Morrowind Again :)

Posted By: Tracy

Morrowind Again :) - 05/27/11 02:42 AM

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted about this game because I got back into Oblivion for awhile, but now I'm doing Morrowind again and having a really good time doing it. : ) I do have some questions though since I've never really gotten far in the game, so I'd love it if a seasoned player (or players) could help me.

I remember the first time I played a few years ago that I found a spell called Ondusi's Opening (something like that--lol) and it worked great for me no matter what locked door or chest I came upon. Now, even though I have the same spell, no matter how many times I try, I can't get it to open doors and chests. I wonder if maybe I caused a problem for myself because I was only at a Level 1, but used the console to up my level to 50. I don't think that my magic levels rose at all, so maybe that's why it won't work. Anyway, that's the first The other thing I was wondering about is what weapon would be really good for general killing? I've been using an iron sparksword, and it's pretty good, but sometimes it's frustrating too because it will chop, then stab, then slice or something, and what I'd love to have is a weapon that consistently stabs the enemy right in the chest! (lol)

Anyway, I think that's all for now. Thanks for all of your help in advance---I'm looking forward to really getting good at this game and being strong enough and having enough magic power to really be able to kick butt wherever I go. wink

Posted By: hawkavonpuka

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/27/11 07:03 AM

I haven't played in awhile either, but I do have the game on my computer. I have a huge array of weapons, I also used the sparksword. I like anything that sort of stuns the enemy first, with sparks or whatever. I have screenshots of myself with a very long spear, of course I forget what it is called, that works great. I use the jump/stab routine, especially for the cliff racers. Anyway I found this fav weapon in some really scary cave while on a quest, others I purchased in someplace that is way beyond Vivec, down that way but towards the opposite side. I also take everything I can carry from downed enemies, I was using an Orc weapon for awhile, heavy though. I really suck at magic so don't even bother with it, just fight my way through, if I die I go back to a save.

You are giving me the incentive to get into it again, I have to read the journal and quest logs to see what the heck I am doing though, it has been two years. I went through over a year of hard drive failures, with saves on a flash drive, and was scared to risk playing again.

I really love the game, too much in fact, I forget there are people to feed, clothes to wash, etc......................
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/27/11 11:06 AM

Hi Tracy smile

I'm playing the game again - but off and on between adventures at the moment.

I've never altered any stats. - I don't know how - but in the choices when setting up the game I always opt for "best fighting" (or something like that) which means I don't have to take up any of the special stances or do any duckin' and divin' in combat. [I'm hopeless at that kind of thing !!]
All I need to do is click a mouse button and my character fights like a "good 'un" happydance
[I don't know whether you can get to that option again having once started the game, though.]

However, if you can "up" your level, maybe you can "up" your magic stats too ??

I do use potions, scrolls and spells. Especially any healing stuff and travel stuff.
Being magically whisked to a fort or temple can be extremely handy at times - if, like me, you fight like a wimp lol
Posted By: Tracy

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/28/11 10:29 PM

Hi Hawka. I was wondering if you were still playing. I know we'd talked about playing sort of in tandem at one time, and then I promptly forgot all about it til just yesterday. LOL LOL

Thanks for all the ideas about weapons and stuff. I like my sparksword, but I'm ready for something more powerful! Of course I might need to boost up my numbers by doing alot of fighting and although I LOVE doing that in Oblivion because it's much easier, doing it in Morrowind can be well, alot less easier, how bout that? LOL

I know what you mean btw about how addictive it can be. I was at the Honda place getting my oil changed today, and they have a computer that the customers can use to surf the internet. Well after doing my email I found a page with Morrowind walkthroughs and pictures, and so I was mentally planning out where I need to go next, which quest I was going to do before which other one, and all kinds of other stuff. LOL I guess you could say I've gotten hooked.

Hi Mad. I was getting ready to post again and realized I'd be doing two in a row, so I'm adding my reply to you onto my first post. (This is very confusing but one of these days I'll get the hang of it. LOL)

I'm glad to know that we can set up our character for the best fighting way for them.....I'm not sure how to do that though. Since I've already created the character and been playing for a few days, could I go into the options some how now and change them? I would love to feel more confident about fighting in this game.....mostly I feel like my sword is just hitting the enemy on the head and if I'm lucky, they'll drop eventually. lol

You know I guess I could probably up my magic and other stats too, I just have to figure out how to do it. I'll pour through the Wiki and see what I can find. I'd like to be able to use magic too when I have to and to know I can whupp someone's tush that way if I have to as well. LOL

I know what you mean about the temples and stuff. I LOVE having scrolls and spells and last night I just whizzed out of a fight that almost killed me by using my Divine Intervention spell. It was great. And btw, wouldn't it be great if we could do that in RL? smile

Well all of this talking about Morrowind had gotten me in the mood to play again so I'm going to feed the kitties, walk the doggie, and then settle in for a night of gaming!

Have fun you guys and thanks for all of your help!
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/29/11 02:55 AM

"I'm glad to know that we can set up our character for the best fighting way for them.....I'm not sure how to do that though. Since I've already created the character and been playing for a few days, could I go into the options some how now and change them? I would love to feel more confident about fighting in this game....."

I'm playing the Game of the Year Edition on easy mode and after I launch the game and the main menu comes up, I can go to Options and see a box to tick called "Always Use Best Attack".

I always have it ticked lol
Posted By: hawkavonpuka

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/29/11 08:26 AM

There is probably a cheat out there to change things, I know I found one to change my hair color. Other than that I haven't used any cheats in the game, just plugged along. I can't even remember what level I am at. I really want to play again, this weekend is already blown to pieces. Last night had the Western weekend Block party aka hoolaulea, today was a soccer game in lower Kona, about 1 1/2hrs from home, then tomorrow and Sunday there is rodeo to go to. But school is now out for the summer so maybe, just maybe I can grab some "me" time.
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/29/11 06:03 PM

The "Always Use Best Attack" option isn't a cheat .... I think the developers included it so as to offer the choice of a simpler form of combat if preferred thumbsup

I always use it because I hate complicated combat moves or changes of weapon that have to be memorised. I panic and get killed every time !! eek

So just hitting the left mouse button is exactly what I want smile
Posted By: hawkavonpuka

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/29/11 08:36 PM

I know that isn't a cheat Mad, I am pretty sure I have that checked also. I am going to have to find that place where you can actually change your character. I do remember now that I did use a cheat, the one for lock picking cause I really really wanted that green glass armor in the trunk in the locked room. Of course if I get caught for anything I will lose it.

With my weapons I usually have problems when the charge runs out on some of them, then I must switch or hide until it rebuilds.
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 05/29/11 09:38 PM

Ooooh !! That lovely green armour !! I always cheat to get that too, hawkavonpuka lol
Posted By: Tracy

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 02:44 AM

Hi again ladies. I was wondering about the green armor---can you give me a hint as to where I can find it? smile

Also, I had to post and say that I am completely addicted this time around because I've discovered the Rising Force potions! And, the way you can get a long flying thing going after going to the shrine thing at the temple! OMG---I felt like I was going for hours---it was awesome! LOL

Took me a few tries but I think I've finally fallen in love with Morrowind you guys. (Just don't tell Oblivion that I'm cheating on it. LOL)

Hugs all around just from sheer gaming happiness, rah
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 02:53 AM

I remember my son raving about that green armor. wave
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 03:53 AM

THIS page gives locations for where stuff can be located, Tracy, but you'd have to cheat to find any green glass armour early in the game shocked

Click to reveal..
I get some of it by using the "cheat" skeleton key on a chest in the Ald-ruhn, Guild of Fighters evil
Posted By: Moondancer

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 09:14 AM

Oh no. My hard drive crashed about 10 days ago, so I'm going to have to redo my current replay again due to lost gamesaves.

I always enjoy restarting this game, but I had started my current replay quite recently, and I had lovely mods installed to make the place look just good to my tastes, so this really is a pain... cry

Tracy, you can buy some green glass goodies (armour and I think possibly a sword) at a trader at Ghost Gate.

The only thing I think he doesn't have is the greaves.

Take lots of cash with you. smile
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 04:09 PM

There are a number of places where glass armour can be found.

Take a look at this link: Elder Scrolls Wiki - Glass Armour

In general that wiki has some great information on both Morrowind and Oblivion.

Once you get used to the game play and the "rules of the road" you might want to start a new game without the console buffs. There are some aspects of Morrowind that are not really meant to be rushed as the near real time aspect of Morrowind really adds to the "Ah-hah!" factor and sense of accomplishment that rises out of some of the quests.

Also, on this first play through you may want to stay away from fighting Ordinators or Imperial Guards. Unless you like the idea of constantly engaging in battle in virtually every city in Morrowind lol That also happened on my first run and significantly reduced my enjoyment of the game. woozy
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 11:30 PM

Hi - and great to see you Trail_Mystic thumbsup

In all my forays into Morrowind I've never managed to accumulate enough wealth or gain a high enough level (early on in the game) to be able to acquire the glass armour.

I am just plain not good enough !! blush

But when I really like a game immensely and want to enjoy it (rather than always feel desperately inadequate) I will use the occasional cheat whistle


Mad laugh
Posted By: hawkavonpuka

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/05/11 11:58 PM

I stole mine from Percius' chest in Ald'rhun, never did like that guys looks, hehe. I haven't even been to Ghostgate yet, I think I was nearby but chickened out or got distracted. I need to go and look to see how much wealth I have accumulated, I usually sell to the Creeper so I get pretty good deals, Mud Crab is a pain.
Posted By: oldman

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/06/11 04:59 AM

Well everytime I play this game what I go after right away to make life easier is:

Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
Boots of Blinding Speed
Goldbrand Sword
Wizards Staff
Mark/Recall spells
and the spell to get you back to the nearest temple and the one to get you to the nearest forts (can't remember what they're called now)
The Goldbrand Sword is the best in the game in my opinion. You can either do the quest to get it or use the console cheat.
The Wizards staff allows you to basically fly using levitation
Posted By: Moondancer

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/06/11 08:07 AM

Hey, great to see you pop in, Trailmystic! Hope things are good with you. smile

Tracy, I wouldn't recommend using console cheats on one's first playthrough. It will spoil the experience for you, and take the challenge away.

When I first played this game, I didn't have internet and didn't even know the console function existed. To this day this is my favorite game ever.
I lived in Morrowind.

There are some nice mods you can use to make the people and the textures of the houses and the rest of the gameworld look nicer and more like a modern game, though. If you're interested in those, I can post some links for you. Well, most of them are at that Nexus site already mentioned earlier in the thread. smile
Posted By: Mad

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/06/11 06:31 PM

I've never heard of the "Goldbrand Sword", oldman. Thanks for that info.
[Now you've made me want to find it !! lol]

As for cheating ....

If a person isn't used to combat, a "full on" RPG can be quite difficult. I know I found that. And I was really put off frown

However, after being shown how to use the odd cheat - just in order to stay alive long enough to realise I could enjoy myself - I discovered there WERE some RPGs for me after all and have some wonderful ones in my permanent games collection as a result thumbsup

Nowadays, having gained a little more experience of the genre, I seldom do need to cheat but if I really like a game and find the combat more than a tad too much for me then I will resort to a small cheat, if one is possible, rather than give up wink
Posted By: Moondancer

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/07/11 09:00 AM

Hmmm, I must admit - Morrowind is a pretty hard game, especially if you're not experienced with surviving in RPG's.

...and now that I come to think of it, I suppose I did kind of cheat in my first playthrough, if grinding can be called cheating.
I used to sneak all over the place, when not running, to up my sneaking and athletics.

I also went to my bed in the mages guild, and kept throwing spells over and over again, until my magica was used up, then sleep quickly in the bed, then throw a bunch of spells again, rinse and repeat, to increase my exp. in magical skills.

For money, I would regularly empty the mage's guild and fighter's guild chests, and sell the items right back to the guild again... lol

I was always picking through the containers around every town. Also, I was lucky enough to have Tarhiel almost fall on me right at the start, which gives you a nice sword and clothes.

Also, I kept Fargoth's gold for myself. . whistle . devil
Posted By: Jacline

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/07/11 02:20 PM

The start of the game is so hard: everything kill you, I now start my character with conjuration as one of my major skills and I use bound dagger as my first weapon. Nothing and nobody, even the assasins, survive that. I guess it is a kind of cheat!!!
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/07/11 03:52 PM

Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. rotfl
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/08/11 04:02 AM

Jacline, that's just good character development and playing smart, not cheating.

Have you seen the video of winning Morrowing in 15 minutes? It's all legitimate, no cheating, just exploiting what's already in the game to the max.
Posted By: Moondancer

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/08/11 07:53 AM

Originally Posted By: Jacline
The start of the game is so hard: everything kill you, I now start my character with conjuration as one of my major skills and I use bound dagger as my first weapon. Nothing and nobody, even the assasins, survive that. I guess it is a kind of cheat!!!

Talking of assassins: if you have Tribunal installed from the start, and you can survive the assassin's attack, you've got yourself some very good armour. The assassin's don't take chances on poor armor, obviously.. grin

I always wait for Tarhiel. At least I can kill mudcrabs with his sword, and I go practice on the ones there at Seyda Neen to get some exp. in... snicker blush

Yay, I'm very relieved that Morrowind seems to work ok on Win7 64-bit. Not sure if my gamesaves will work, though, but I suppose there are worse things in the world than having to start over.... razz
Posted By: hawkavonpuka

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/09/11 05:45 AM

The saves work in Vista so they should work in Windows 7. I moved my XP saves back and forth, you just have to put them in the right place, plus you do have to play through the first save in Seyda Neen to create the saves folder. Offhand I can't remember where they go, but I am pretty sure that it is documents and settings on the hard drive.
Posted By: Moondancer

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/09/11 07:46 AM

Thanks, Hawka, I'll give Morrowind some serious attention once I manage to finish The Witcher 2. smile

Btw, I've moved straight from XP, so it's quite a jump from XP 32 bit to Win 7 64bit - I was panicking that half my games wouldn't play... razz
Posted By: Tracy

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/09/11 07:34 PM

Hi all. I just wanted to say thanks to EVERYONE for your great ideas, tips and encouragement! I am having such a great time right now that I can't seem to stop playing even when it's way past my bedtime. lol Good thing I'm not a kid anymore or I'd be in trouble! smile

Tracy, who is obsessively doing Mage's Guild quests along with Telvanni ones---hope they never find out about each other! lol
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/09/11 11:02 PM

Wooo Hoo Tracy, those moments are when gaming is the best. happydance Enjoy broccoli
Posted By: Tracy

Re: Morrowind Again :) - 06/10/11 05:20 AM

Thanks Looney! I will! rah
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