Can’t complete the Governor's Castle quest in “The Quest”

Posted By: Sig Segorn

Can’t complete the Governor's Castle quest in “The Quest” - 05/04/16 11:06 AM

The Mysterious Man wants you to gain access to it to find info about the governor and to acquire the governor’s necklace, but, after getting into the castle and checking it all out, I can’t find the necklace or even any info on the governor. None of the guards inside will talk to you and you just get a “No answer” pop-up when you knock on the doors inside, even the one that might be the one for the throne room. I’m afraid this might be a game-ender, cuz the only guide online that touches on this is the one on, but it’s incomplete, so I can’t find out what the trick or issue is, and this is part of the main questline. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: Can’t complete the Governor's Castle quest in “The Quest” - 05/04/16 04:03 PM

This guide here has it in great detail.

I hope it helps!

Ana luck
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Re: Can’t complete the Governor's Castle quest in “The Quest” - 05/05/16 01:47 AM

It looks like you may have saved me, Ana. I didn’t know this good guide was out there---and neither did the search engines---but I’ll be bookmarkin’ this instead of that wiki. Am anxious to get back to the game to see if I can solve this now, but will post something further here later tonight either way. Thanks a bunch.


Yup, that did the trick, Ana. It’s weird...whoever copy-and-pasted that part of the guide into the wiki guide left off the latter part of it, so it leaves you in a lurch. And they made that part of the game tricky---you have to talk to the only guard (of many in there) who will talk to you (they all look alike), who’s standing by a normal-looking door (one of many in there). Talking to him gets you through the previously-inaccessible palacey-looking door (with two other identical twin guards) directly opposite him in this hallway, which is where that necklace is. There’s a lot of quirky, oddball things in this game, ranging from NPCs who get mad if you don’t pick up their side quest the first time it comes up, and won’t talk to you again about it, to clicking on “usually just scenery” wall banners to deactivate forcefields. The guide you linked me to answered another thing that was bugging me---namely, what was the Bloody Cyclops Key for that the miller’s apprentice gives you when you save him? It opens a nearby bone gate, but it didn’t disappear from inventory when used, like others do, so I kept looking for what it could open. This was made worse because these Silver Peak Caves are tied to a few side quests, one of which has you looking for a treasure in that same northern part, and, I guess just to throw you off, it says “you need good eyesight to find it,” so I spent some time looking for a keyhole that isn’t there in the cave walls and other scenery in there. Anyway, thanks again---gonna print up the part of the Redshift guide about joining the Thieves’ Guild and do that next.

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Re: Can’t complete the Governor's Castle quest in “The Quest” - 05/05/16 03:45 PM

joy So glad you were able to get past it! Enjoy the rest of the game!

Ana wave
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