Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey?

Posted By: flotsam

Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 02:57 AM

Hi all
Believe it or not this was the game that created my love of adventures. Up until this I was a Quake, Doom, Unreal player. Not sure what drew me to this - probably a lack of games on the local retailer shelf - but the story really stood out. Which somehow led me to Riven and an obsession was born.
It was third person and you could choose Twinsun's "mood". I think he had four, and if you wanted to kick or fight you chose one mood as opposed to sneaking. He also had a magic ball which I recall he threw at things, and there were hotdog soldiers and despots and all manner of other characters.
I tried to play the GOG version a while back but the controls were terrible. I will try again at some stage. Or maybe I will just remember it the way it was.
Did anyone here play it?
Posted By: lakerz

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 03:26 AM

Hi flotsam,

I played both Relentless and Twinsen's Odyssey back in the day. Thought they were cool then, but I can totally see how they would not age well through today. We were all so much more forgiving back then to clunky controls, spotty movement, iffy or unfair puzzles, etc.
Posted By: flotsam

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 03:37 AM

Indeed we were lakerz!
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 03:43 AM

Yes I played Twinsen's Odyssey (aka Little Big Adventure 2) a long time ago.
I needed a cheat to finish it.
I used that cheat almost constantly to restore health.

There used to be a guy on the adventure newsgroup (Geoffrey Tobin I think) who was crazy about it and thought it was the best game ever made. As long as he was still posting to the newsgroup he extolled the virtues of Twinsen's Odyssey, and urged everyone to play it.

I still have Twinsen's Odyssey in the box.
I haven't tried the GOG version.
I don't know if the controls in the GOG version are different.
I think it used only keyboard controls. I don't remember them being terrible, but back then I had fewer problems adapting to game controls. If I needed to, I'd tape little squares of paper to my keyboard, marked with what the key did, until I'd memorized them.

It had one of the longest, most complete final "happy ending" cut scenes I've ever seen.

Here are the cheats:
To enter these codes, press ESCAPE to call up the menu, then enter one of the following codes.

Life: gives you full life
Magic: gives you full magic
box: gives you a clover box
clover: gives you a clover
pingouin: gives 5 nitro-meca-penguins
gold: gives 50 coins
full: gives full life, full magic, and clovers
speed: gives frame rate

I tried to play Relentless (aka Twinsen's Adventure aka Little Big Adventure) but couldn't finish because it had no real save system. It hadn't been designed with a save system, so they ended up with a horrible kludge where the game would automatically overwrite the save you were playing from, and if you messed up you'd have to go back to a save you'd previously duplicated before playing from the save. You were always forgetting which save was still good and duplicating a junk save where you had no health left by mistake. I got maybe 5 minutes into it and gave up.

For their next game, Twinsen's Odyssey, the developers wised up and made the game with a decent save system. Maybe with a DOSBox version that has save capability built into it I could play Relentless, though I'm worse at keyboard than I used to be.
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Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 06:20 AM

I never played that one, myself, and, having watched some of it on YouTube, I think I made the right decision !! I would never have prevailed rotfl
Posted By: Trail_Mystic

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 08:10 AM

Hmmm, never tried that one. I noticed they've got it over at Steam for a couple bucks cheaper than GOG and it generally seems to have been well received. May have to give it a go. Thanks for mentioning it flotsam! thumbsup
Posted By: flotsam

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 08:46 AM

I don't remeber the original controls being problematic, just the GOG ones. Twinsun would disppear from screen, and the centre camera command wouldn't work to bring him back into view.
Maybe I will try the Steam version just in case.
It really was a lot of fun.
Thanks everyone!
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/21/19 11:44 PM

Yes I played Twinsen's Odyssey (aka Little Big Adventure 2)
I liked it.. I tried playing the first one but the controls were so bad I gave up... was more frustrating than fun... BA2 though I did not have much problems with the controls.
Posted By: flotsam

Re: Did anyone play Twinsun's Odyssey? - 01/24/19 02:56 AM

You are welcome TM. Hopefully you will enjoy.
I did try and play the first one later on but agree about the controls issue Winfrey.
The save system in the first game sounds abysmal Jenny. And I had forgotten all about the penguins till you mentioned them.
I also confess I have a number of boxed versions, given my admiration for the game and my obsessive tendencies crazy
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