Penumbra Collection

Posted By: Terri824

Penumbra Collection - 09/10/16 08:02 PM

Hi. Humble Store has the Penumbra Collection: Black Plague, Overture and Requiem on sale for $2.99. They have several horror/darkside games on......Soma, Stairs and Raven Manor, actually I'm not familiar with the latter two. wavegirl
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/10/16 08:15 PM

Thanks, Terri.....Good news for horror fans wave
Posted By: Marian

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/10/16 08:30 PM

That's a great deal, Terri - thanks for letting us know. smile
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/11/16 12:04 AM

I don't have Black Plague or Requiem, so I might have to check this out. Soma is hands down their best game yet. But I'm not familiar with the last two either.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/11/16 04:28 AM

Thanks Drac. Soma is on for $14.99 and no doubt, down the road it will be cheaper there a lot of action? I don't do action well at all, in fact I have a folder on my desktop marked "problem games" and I've now placed that new Amnesia mod in it. Just came to a spot I can't do right now.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/11/16 05:32 AM

There is a chase scene where you have to run away. I had to do it about 10 times before I finally made it back to the escape pod! The story in this game is really good, but it's definitely not your normal adventure game.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/16/16 03:25 AM

Ok Drac, I'm still thinking about Soma before the sale goes off. I do have a problem running toward my enemy rather than away, I get so can you elaborate on the game more? Also input by anyone would be appreciated. I certainly don't want to have to put this game in my "Problem games for me" folder. joy there I go, which way do I run?
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Penumbra Collection - 09/16/16 03:04 PM

SOMA involves running and "hiding!" You have no weapons, so stealth and hiding is your only option. There is one "running away" sequence that took me a couple of days to get past because there were so many turns and stairs and I would get panicked!
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