Divine Divinity

Posted By: burpee

Divine Divinity - 05/11/12 05:18 PM

Hi all, I'm playing Divine Divinity (the original) and have a little problem.

My skill/stat points are reducing. I was strength 101 and now I'm 88.

All I did was move alot of swords and stuff around and sell them. Then I killed a bunch of poison spewing monsters in the dark forest. I also added a few charms to equipment. that's about it.

Any ideas why this happened?
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Divine Divinity - 05/11/12 06:07 PM

Burpee, have you repaired your equipment/armor?

I do remember that happening...did you kill any city guards?

Did you sell equipment that had stat enhancement on it?


I found
Additionally, a few items and events will change your stats.
Being bitten by the vampire decrease all stats by 1.
Activating the shrine near Glenborus may increase a random stat by 5, or
decrease it equivalently.
Holding Finnegan's lockpicks in your inventory gives 20 agility.
Giving 1000 gold to the wishing well gets you 5 points, giving 10000 gold
gets you 10 points (it's probably best to go for either the 10 points, or
for a level up.
Charms add to stats:
Color Bonus to Stats Bonus to HP/MP Bonus to resists
Green +2 +20 +5
Blue +4 +40 +10
Red +6 +60 +15
Gray +8 +80 +20
Tan +10 +100 +40(!)
On This Website.

If you don't figure it out, The Larian Forum might have a faster answer for you.

Though I did play this game and loved it, I don't remember exactly what triggered the stat loss. sad
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Divine Divinity - 05/11/12 06:20 PM

Also check to see if you have any cursed items in your inventory or equipped. I remember having such an item but when I sold it my stats came back.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Divine Divinity - 05/12/12 02:54 AM

thank you both.

I killed some guards early on but they were attacking me, I had to. When my reputation increased they left me alone.

I don't think I have any cursed equipment but will check.

I can go back to my last game with the l0l strength and start over from there but that's alot of questing and land clearing to do over.

Actually, I'm getting pretty tired of this game. I hate to say it because it really is very good. It's just that lots of things seem buggy to me or shouldn't happen, imo.

Example is being able to take the dagger from the guard in Veriditis and sell it when it is needed by Penumbra so I can get the spell book. I think I sold it that that black market guy in Ars Magicana and he's gone now....or I dropped it somewhere because I had too much to carry.

I'm stuck at Josephina and the rampant dwarves. I can't even beat the instructor at the army post in the dark forest. Very frustrating and, frankly, I'm tired of trying. I have work to do and I have played this nonstop for 2 weeks...addicted.

If I'd understood at the beginning that I was choosing a mage (just liked the look of the character) I would not have chosen her. I am a warrior type with fighting style. In Zanzarah I fight head jumping around...just the way I play.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Divine Divinity - 05/12/12 03:51 PM

Burpee, I feel your pain.

I played through as a mage. I remember having to use Traps in certain areas/certain fights to win.

Take a break and you might be ready to tackle it again later. wave
Posted By: burpee

Re: Divine Divinity - 05/12/12 05:38 PM

thanks for the sympathy...I'm not alone smile

I never got deadly gifts so I have not used traps at all. The game has been very entertaining and fun up until this point.

I went to some sites to see how to beat this one and one fellow said he just runs up to her and wails on her and she dies easily. She just runs from me and does the hell spikes over and over until I'm toast.

I keep loading it up, hoping that something changed overnight, to see if I can get past it. I don't know where I can go to get more experience so that I can get another spell book.

Maybe I'll just start over and be a warrior. I have a better idea how the game plays and what I need to do to get through it.

Thanks for the help everyone.
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