Indy & the Imfernal Machine

Posted By: Barb

Indy & the Imfernal Machine - 11/07/17 02:10 AM

I]ve played this game several times but I'm completely stuck! Can antone tell me exactly how to get to the area with the 2 towers on the raft in the Tian Shan River? I've been looking for days now & xan't get anywhere!

Posted By: Marian

Re: Indy & the Imfernal Machine - 11/07/17 02:26 AM

Barb, there's a good walkthrough here. Scroll down that page and I believe there is a description for where you are in the game.
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Indy & the Imfernal Machine - 11/07/17 02:27 AM

Hi Barb,

I found this in the IGN Walkthrough

"The river takes a right and then a left turn leaving here. The river goes through an arch, then makes a right, then a left turn. There are rocks to look out for on each turn. Then the river goes past a waterfall and turns left. Past the waterfall are more rocks in midstream. You want to try to stay to the left of these.

The river splits and you want to stay to the left. The fork in the river is marked by two towers. You want the yellowish one to the left. Just past the fork are some downhill rapids. Try to keep the raft facing forward. Now the river takes a sharp curve to the left before coming out into smoother water. You want to start bearing to the right.

There is another fork designated by markers. Again take the yellowish fork, but this time it is on the right side. Rapids again, but they lead into a calmer pool. Ahead is a tower where Indy wants to dock. Pull up to the stone steps around the tower and leave the raft."

Hope that helps
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Posted By: hagatha

Re: Indy & the Imfernal Machine - 11/07/17 04:11 PM

Wow. I actually remember that sequence and how much of a head-banger it was! Hope you get through it, Barb.
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