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Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/28/18 07:03 PM

Getting my lackadaisical self in check, it's bandwidth management time once again.

When we last left our hero's Tatooine was experiencing a plague, Class specific quests are on the uptick, GuybrushThreepwood and Trail were bemoaning poor gaming cut scene writing and design features and Jenny100 was mourning Trail's poor mouse. grin

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/28/18 11:20 PM

There are 3 events they alternate between when they do them:
Rakghoul Plague Outbreak which can be on one of three planets Alderaan (you the know the one the future Empire destroys), Tatooine (where Luke Skywalker will be raised) and Corelia (where Han Solo's ship will be built)

Same quests every time. Foes change to match location. Each planet has a different optional plague world boss requiring a group of up to 16 players to take down.

Relics of the Gree which takes place on Ilum but does have a quest that takes you briefly to other planets.
a Gree ship has landed and the Gree want to watch the other sentient species in combat. Why is never explained. I suspect they plan an invasion and need to see how the Republic and Empire fight before invading. Of course it seems they waited too long and the "Eternal Empire" beat them too it. Citizens of Zakul not first arrogant bunch to give their empire an absurd name like that. Before them the "Infinite Empire" ruled the galaxy until they all buy mysteriously vanished one day.

Bounty Contract Week
Which I never bother with. If I want to do bounties thats what Bounty Hunter class if for.
You travel to different planets taking down increasingly difficult foes. I have a grudge against this event because it puts higher level NPCS in the door way of new characters staring place on Hutta and when they're on the planet a boss you need if you want achievement for killing the stronger foes on the planet doesn't appear.

These events used to run at most once a year, now they're repeated several times. Because one of the companions Dr Lokin requires doing the plague event to get him to join you in Knights of the Fallen Empire. I figured there would be a companion requiring Bounty Week (probably bounty hunter companion Mako, for anyone not a bounty hunter) and some other companion requiring doing Gree event but so far this hasn't happened. Still could happen of course.

According to one of the developers they will talk about what to expect in 2018 in mid February. Of course he declined to talk about summer events or future updates now.
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Oh what would we in the gaming world do without those arrogant enemies wave
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Quest to regain Andronikos was disappointing, you're just told your alliance has taken a prisoner and you go talk to him and its your old friend. On female sith inqusitor he could be your husband in which case there is probably a kissing scene.

I hope the smuggler quest to get Corso and Risha has more to it. Be a long time til I find out though.

After completing Knights of the Eternal Throne I did not automatically get the first quest in the next part of the story called Fractured Alliance. But I knew this time to go to my ship and click on the mission terminal there to get it.

Fractured Alliance is unfinished at this point. So where it ends and what if anything comes next is anybody's guess.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/30/18 04:03 PM

Glad you knew where to go get it. wave
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 02/01/18 01:44 AM

If you did the Dark vs Light Event for which light won, unlockingg Master Ranos, a Chiss Jedi, which is usual as 1) Force sensitive Chiss are area and 2) the Chiss are allied with the Sith Empire so you would expect a force sensative Chiss to become a Sith not a Jedi. When she appears during Knights of the Fallen Empire if your character is from a class that had a Jedi or a Sith companion (or in the case of Jedi Knight both) you can ask her if she has heard of them. She will have heard of them but have no information as to where they currently are. She also doesn't know if any members of the Jedi Council have survived.

There was a later event to gain the Sith companion that was not previously given since the Darkside lost. But I wasn't playing at the time so I lost out. Not that I need another companion.
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I remember you have you a whole lot of toons. wavegirl
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 02/21/18 04:40 AM

March 13 – Game Update 5.8 - Command Authority

Izax, The Destroyer operation (group play)
Conquest Revamp: conquest is a system that comes into play after reaching level 70
Arcann Romance - if you allow the former emperor to join your alliance (instead of killing him) (new romances are not male/female only, original companion romances are)
Vector - Imperial Agent companion (possible husband for female agent) returns to agent only
Ashara Zavros - Sith Inquistor companion (possible wife to male) returns to sith inquistor only
Cartel Market improvements

April – Game Update 5.9 - The Nathema Conspiracy
Nathema flashpoint
Felix Iresso - companion to jedi consular (possible husband to female) has had it rough without you, can you help him recover?
Mako and Akaavi - opposite sides unite, Mako companion to Imperial Bounty Hunter (possible wife) and Akaavi, a Mandolorian who turned against the Empire to join with Republic smuggler (possible wife if he rejected Risha as wife) have been working together in your absence (I guess this means bounty hunter and smuggler can both get these two)

Exact April date not specified.
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Thanks, Guybrush wavegirl
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This week's update:

For subscribers it added a new operation, group play

If you completed KOTFE and KOTTE and let Arcann live he will want to talk to you and will gift you a piece of chest armor. I found the conversation creepy. He's basically coming on to you, regardless of your characters gender which in the main game does not happen. The main game male-female romances only no same gender relationships. I have no idea how anyone of either gender could find him attractive in any sense.

If you are a sith inquisitor Ashara, possible wife for male inquisitor, returns.
If you are an imperial agent Vector, possible husband for female agent, returns.

I don't have inquisitors or agents who have done Knight of the Fallen Empire never mind Knight of the Eternal Throne, they've still got their original companions.

I found youtube videos showing the return of the two companions, with the players taking their lost spouse back and rejecting them options both played out.

In May there's going to be a flashpoint, which will apparently reveal whether Theron is really a traitor or just a deep cover operative. Like all new flashpoints it will presumably ave solo and group modes.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 05/17/18 04:32 AM

I haven't played it yet but latest update did add the ending of the traitor storyline. Also Jedi Consular companion (possible husband) Lt Felix Iresso is back and Bounty Hunter companion (possible wife) Mako and Smuggler companion (possible wife) Akaavi have become a team of female bounty hunters.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 05/17/18 05:02 AM

I only played through it on my Sniper and even if only in Story Mode, it was some tough boss fights.
It wasn't as good as I hoped for, but it was an ending, lol.

I hope next story with 6.0 will be better.
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I just did it.

The droid just dropped dead on me before I could smack it one more time. I guess Theron shot it.

The ending dialogue forgot somebody. Lana's "the three of us will stand together" speech should have been "the four of us" they forgot Koth. Who should be very upset given what happened to his favorite ship. Now we will never know what was in the locked. sections.

During the last fight I kept shouting "This is for Zakual's crimes against the rest of the galaxy" every time that idiot blamed me for the actions of his leaders. His peaceful and prosperous empire was built by an Emperor who took the rest of the galaxy to war. Then invaded it.

And I wish they'd stop calling the deceased former emperor Valkorian. His real name was Vitiate. Valkorian was just the poor man who got taken over by the spirit of the Sith Emperor.

Found this about who is in the capsules at the end:
Click to reveal..

There are always 3 victims that will be used as fuel for Zildrog:

The first one is based on the choice of either sparing or killing Senya: Nautolan Chela Nayss from a world bombed by Arcann or Zera, former Knight of Zakuul.

The second one is based on the Peacemaker/Dictator choice at the end of KOTFE: Darth Mortis or Indo Zal.

The third victim is based on your choices from the class storyline:
Jedi Knight: Servant One if Lightside or Bela Kiwiiks if Darkside
Jedi Consular: Sophia Farash (Child of the Emperor Ambassador on Voss) if Lightside or Gaden-Ko if Darkside
Trooper: Imperial General Essith (associate of Rakton) if sided with the Republic on Iokath or General Garza if sided with the Empire instead
Smuggler: Nexia Kiril (daughter of Voidwolf) if Lightside or Master Sumalee if Darkside
Sith Warrior: Darth Baras (if he was spared) or Darth Ravage if he was not
Sith Inquisitor: Khem-Val or Darth Zash, depending on whom you put into Mind Prison
Bounty Hunter: Malea Janarus (widow of the former Chancellor) or Lord Vindis (apprentice of Darth Tormen), depending on whom you killed at the end
IA: Shara Jenn (Watcher Two) if you became a double agent or Marcus Trant (Director of SIS who appeared in tie-in novels and comics) if you remained Imperial

I guess next we will see more class companions return. Still some missing.

Returning companions?
One article I found says this:
Jedi knight: Kira Carsen and Lord Scourge July 2018
Sith Warrior: Jaesa Willsam July 2018

Another claims it may only be Jaesa Willsam (and darkside even if she should be lightside which sucks)

It would actually make sense if these 3 rebels joined forces (pun not intended) and you got them back all together,

Still MIA with no return date mentioned:
Jedi Conuslar:
Nadia Grell (possible wife)
Zenith (same voice actor as Theron, I want them in same room having to talk to each other)
Tharan Cedrax

Sith Inquistor:
Khem Val (if you chose him over your master)

Its funny about Zenith because at one time the accomplishment screen indicated there was a hidden one for Zenith giving the impression he was supposed to return a long time ago but that was removed.

Another expansion is supposed to be coming date unknown. Possible end of 2018 or beginning 2019 but not soon either way.

WOW, SWTOR, GW2 and Wildstar all have one thing in common: some segment of the MMORPG community insists they are all dead, while they're all still running and still gaining new content. Even GW1 is still running although it never updated. Which is a same I prefer it over GW2.

Oh SWTOR license runs until 2023 at which point Disney will have to decide whether to extend it or not. Again some people insist they wont. Others says if BiOWARE throws money at them, Disney will renew the license.

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Thanks, Guybrush. You are good to keep us updated on these games.
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My sith warrior is lightside which means he supports the Empire but isn't mindlessly brutal. I presume that effects the mails he get. Since he forgives Scorpio and Theron for betraying him and wasn't unnecessarily nasty to people of Zakual he gets friendly mail.

I read that there is a bug in which some sith warriors who romanced Lana, get mail from Jaesa Willsam threatening to murder them for betraying her. Its a bug because she's still missing in action and isn't supposed to be sending mail until after she comes back in July.

None of my characters romanced Lana or Theron or Koth.
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I haven't been playing for awhile but I do check in on whats going on. July udate updated PVP did not add new story or return companions. I have no interest in PVP in any game.

Update 5:10 "some time in 2018" will add a new story line "Jedi Under Siege" with a common foe no longer threatening the galaxy the Jedi and the Sith have fallen back to their old ways and are at war again. Takes place on a new planet.

Returning companions (previous rumors wrong this is official): Doc (possible husband for female jedi knight) Nadia Grell (possible wife male jedi consular) and darkside Jaesa Willsam (possible wife for darkside sith inquistor) there is also a Possibly more but they aren't naming them as they are still in development, lightside Jaesa Willsam is one of those that may or may not make into this update. Jaesa Willsam is only companion that has two different versions based on your characters alignment.

They've haven't said but based on what they've done lately, I presume the companions are returning only for their original classes so only jedi knight gets Doc, only jedi consular gets Nadia and only sith inquisitor gets Jaesa.

More details in October, but Ill be out of the country on a cruise mid October so don't know when I'll read about it.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 11/10/18 08:54 PM

Fall 2018 Road Map

Recorded Twtich chat about whats coming

In summary: Jedi Under siege (December 2018) will feature two versions of the the same story, characters who sided with the Republic will be approached by an ancient of the Republic asking for your help in defending a Jedi secret base. Characters who sided with the Sith Empire will be contacted by a sith agent asking for helping in destroying the Jedi secret base. However you can apparently chose to be a double agent, pretending to work for one side but actually aiding the other. Which measn your double agent imperial agent actually gets to act like it, but so can any other imperial character which chooses to sabatoage the imperial invasion of the Jedi planet. And a republic character can turn traitor and aid the empire in secret.

New characters will be part of the story but will not become permanent companions. Returning companions, will stay with your character as permanent companions.

New story, new planet, new daily quests. This planet will also have 3 datacrons (been awhile since a new planet has had datacrons to find), if you do the seakerdroid and microbinouclar stuff (I don't) there will new stuff for those too.

Goto to SWTOR log in click on myaccount and redeem code enter: SWCANTINA2018 to get a free character flair for all your characters. A flair is something you add to your characters name on screen which other characters can see.

Update: both light and dark side Jaesa are now said to be returning. Also Khem Val is returning if your sith Inqusitor was loyal to himl during sith inquistor story if you betrayed him, he's now dead.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 11/10/18 09:59 PM

Sounds like a good time. Enjoy wavegirl
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Republic Under Siege - warning contains spoilers. Been so long since I played I thought something I read was a spoiler for me, then I realized its not its just something that hasn't happene for me yet because I haven't played that side of the story. Different characters die depending on which side you are one. If you play one side and see the character die than its obvious who is going to die on the other side.

If your character is a jedi knight jedi consular, trooper or smuggler and you stayed loyal to Republic you are a Loyalist and will continue to side with the Republic. If you sided witht the Empire when given the option you are a Saboteur and will have the option at some points to betray your the Republic.

If your character is a sith warrior, sith inquistor, imperial agent or bounty hunter and you stayed loyal to Empire you are a Loyalist as well. If you sided with the Republic, you are Saboteur and will get chances to betray the Empire.

NOTE: in the agent story line you may have option to become a Double Agent, theoretically switching to Republic that has nothing to do with this, you actually have to choose the Republic when you are asked to pick a side during the Nathema planet story line which is after Knights of the Fallen Empire. All the agent becoming a Double Agent gets you is a brief conversation in Shadow of Revan. Every character has to choose a side on Nathema and thats where the Loyalist or Saboteur rules come in. So far my characters are Loyalistst. So I need to take a character all the way to Nathema and pick the other side. May actually do that on my Double Agent so he really gets to be a Double Agent. On thing is he's barely started Knights of the Fallen Empire. Course that could be good news, the update will no doubt be buggy at first by the time he could actually play Jedi Under Siege it would be fixed.

Supposed to start December 11. They don't call it subscribing anymore its now "Premium Play".

Note: if you subscribe by December 14 you will get a new companion, like I really need another companion consisting of a new character never seen before. The character that could do Jedi Under Siege has 39 companions already. You take one with you at a time and you dont always get to chose which one anymore.

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Its possible to create a character that skips everything and starts Jedi Under Siege if you do that all the Knights of the Fallen Empire main quests and everything that follows leading up to Jedi Under Siege will automatically be completed with certain choice made for you. It boils down to Republic characters will automatically make lightside choices imperial darkside except Imperial Agents will forgive Scorpio instead of killomg her (because she was originally an agent companion). All Repulic characters and Sith Warriors will save Vette (because she was originally sith warrior companion) all other Imperial characters will save Torian instead. Republic characters will be loyal to Republic, Imperial to Empire. If you want to have a character make different choices you have to play Knights of the Fallen Empire and what follows.

Side missians will not automatically completed except the Arcaan one. So if you want companions from side missions you will still have to do them.

Brief summar of SWTOR;

Chapter 1; Galaxy theoretically at peace as Galactic Republic and Sith Empire have a peace treaty. Both sides accuse each other of breaking it.
Chapter 2: war is coming
Chapter 3: the galaxy is at war

Shadow of Revan: Republic and Empire forced to work together against a common foe
Knights of the Fallen Empire: Republic and Empire back at war, neither side realizing both will fall to an invasion of Force Users who are neither Jedi nor Sith backed by a fleet of droid controlled ships.

Years pass. Republic and Empire have been devastated, forced to pay tribute to the Eternal Empire. Suddenly a war hero, long thought dead has a mysterously returned to form an Alliance of Republic and Imperial forced dedicated to bringing down the Eternal Empire.

Knights of the Eternal Throne
Victory for the Alliance!. The Alliance now controls the Eternal Throne, the massive fleet of droid controlled ships belong to the Alliance , no one could possibly challenge the Alliance now. Surely the Galaxy will be at peace under Alliance rule. Or so it seemed. But betrayl by one of his own costs the Alliance Commander his mighty fleet. Now the Republic and Empire are free to once again go to war. The now weakened Alliance needs allies so it is forced to side with either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire in this new war, a war the Alliance Commander has fought so hard to stop before it started.

The Jedi are scattered across the Galaxy no one knows if there is even a Jedi Council anymore. The Sith currently have the advantage, but will it last? Will the Alliance make the Sith or the Republic stronger? Does the Alliance Commander once again fight loyally for the government he once loyally fought for many years ago or has his loyalties changed, doe he secretly work for the government he once considered "the enemy" You decide. Republic Loylaist? Imperial Loyalsts? Republic war hero turned Imperial sabotaing the Republic war effort? Imperial war hero turned Republic saboting the Emprie's war effort? Stay loyal or swtich sides? The fate of the galaxy is your hands.
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Double double agent....sounds fun!

Thanks, Guybrush
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/09/18 06:15 AM

Been so long since I played Knigths of the Eternal Empire not sure of my agent ran into a bug or an annoying feature. All but two of his combat skills disappear.

With Knights of the Fallen Empire that was a feature. Because it was possible to create a new characer at level 60 to start KOTFE and I thought some players may be brand new they had it to into a turtual that disables most of your skills than gives them back as you progress, Enough people complained that they added an option to turn that off.

I don't see the option with Knights of the Eternal throne. Tomorrow after work I'll see if agents skills comback after playing a little awhile. I hope so because if its a bug could be a long wait for a fix since next update is Dec 11th and will add new content not fix broken old.

Trying to get agent to where he can play Jedi Under Siege and sabotage the empire.

OH I did notice one thing they removed the level 70 requirement for last few Knigths of the Fallen Empire I finished on level 67 a character who made it 68 doing them. Being a couple levels below standard they are harder but still dueable. Used to be the game wouldn't let you play them until level 70.
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Agent Antohn finished Knight of the Eternal Throne, I didn't remember that last quest being so hard. He also got his companion Vector back. Now he's just missing Engisn Temple, hisw wife. Be awhile before he gets her back.

He got his wife back. And she didn't even notice he sided with Republic.

In the last mission each class gets one NPC who is someone from their class story line someone they once knew maybe and old enemy show up one last time or could be a friend turned enemy. If the imperil agent turned double agent for the first time a character notices, one of your old imperial spy masters shows up and is of course upset that you turned out to be working for the Republic. You give her one p [url=He got his wife back. And she didn't even notice he sided with Republic. You give er one possible reason for why but of course she still sends a massive droid to kill you.

[url=]e Ancient Bastion of Ossus: Story and Gameplay[/url]
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/11/18 06:39 PM

Great up late two nights in a row to get agent to where he can do the new content and its bugged. Apparently it wasn't actually recognizing choices made/ They took the servers down to fix it. Those who got on earlier today will find they've been rolled back to before they started the mission. No idea when I'll actually get in, but when I do I think I should try my loyalist sith warrior first.

Just read: bug worse than I thought it wasn't just ignoring which side you helped when given a choice. it was making ALL Empure characters darkside and killing off certain characters and I assume all Republic lightside so no choices were kept. Its connected to the ability to create a new character just fot the new content, those characters default to darkside on Empire and lightside on Republic and different characters live and die as a result. They won't bring the servers back up until this is fixed. My agent just saved Vette and let Torian die. Default is reverse except for sith warrior since Vette was sith warrior companion (possible wife). So the bug would not only have kept my agent loyal to empire but would have given him Torian instead of Vette and the imperial major instead of the republic major.

Edit: finished it on loyal sith warrior. TO be saboteur you pick the opposite side and Lana will say you could sabotage them from within then gives a chance to confirm that choice or stay loyal. Whats funny is Lana is a sith but she will acept your imperial character changing sides.

Dont know if its intentional or a bug: Sith Warrior companion Jaesa Willsaam is light side if you are or dark side if you are. In Jedi Under Siege my ls warrior met ls Jaesa Willsaam and she went to allinace base. When you are done with Jedi Under Siege you go back to talkt to her. She used not to be romanceble now she is but mine married Vette so he told her they're just friend. The odd thing is you also get an Alert that an assassin has been caught and it turns out to be the ds version. So right now sith warrior can have both. So now you have good twin and bad twin though they were not originally written that way.

Class companions still MIA:
Jedi Knight: Kira Carsen (possible wife for male), Lord Scourge (Sith who joins you)
Jedi Consular: Zenith and Tharan Cedrax

All others found but Trooper does not get Tanno Vik back (may leave alive or kill) and Imperial Agent's SCORPIO is found but leaves (or is killed).

Some class companions everybody can get like SCORPIO who is major character in Knights, others only return to their class. They started with them being available to every character but I think they realized it was getting crazy (my sith warrior has 39 companions) so they switched them to only returning to original class if not actually part of the plot.

Other companions everyone gets. Knights of the Fallen Empire has 4 characters, two lightsaber wielding females and 2 blaster using males, everyone gets, though all but one can be killed off later if darkside. Lana has to survive because she's Jedi Under Siege quest giver. A lightsaber wielding male can be gained at beginning of Knights of the Eternal Throne by anyone who goes lightsdes and wants him. There are several other optional companions made just for Knights as well you get by doing Alerts.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/13/18 12:23 AM

I used an ingame object to take a level 53 smuggler to level 70 so I can have him to Jedi Under Siege to see what Republic side is like. It only requires a level 70 character doesn't have to do other quests at all. Jumping to 70 does not complete other quests but starting Jedi Siege automatically complets any of the following you have not played; class quests, Prelude To Shadow of Revan, Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Fallen Empire, Knights of the Eternal Throne and Fractured Alliances, with default choices.

Republic all lightside, save Vette, side with Republic on Ioketh, save Arcaan, Scorpio and Theron. No romances.
Empire all darkside except where noted, save Torian Cadara (accept Sith Warrior who saves Vette because she was once your companion), side with Empire on Ioketh, kill Arcann and Scorpio (except Imperial Agent who saves her which is lightside option because she was once your companion), save Theron (also lightside). No romances.

Interestingly everyone saves Theron by default you actually have to play Fractured Alliances to kill him off.

Side quests called Alerts are not auto completed accept the Arcaan one which for some reason is auto completed with no romance. You still have to play Alerts to gain the linked companions, including former class companions of your own.

At star of Jedi Under Siege you then decide to side with Republic or Empire as normal.

Jedi Under Siege is update 5.10 sometime next year currently unnamed 6.0 will add a whole new expansion taking the Galaxy back into a full fledged war covering multiple planets and going back to Republic and Empire quests and expanding the maximum character level from 70 to 75. Its funny when they raised it from 50 to 55 some people thought that was the end, I didn't. I knew it would go to 60 than 65. So figured 70 wasn't the last either. My guess is it get to 80 eventually.

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Jedi Under Siege Launch Trailer

Thought for a second they were going to spoil the surprise but the did not show what the lady sith saw in that box.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/14/18 04:45 PM

Glad they didn't spoil it wavegirl
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/14/18 09:55 PM

Most people seem to either love it or hate it. I'm not most people I dont like it but its too strong to say I hate it. I just wish dead characters would stay dead. First it was Revan, then the Sith Emperor and now.....

Hopefully Vitiate aka Valkorian is in fact permanently dead. BTW Emperor Palpitane was a wimp compared to Emperor Vitiate, who destroyed all life on not one but two planets just using "Dark Force Rituals", he didn't need a "Death Star" and who was essentially immortal since his spirit could take possession of other people's bodies when the body he is currently using is dying. He only falls because he tried to control the one person more strong willed then him, your character. Of course the Emperor himself never actually explains his actions, its suggested by others that destroying all life on a planet is linked to the body swapping and needs to be recharged every few thousand years but he neither confirms nor denies it before his demise.

If you play Empire side of Jedi Under Siege first like I did the surprise is probably more of a surprise than if you did the Republic first because its mentioned in the Republic story.

I was pleasantly surprised that Imperial Agent who is now working for the Republic actually got a scene in which an imperial solder chews him out for siding with the Republic on Ioketh and warns him not to betray her. All through Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne I hopeed that ex-Republic spy Theron would call my imp agent aside to say something about his being a Double Agent working for the Republic but he never did. So its a nice touch to have NPC notice he "temporarily" switched sides.

There are two ways to sabotage the Empire. And I would guess two ways to sabotage the Republic as well. Should be more in the future. Your first act of loyalty or sabotage is mentioned as effecting the amount of damage avoided or inflicted on the Emperor's forces by Republic forces. Your second act of sabotage is reflected in the Emperor's dialog at the end of the mission. I would guess similar results for Republic Loyalists and Saboteurs.

There are two possible new Emperors depending on whether you sided with the Empire or the Republic on Iokath during "Fractured Alliances".
Click to reveal..

After the final demise of former Emperor Vitiate (originally a red skinned true Sith male, later because of body swapping a male human named Valkorian) the empire is led by a female human, Empress Acina. If you side with the Empire she survives into Jedi Under Siege and you will receive a communication from her and the end of Jedi Under Siege.

If you side with the Republic then the Empress dies and is replaced with a male pure bred Sith, Emperor Vowrawn (who aided the Sith Warrior player during their story line). Ironically to see him Emperor your Sith Warrior has to betray the Empire and actually be working to undermined your old friend.

The Galatic Republic being a democracy changes leaders regularly. And they don't have one person who is in charge of everything. THey have a Supreme Chancilor who's the head politician and a Supreme Commander who runs the military. You don't deal with either in Jedi Under Siege. You work with a general who's acting on his own initiative. So it doesn't really matter whether the Supreme Commander survives Iokath or not. Except to one of your companions from the Alliance who is his estranged son.

Oh, I think the writers added return of Jaesa former Sith Warrior companion as an after thought. She only appears for Sith Warrior and has no real part in the plot. On the other hand former Jedi Knight companion "Doc" and former Jedi Consular companion Nadia appear together during the Republic story for every Republic character and separately later on, actually taking part in the story. Then Doc would leave with your Jedi Knight character or Nadia with your Jedi Consular character at the end. Nadia who your Consular last saw as your padawan is now a full fledged Jedi. Doc's ego is as big as ever and he has apparently been living under a rock for 6 years as he has never heard of the Alliance your character leads.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/16/18 08:04 PM

In the movies Sith are people who follow the Sith code and are "darkside" Force users. In some of the books and in the game the Sith were originally a race of red skinned Force users who breed with humans. Those who followed the Sith code became known as Sith whatever their race. Breeding with humans and centures of war against the Jedi eventually cause the trush Sith to become all but extinct. Even in the game most Sith are not of the race, most are human with more and more "aliens' being accepted as Sith. By the time of the movies the Sith have been reduced to 2 (because of a misunderstood rule put for by one of the later Sith. its usually misqioted as meaning there can ONLY ever be 2 Sith but he actually meant there must never be less than 2, a Master and a apprentice, or the Sith would cease to exist. Darth Sideious misunderstood the rule and once he had Vader he didn't think he neeed any other Sith). In the current movies the no longer exist. There are Dark Jedi but they don't follow the Sith Code so are not considered Sith.

Original;y the Sith had an empire rivaling the Galactic Republic in size and strength. It existed for thousands of year, under a single Emperor. Unlike the Republic which had to elect new Chancellors often. Emperor Vitiate used a Dark Ritual which he never devolged the secret of to swap bodies. Thus becoming essentially immortal (but not as it turned out invulnerable) For centuries the galaxy was at peace. Because neither the Jedi nor the Sith were aware of each others existence. It wasn't until both sides developed hyperdroves that they could cross the galaxy and having discovered each fought each other over expanding their empires. The Jedi and the Republic win the first war, driving the Sith and their people into exile. But centuries later they return to take vengeance. The returned Sith Empire took the Galactic Republic by surprise and could probably have wiped the Republic ought. But then to everyone's surprise the Emperor accepted a peace treaty. Why? Because Vitiate needed to kill trillions of people all at once, for his next Dark Ritual to render himself not only immortal but all powerful. War was too slow. His intention was to kill everything living thing in the galaxy then move on to conquering the rest of the universe. While exploring Wild Space, as space outside the known galaxy was called he discovered a a planet ruled over by a man named Valkorian. Vitiate took possession of this man's body and turned his little kingdom into the Eternal Empire, probably with the intention of using it to wipe out the Republic, The Sith Em[ire, The Hutts and everyone else in the galaxy. But suddenly he felt something he hadn't felt in centuries, an interest in a woman. He fathered two sons and a daughter. One of the sons murdered the other and tried to kill him, all he did of course was kill the original Valkorian. Vitiate took possession of the Outlander and used him to try to regain his thrown. So he could carry out his plan of galactic destruction. While he was waiting his son and daughter did a pretty good job of destroying the galaxy bit by bit but his ritual needs it to happen enmasse. Fortunately for whats left of the Republic and the Sith Empire, The spirit belonging Vitiate's new host refused to vacate its body and eventually defeated the spirit of the Eternal Emperor.

Sometimes between the game and the movies the Sith Empire will fall, the Galarci Republic will take over Imperial planets. Survinng Sith Lords will go into hiding. But the Galactic senate was already corrupt and self serving and so the seeds of its collapse and replacement with a new Empire, ruled over by a Sith were sown. Of course that new Sith Emperor would himself fall. But the empire he created would continue on without him.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/16/18 11:45 PM

So much history to these games wavegirl
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/18/18 03:27 AM

They've announced its a bug giving both versions of Jaese to Sih Warrior and they are going to fix it.

I'm not sure but I think the conversation beteen by sith insuqistor (ls) and Asahara (his previosly missing wife) was not correct. In it he claims to have been looking for her for 6 years, but that would mean that the events from Knights of the Fallen Empire Knights of the Eternal Throne and Fractured Alliances took 6 years. And I don't think thats right. Your character is frozen in carbonite for 5 years, not aware his spouse and friends are missing until thawed out.

I went back and updated the still missing companions list. Jedi Knightg and Jedi Consular only classes still missing two companions. Male Jedi Knight who romanced Kira only class still missing his wife.

Which ever side you pick in Jedi Under Siege some of your alliance members will send you disapproving letters, They wont leave they just warn you to expect them to help you fight their side they will stay to fight any common foes.

I did the KOFTE, KOTET and Fractured Alliance son a dark side character for the first time. A dark jedi he killed friends and foes alike. I won't do that again its just too nasty even for just a game. If I take another dakrside character into that part of the game he will have to make some light joices like not killing allies who turn temporary enemies. And he wont leave Theron to die that was just too sad. MOst dark choices are kill a captured enemy not abandon a former friend. I know its just a game but being that nasty made me feel bad. So I have to play all lightside characters for awhile.

Update 5;10A today fixed some bugs and for those who subscribed by December 14 a new companion. If your ahcaracter has done KOTFE you will receive an alert to go to your base and speak to him in the cantaina. You will also receive mail containing a device to summon him on characters not yet doing KOTFE. You will still get the Alert later. The summoning device allows you have him as a companion but doesnt officially add him to your Alliance since you don't have it yet. He's apirate and after youve completed the alert if you acccept him (you can I guess reject him) you can ask him about his crew to learn about them.

Still a few bugs some companions still show up as in your alliance Major Pierce for example and MIA Lt. Pierce for example. Also show a comoanion a Darth Hexid I don't actually have and cannot summon. She was the price in the Light vs Dark contest which no one got because Light won, Then they had an event to get her too which I didn't know about until it was over as I had taken a break from the game. So I can never get her.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/22/18 12:09 AM

They've added a new live chat for support. I reported a problem with one my characters not being able to summon HK-55. I figured it was probably a bug introduced by the new update and they'd fix it in some future update. Instead they chatted with me in game and ask me to logout for an hour while they reaearch the problem. I guess they have to look at the character's data and see if they can fix it and cant do it with me running the game.

I started replaying Knights of the Eternal Throne and none player character dialogue makes more sense when you know the ending. When you play it the first time you don't know what they're talking about. The cultists on Zakul are always going on about the return of the dragon Zildrog. Having played the game to the ending of "Fractured Alliances" you known what ZIldrog actually is.
Click to reveal..
Its not a dragon, it actually an ancient computer linked to the Gravestone, the ancient ship you've been using in your alliance, its "sleeping' was it switched off. When its turned back on it it takes over the Gravestone and firing one powerful shot wipes out the Eternal Fleet, which you gained control of when you defeated Valkorian, and then turns on Odessen the planet your Alliance calls home. While its recharging you destroy Zildrog before the Gravestone can kill everyone on Odessen but in the process the Gravestone is destroyed too.

Note: in Jedi Under Siege if you are a saboteur only one other member of your Alliance knows it, a pragmatic Sith who will even support you if you are sabotaging the Empire, So all the Alliance members on the side you are actually helping think you are against it and still send you emails saying they are loyal to the Alliance but won't attack their old government. And of course all the Alliance members on the side you are sabotaging presumably think you are actually helping it. This not telling the Alliance as a whole is for security reasons. The more who know the more likely it leaks out to the side you are betraying.

Its too bad they can't have you explain why you switched sides, How could they write an explanation every player would agree with? There are however some plot based explanations they could go with. Imperial Agent is not treated well by the Empire. Sith Warrior was a former slave, the Republic banned slavery on its planets. Two different Sith try to kill the Sith Inquistor maybe he/she figures Jedi wouldn't murder each other so sides with the Republic. I cannot think of any plot related reasons why Bounty Hunter (whom the Republic actually tried to kill multiple times. bounty hunting is illegal in the Republic which considers it murder), the Smugger (smuggling is a death penalty offense in the Empire) or Trooper (actually hunts down Republic traitors) would switch sides. And a Jedi siding with Empire would have to be insane. Which is why my Imperial Saboteur is a Imperial Agent and my Republic Saboteur is a dark Jedi Consular who is as ruthless as any Sith.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/24/18 07:05 PM

Youtube video Arcaan meets all classes at start of KOTFE

Jedi Consular I think based on armor)
Jedi Knight (I think based on armor)
Bounty Hunter
Imperial Agent
Sith Inquisitor (I think based on armor)
Sith Warrior (I think based on armor)

You tube video showing all class companions at the start of KOTFE - Chapter II of Knights of the Fallen Empire is a series of visions foiced on you by the spirit of The Etermal Emperor Valkorian (originally the Sith Emperor Vitiate) in part of it he tries to turn you against your friends. Later he tries to make you believe they are dead. They're not.

0:12 - Jedi Consular
1:28 - Sith Inquisitor
2:45 - Bounty Hunter
3:52 - Smuggler
5:00 - Sith Warrior
6:06 - Imperial Agent
7:29 - Republic Trooper
8:28 - Jedi Knight

I did not make this video. Some of the scene were apparently recorded back when there was a bug which put some companions in their underwear, their armor disappeared. That's long since been fixed. The "dissolute gambler", "spiteful revolutionary", "doubting jedi" and the "unrepentant traitor" are still missing. . The last was the Sith Emeperor's "Wrath" (chief assassin) but he betrayed him to the Jedi and you can tell her that even as Valkorian, he hasn't forgotten the betrayal.

Youtube video of former trooper companion Aric Jorgan meeting all classes - notice he knows everyone except the imperial agent. Odd that the Sith Emperor spirt, the voice you heard in your head, has no comment about the bounty hunter

0:51 - Sith Inquisitor
1:22 - Trooper
1:50 - Sith Warrior
2:04 - Jedi Knight
2:21 - Smuggler
2:37 - Jedi Consular
2:59 - Agent
3:32 - Bounty Hunter
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/25/18 07:36 AM

I've done Knights of the Falle Empire, Knights of the Eternal Throne and Fractured Alliances twice. There are actually three ways to handle the "traitor". One, which I did first time, save him and let him back in the Alliance, two, which I have not done yet, save his live but banish him from the Alliance and three, which I did on dark jedi, leave him to die. So two ways to remove him from the Alliance, one to keep him. if you leave him to die you get an email from his mother the jedi confirming she felt him die. However as people have pointed out, if the authors want him to continue in the story anyway, than she lied to keep you from hunting him down and finishing him off,and someone rescued him.

I dont think they're bringing him back even if you keep him in the Alliance. I think Theron and Koth are no longer necessary since Zakul (Koth's home) has been freed from the evil family which ruled it. Its become a democracy. Koth has no further purpose in the story. Theron was in the Alliance to save the Republic from the Eternal Empire. His job is done. Its Lana who tells you to pick a side, Empire or Republic in the next war. Theron if he's alive will even reluctantly agree with Lana that you should do the next mission (Jedi Under Siege) alone. If you are choose to betray your original side Lana is the only Alliance member to know it. Your contact from the Republic or Empire also knows of course.
Click to reveal..

The Republic contact is a Republic spy from the Trooper storyline, whether you are Republic Loyalist or Imperial Saboteur. I haven't done Jedi Under Siege with a trooper yet but presumably you and he would remember each other.

The Empire contact is a droid who remembers Empire character from a mission they had in common (the game assumes you did the optional mission even if you didn't) or knows the Republic member who is turned agaist it by reputation.

Both contacts will tell Saboteur they can do more damage from within.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 12/30/18 08:11 PM

Don't go on youtube and watch videos of player characters killing their spouse. I don't know how people can do that. Yes it just a game but still.... When Kaliyo (former imperial agent companion) looks shocked when a trooper shoots her husband, you know the player has gone too far. She is normally okay with anybody killing anybody.

Nathema Conspriacy every Class near the end of the Nathema Conspiracy flashpoint every class get a different NPC who sends the same giant droid after them.

Jedi Knight Light side: Servant One of the Emperor's Hand who apparently forgot his master intended to kill everyone including him

Jedi Knight dark side: female Jedi Master who's life you once saved turns against you (in the actual Jedi Knight story line she never even noticed you were dark side)

Jedi Consular light side: a Sith you thought had been executed by the Voss for attempting to kill a Voss Mystic

Jedi Consular dark side: the Voss Mystic who's life you saved from the above Sith who tried to kill him )[poor Mystic did not foresee his own death), I find this one to be the saddest because you were friends and allies once and you save his life twice. The irony is the Voss never actually believed the Force had a light side or a dark side until this Voss met you and explored the Galaxy

Smuggler light side: daughter of an enemy you killed in self defense (you have never actually met this woman before)

Smuggler dark side: another Jedi Master who never noticed when you were fighting the Empire with her that you were dark side but suddenly realizes it now and is annoyed about it even though all you did was kill the Republic's enemies

Trooper light side: Imperial General who got his post after you took out is predecessor but still wants you dead

Trooper dark side: your former commanding officer who considers you a traitor

Sith Warrior light side: your former master whom you banished from the Empire (darl side you executed him of course)

Sith Warrior dakr side: former Dark Council member who hates you because you killed your master and turned on the Emperor

Sith Inqusitor: when having to choose between saving Khem Val or your old master you choose to save Khem: your former master whom you last seen as a disembodied spirit trapped in an alien crustal, escaped and possessing some poor unfortunate victims's body

Sith Inquisitor when having to choose between saving Khem Val or your old master you choose to save your master: your former companion Khem Val (which means he will not be rejoining you during Jedi Under Siege) wants you dead. For Inquisitor your alignment doesn't matter only whether you betrayed your companion or not if you betrayed him you will not get him back

Bounty Hunter: dakr side: the lover of the Republic's Supreme Commander whom you killed wants you dead (you have never evern heard of this woman before)

Bounty Hunter: light side: female sith wants you ead for killing her master (again another character you never evn knew existed before)

Imperial Agent light side (I don't know if all light side agents get this even if they didn't choose to be a double agent or not) former "Watcher 2" and later "Keeper" wants you and your Alliance destroyed because you "lied to her" when you became a double agent (thing is you didn't actually, she never asked if you were one so you never had the chance to lie about it). second saddest one for me. you actually save her life and her sanity and because you didn't tell her you were siding with the Republic after what her predecessor as Keeper did to you she tries to kill you and ends up dead herself

Imperial Agent dark side: some Republic spy you have never heard of, he insults you by claiming you are only the 3rd most dangerous person in the galaxy.

Former friends turning against you is sad because everyone involved in the conspiracy is doomed to die. There is no chance to to regain their friendship. The only character you are given a choice to save or let die is "the traitor" who of course was just infiltrating the group to destroy it from within.

Note: that scene at the end in which you refuse to take sides in the war is not actually an option. The person who made this video just made that up, apparently they want to remain neutral. But that's not the direction the game is going in. How could it be? you've defeated all the foes that were threatening your Alliance. There is no one left to fight if you don't pick a side in the Republic vs Empire war. The game is just going back to its roots. Only now you get to choose remain loyal to your original side or betray it (for what ever reason you imagine).

Makes sense imperial agent would swtich sides since the Empire basically tortured you. On the other hand any Republic character could see how corrupt its become (every Supreme Chancilor has been removed from office because they were corrupt) and decide the Empire was at least honest about not being a democracy. And Empress Acina is more pragmatic than dogmatic. Sure she's still a Sith but she's not out to annihilate the entire Galaxy, just trying to protect her people.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/08/19 05:28 AM

Supposed to be taking the game offline Tuesday morning to do some background maintenance, no download update. But a new issue has developed. People in the game can play if they got in and stayed in this morning. If not they can't get in because the launcher is not loading the server list. The web site shows the servers as online because they are, the game launcher just isnt letting anybody log onto them. So they've acknowledge they need to do something to make the page reflect the actual status of the game which at the moment is its unplayable.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/08/19 04:37 PM

Guybrush, how long does it usually stay down for maintenance?
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/08/19 07:55 PM

I think they estimated 3 hours this time but can be as much as 8.

They fixed something that used to really annoy me. In KOTFE, KOTET when you enter your Alliance Base if you had a mission to do it automatically started it which meant you couldn't do the alerts first. Now I've entered the base to turn in finished alerts and the current main missions did not automatically start. Sure the autostart made missions flow better, you finish one and start enough seamlessly but if you want to get alerts done first you used to have to wait for the cut scene for next main mission to finish. And some of those move you to a new location when they end.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/11/19 03:43 PM

It's nice to have better control wavegirl
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/13/19 08:07 PM

I used to play all light side or all dark side, and still will on old characters, but my newest characters are going by what makes the most sense to me at the time. For example my new Imperial Agent will only go dark side and kill people who arre either a threat to the Empire or who she finds personally repugnant, like the human on Hutta who treats the natives like animals and hunts them, even though they are sentient beings, he's a bigoted mass murderer, so she shot him dead. On the other hand when asked by a woman to kill her husband and force their force sensative son to go to the Sith Acadamey she let them go and lied to the woman. One less student in the Sith Academy won't harm the Empire. And as the boy's father said most students don't survive it.

My new smuggler when asked to rescue a pirate because a former Republic Senator thinks he can help the Republic in some way, shot the pirate dead instead, because guess who pirates prey on, smugglers. That's considered dark side.

I also had a jedi turn a Republic spy over to the Empire. The female twi'lek who claims to be an ambassador actually attempts to undermined the Empire on the Imperial plant she's assigned to, in violation of the peace treaty so she's one of the reasons the galaxy is heading for war, so she's actually endangering billions of lives, on both sides. Turning her over to the Empire is supposed to be dark side.

You can see I don't agree with their decisions on whats light and dark in many places.

Newest characters (alphabetical order): Most came about because I had an existing character who was crafting low level armor and weaponry which no players would buy so used them for new characters. Then the new characters stated crafting so needed more new characters. That's my excuse for being an "altaholic" (one who keeps making ne and I'm sticking to it.

Star Forge Server (named after a Force powered space station factory) - Altoholic Legacy (you name your Legay)
Aayla'Vrei (Twi'lek for mist or smoke, lucky): female twi'lek smuggler scoundrel - Light I (did commit one dark side act murdered a pirate) - completed Smuggler Prologue (Ord Mantel and Coruscant), has met and began flirting with future husband Corso Riggs

Akavea: male zabrak trooper commando - Light I, probably going to be light side only character) he saved the pirate in case he had uusable information ) - completed Trooper Prologue (Ord Mantel and Coruscant), has not yet met possible wife

Eraizur (eraser) male cyborg (human) bounty hunter mercenary = Dark II (dark side only character) - completed Bounty Hunter Prologue (Hutta and Dromnd Kass), flirting with possible wife, Mako (easier on a light side or neutral character as she doesn't like some of dark side choices)

Feiyrel - female human jedi knight sentinel - Light III (light side only character), flirting with Theron Shan, son of head of Republic military and head of the Jedi Order, he's estranged from both, mother because as a jedi she was not supposed to form attachments so she abandoned him when he was just a child(great morals the jedi have huh?) and with father because he couldn't understand Theron leaving the Republic to help create the Alliance. Theron is former Republic spy who works hand in hand with a Sith as well as what ever your character is to fight the Etenral Empire. Feiyrel is an instant level 60 character, everything before Knights of the Eternal Throne wasa automatcially treated as finished. Has since reached max level of 70 (changing to 75 when next expansion come out sometime this year) Just realized I shut have put her on the Satele Shan server since ehe's flirting with her son (oops) Feiyrel has been reuinted with her droid T7-01, but sll of other companions are still missing. She will get Sgt Rusk soon, Doc wont' be until she gets to Jedi Under Siege, Kira and Lord Scourge (a sith) have not been added back yet.

Letq: female human imperial agent operator - neutral (dark and light almost equal) - completed Jutta still working on Dromund Kass, has not yet met possible future husband

Sayffron (saphron) female human jedi knight guardian - Light I (single dark side action, so far handing Republic spy over to the empire) - completed Jedi Knight Prologue (Tython and Coruscant), has not violated Jedi Code by becoming emotionally involved with any one, because she hasn't met "Doc" yet (if you throw yourself at him its dark side, if you wait a bit its not, jedi knight only character for which a romance can be dark side, even for Jedi Consular its neutral. I actually meant to make Jedi Consular but hit wrong buttons, and decided to let it be rather than delete her and start over, again)

Satele Shan Server (named after head of the Jedi Order) - Nightstalker Legacy (this is actually my first Legacy, my first character was a Dark side bounty hunter)

Aka'oni (Japanese for Red devil or demon) male pure breed Sith sith warrior juggernaut - Dark II (sole light side act sparing a female prison under the condition she work for Imperial Intelligence as a spy) - has completed Sith Warrior Prologue and part of Chapter I, has female twi'lek slave, Vette first of two companions he can flirt with the other a female human he hasn't met yet. Not you can only flirt with Vette if you remove the shock collar, light side if your remove it first time she asks, natural second time she asks, if you never remove it you can shock her which is dark side but your relationship with her will never advance, you will never get her side quests. He also has his second companion a male solider Malavai Quinn, for his actions in your story he is the most hated companion in the game and you can eventually kill him but only after doing KOTFE (you lose all your companions in chapter 1), and KOTET and make it to Iokath were Quinn returns to you to be accepted back or rejected (by putting in an Alliance prison cell or killing him).

Kaealoha (Hawaiian for loved one) female human bounty hunter pirotech - Light III - instant level 60 character working on KOTFE, flirting with Koth Vortena, Zakulian rebel who loved Emperor Valkorian but despises his adult children. Koth is hard to like because like all Zakullians he's blind to the fact that his wonderful empire was built on the backs of the trillions of inhabitants of the rest of the galaxy Kaealoha is currently separated from all of her past companions. though not far from being reunited with Galt and then Torrian then Skasge. Mako is going to take a long while yet.

Rexak - male zabrak smuggler gunslinger - Light IV, completed everything waiting for next expansion, reunited with all his crew including his wife Akkavi Spar (female zabrak). he had a bug the companion HK-55 became unusable and costmer servce's sggestion as how get the droid back didn't work, the bug was apparently fixed in last update becaue after my second complaint they announced he was working and sure enough the droid is back. No other character with HK-55 has had this problem.

Tielry - female human sith inquisitor sorcerer - Dark II - completed Sith Inquistor Prologue (Korriban, Drumond Kass) and part of Chapter 1, has not yet met possible husband

Note: bug fix update coming Tuesday expected to take 8 hours and will require downloading new build after the update,

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/14/19 05:28 PM

There is a hidden achievement to talk to Paxton Rall in all the cantinas he hides out in. Does not include starter worlds of Hutta, Ord Mantel, Tython or Korriban. You only have to talk to him on Coruscant or Drumond Kass not both and only only one fleet Republic or Empire. However he will say different things in each place so just for fun you'll want to talk to him with a both Republic and an Imperial character. I assume they only required one Capital and one Fleet so a person with just one character could do it. Achievement is legacy wide so you can talk to him on one character just to get it or wait until you're playing a character on any one of the planets.

Once you've spoken to him on any planet the achievement will show up so you can see a list of planets to visit. Ones you've already done will be checked off. You do not have to go to every planet in the game. Three worlds you do visit for class missions, Quess, Belsavis and Voss are not included. Rishi which is part of Shadow of Revan is required but other optional planets like Illum and Mekab are not.
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 01/17/19 06:38 PM

Thought I was being odd in creating a Rattaki Jedi Consular Sage. Rattaki are a slave race to the Empire. If they are force sensitive the normally become Sith Warriors. In fact you cannot create a Rattaki Jedi until you unlock that option by playing a Rattaki through one of the Empire classes. I mentioned in in game chat that made this character and someone else said all their Jedi are pure blood sith (also not able to be Jedi until played through on an Empire character. Usually they are Sith Inquistors. Another player said all their characters are Zabrak and they consider them family Zabrak only race that actually has two different creation options one for Republic (light tan to orange skin) and Empire (the red skinned variety like in the Star Wars prequel films). Once you play a Republic version through class story it unlocks ability to create a Republic style Zabrak on Empire class and vice versa.

The Rattaki NPC are all insane, including Imperial Agent's first companion, first marriageable option for male Imperial Agent. Second option is more rational female human. Female agent has only one option a male human joined with the Kilicks (insects linked to a hive mind).

There is one pure blood sith in the game who is not force sensitive (rare). There are two Chiss force using NPCs, which makes them outcasts as the chiss consider force users to be impure. One of them is a Jedi, who doesn't really get along with other Jedi, not because she's bad but because she's independent. Would have to be to actually leave the Chiss Ascendancy to find her way to the Jedi Academe instead of the Sith. The Chiss have an alliance with the Sith. only race they have a treaty with instead of conquered and enslaved. The Chiss military matches the Sith military to it wasn't worth the risk.

Rattaiki's name is Walha'frid, old germanic for "stranger" and "peace" so stranger to peace, whih Rattaki are since they used by the Empire as cannon fodder and fight amongs themselves on their home world.

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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO - Continue it does - 02/13/19 03:18 PM

Two updates this week.

Tuesday's added a new operation (8-16 players on a team) on Ossus, the Jedi Under Siege planet. Boss monster drops item needed to mae new Mater level weapons. I don't do operations. You really only need the top armor and weapons if you do operations. Which means you do them in the easiest mode first. Then when you have your armor and weapons maxed out you go back and to them again in harder modes. There are three modes now. Most are difficult enough for me in their normal mode.

Today's update is doing something with PVP which I don't pay attention to.

Its funny the game let me load it and download Tuesday's update. And showed US servers online. Then once update downloade the game disconnected. And the web site shows alls servers down. I guess today's update just started now. In any case supposed to be done 8mPST which is 10 central.

Double XP Event – Earn double rewards from February 19th – February 26th.

BTW they spoiled their own quests. The current game screen shows the character which Jedi Under Siege brings back from the dead. Whether you are Imperial or Republic if you did the flashpoint featuring him you kllled him. You only meet him in Jedi Under Siege if you are imperial. And you can chose a discussion option in which you mention the fact they you were involved in his death. oddly for a Sith, he does not hold a grudge. Mostly likely he holds that for those who didnt leave him dead. Everyone assumes that we will find out about that in the future and that he will probably turn on the Empire, again.
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