playing this game...again...for about the 10th time. My favorite all time game next to Tomb Raider.

Winbdows 64 bit
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 11/25/11 01:52 AM

Hi, burpee... Long time and all that! Guess what! Someone posted here that they got Zanzarah to work on Windows 7. Which reminds me that I need to ask MaG for access to the Windows 7 and Games thread so I can change that.

I think I'm up to at least 8 times playing this game too. I still have my screenshot of the one where I got ALL the fairies!
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 11/26/11 08:44 PM

I have to admit that I've only played this through once without using a cheat along the way (I happen to love 'health' while I'm in a fight). I was very proud of finishing it without cheating too and I pat myself on the back. That was also the time that I got all the fairies. Only got them all once...a LOT of work, lol.

I should have gotten a screen shot too, very clever idea.

I'll do a search for the thread. I tried Z on my W7 machine but it wouldn't work for me.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Zanzarah, yet again - 11/26/11 09:44 PM

Glad to see you found my thread on getting Zanzarah to work on Windows 7!
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